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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Maple Lawn 6 Beliebig A suburban community with an upscale urban feel, Maple Lawn is a great place to live, eat, and recreate in Southern Howard County. This mission will introduce you to what makes ML great.
IngressFS Baltimore July 2019
   08-07-2019 21:25
Banner that can't be done in a car. On foot it's about 1/2 hour. Very straight forward path. You can use this banner as a springboard for 2 other banners that start in the area where this banner ends, by the Rusty Scupper. If you have 2 extra hours, 18 mission Charm City is a winner. Or consider the 6 mission Magnus Liminal Continuum banner, which is pretty much the opposite of this banner and will drop you off close to the starting point of this banner.

Wildlife of North Beach
   08-07-2019 21:13
If I only have one thing to say ... don't do this banner in the heat of summer!! You'll be on foot in a marsh for about an hour, and on your typical Washington DC area summer day, it's going to been obscenely hot and humid.

I have mixed feelings about this banner. On one hand, the banner took me to some new and awesome places I'd never been before including the Chesapeake Beach Railway trail, a boardwalk that runs adjacent to Fishing Creek and surrounding areas.

I should have looked at the routing closely before I started, because I didn't realize that Missions 11-14 all had to be done on foot, and that they will loop back to the starting point. Sort of. It's not a full loop and there will be a lot of backtracking. What I learned through failure is that you should park at the first portal of Mission 11 (by a playground) and be prepared to walk for a while. Eventually you'll make it back to the playground.

This banner starts at North Beach, moves south to Chesapeake Beach, and then returns back to North Beach. For people that like walking banners, this will be a good one. If you want to save some