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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Folger Shakespeare Library 6 Beliebig Visit the world's largest collection of the printed works of William Shakespeare.
2 Hillwood 12 Beliebig Famed businesswoman Marjorie Merriweather Post left her decorative arts collection and gardens to be transformed into a museum. Highlights are her collection of Faberge eggs, and the orchid gardens.
3 Visit Ballston 6 Beliebig This quick mission at the Ballston metro will get you started on your travels through the neighborhood.
4 A Quick Stop in Costa Maya 6 Beliebig Only have a few minutes at the cruise port before dashing off on a shore excursion? Grab this quick mission for a souvenir of your visit!
5 Erb Memorial Union (EMU) 6 Beliebig Only have a few minutes at the University of Oregon? Grab this quick mission around the student union!
6 Dumbarton Oaks 6 Beliebig The history of this estate can be traced to 1702. Today, the Dumbarton Oaks Museum and Gardens focus on research in Byzantine art, Pre-Columbian art, and garden and landscape architecture.
7 UDC Campus 6 Beliebig Enjoy a quick tour of the Van Ness campus of the University of the District of Columbia, founded in 1851.
8 Visit The Vern 8 Beliebig Take a quick trip to "The Vern" - the Mount Vernon Campus of George Washington University. Located in the Foxhall neighborhood, it was founded in 1875 as a women's college, merging with GWU in 1999.
9 Saint John is Love City 6 Beliebig If you've got a little bit of time in Saint John, have fun in Cruz Bay doing this easy mission.
10 Old Anacostia 6 Beliebig Incorporated in 1854, Anacostia is one of Washington's oldest residential neighborhoods.
11 Gallaudet College Historic District 13 Beliebig Established in 1974 on the National Register of Historic Places. Gallaudet University was founded in 1864.
Black cats of Baltimore Avenue
   21-06-2018 3:38
Agree with doing this by car, but you will have to hop out early on for a couple of portals in a park.

Coconut Grove
   21-06-2018 3:36
These are fine as singles, but if you do them as a collection, you WILL retrace your steps, especially if you do them in sequence 1-2-3-4. The set could be improved by making #2 "in order" which would make sure users continue down Grand after #1, rather than heading down Main in search of portals 5 and 6 on mission #2. I estimate I did twice as much walking as was necessary, if this had been better laid out.

Rittenhouse Square
   16-06-2018 17:28
Easy walk around the park.

Center City Skyline
   16-06-2018 17:26
Easy straight shot down the street. Not a bad walk, and a very pretty mission banner!

Nice quick jaunt around the park.

Oldest Photograph
   16-06-2018 17:24
There's a place around the corner from Fogo to sit - probably only useful for the first 15 missions, though.

Did you know that Central High School, depicted in the photograph, is the only high school in the US to award bachelor's degrees instead of high school diplomas?

I lt 3 city life
   05-05-2018 22:29
I recommend doing this by car ONLY. Pretty well laid out for driving, but sometimes the mission will end at an intersection and you have to pull over to figure out where you go. It's quite long, about 4 hours by car.

The Journey
   26-04-2018 4:41
Pathing could be a little better designed in some places, you end up driving around neighborhoods looking for an elusive portal. Overall pretty good though.

Anne Arundel Community College
   26-04-2018 4:39
Suggested order:
Art of AACC - start when you enter campus, then park at west campus. goes from west campus to main.
Explore Main Campus - fully on main campus.
Architecture of AACC - start while still on main campus, do in reverse order, ending on west campus.
Explore West Campus - fully on west campus.
Community College Memorials - start on west campus, end on main campus.
Don't be Late for Class! - start while still on main campus, end on west campus, return to car.

This will have you cross the bridge only 4 times for 6 missions.

Catonsville Caper
   16-04-2018 15:38
Great mix of driving, walking, and hiking. Very enjoyable in nice weather! Path is very well done. Note that after mission 20 you should return to your car (Admin Drive Garage) and drive to the bwtech North complex. Parking is best at 39.249377, -76.713123 (adjacent to the Med-IQ building) where you will see a small trail to the south leading into the woods. (Look for "CERA Trail Entrance" on Google Maps for a streetview of the entrance.) From this trailhead it is about 300m to the start of mission 21.

State Street Mission Series
   20-01-2018 21:08
Completed 53/54 with Webqatch. It's a very, very long time in the car, but I really enjoyed getting to explore parts of DC I'd never have gone to otherwise. Great way to see the WHOLE city!

It would be nice if the 54th mission were changed to just go around the White House, Mall, Lincoln Memorial, etc - like 53 goes around the Capitol. It's a nice graphic I'd love to have on my profile, but like the others I really can't justify the time spent.

   18-12-2017 22:17
LOTS of walking, some backtracking. Could be improved but very happy to have this souvenir of my visit to Trnava.

Budapest Skyline
   18-12-2017 22:16
Enjoyable walk. A little long but lots of good sights to see.

Sunrise Over Annapolis
   18-12-2017 16:11
Nice walk around town, nicely laid out. Recommend driving until you get to St. Johns College, then park and walk the rest of it.

Annapolis Waterfront
   18-12-2017 16:10
Not bad for the first few, some backtracking on the middle few, and then the last one is ridiculously overlong and all over the place. YOU WILL NEED HEAT SINKS. Cargressing recommended, don't walk this one!

Historic Ellicott City
   28-08-2017 22:20
Good grief. You're going along perfectly fine in Historic Ellicott City, and then you have to cross back through town and go miles away to do the last two. NOT recommended if not in car. Even then it's a bit of a haul to get those last two done. Not great when everything else was so close!

VB Sunrise
   24-07-2017 16:06
We used a rented surrey for this. It made it faster than walking, but it was still pretty exhausting. I'd recommend a bike. Well laid out except for a couple of side trips to Atlantic and Pacific Avenues; would have preferred the last missions to be shorter and have the side trips eliminated.

Historic Old Towne
   24-07-2017 16:05
Largely cargressable except for the end, but some one-way streets make it a bit annoying. Well laid out for walking though.

Kittens in Space
   24-07-2017 16:03
Very fun series. Requires walking and driving, a pleasant walk around the waterfront, then a drive around the old city, then a drive down to the battlefield and a little walking around there too. Not suitable for disabled players as the walk out on Redoubt 9 isn't easy. Reasonably well designed, not frustrating.

   06-07-2017 17:43
We did complete this by car, but it is not recommended due to the number of one way streets. You have to loop around a LOT.

Woodbury NJ
   06-07-2017 17:42
Very easily cargressed and takes no time at all! Cute town.

UO Rocket
   06-07-2017 17:42
Great walk, very well laid out.

Hokie Nation
   06-07-2017 17:41
Car required, but footwork also required. Could be better laid out - LOTS of looping around to places you've already been three times.

Exploring Ft Meade Md
   06-07-2017 17:40
Car pretty much required, though you do have to get out and walk around a bit at Burba Lake, the Museum, etc.

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery
   06-07-2017 17:39
Requires quite a bit of driving around, but doable by car.

Cute Robot
   06-07-2017 17:38
This went way further around than I expected. It's the Pond, but it's also the Ramble. I found it easy to get lost, particularly with construction present.

Glen Burnie
   06-07-2017 17:37
Pretty easily cargressable.

National Harbor
   06-07-2017 17:37
Easy and fun.

Columbia University
   06-07-2017 17:35
Do not recommend doing this 24/7 as sometimes you cut through buildings.

Central Park in the Rain
   06-07-2017 17:35
Nice series, but inadvertently ended up doing it in the rain! Gets a bit crowded at some points.

Tour Columbia
   06-07-2017 17:33
This takes WAY too long for 12 missions. I grew up in Columbia, and this is a nice tour of my hometown, but driving all over creation is just insane. The hour-to-mission ratio is way off.

The Po Boy
   06-07-2017 17:32
Had some difficulty crossing Pennsylvania Ave multiple times. Depending on drift you can't hit portals on each side of the street so you have to cross over.

Phoenix Comic Con
   06-07-2017 17:31
Got very sweaty doing this one in July 2016. Pretty well laid out, though, nice tour.

Crazy Cats in New Castle
   06-07-2017 17:30
Quick and easy, lots of fun. Be respectful in the cemetery!

American University
   06-07-2017 17:29
Goes in a double loop around campus.

Sic Semper Tyrannis
   06-07-2017 17:28
Rather a long walk but very well laid out.

Yankee Fan Bat
   06-07-2017 17:28
Easy walk around the stadium.

One World Vision
   06-07-2017 17:27
Some portals are difficult to reach.

Be respectful!

U S Capitol
   06-07-2017 17:26
Don't do this one at night. Not a bad walk around the Capitol.

Stars Over Woodlawn
   06-07-2017 17:24
I swear this must be optimized for driving. I did it on foot and was constantly turning back, retracing my path, etc. Have not tried it driving, but damn. You MUST finish by the time the cemetery closes!

Cosmic Pandas
   06-07-2017 17:23
First few finish very quickly and then the East River section is very spread out.

A World Together
   06-07-2017 17:20
Good series, recommend walking.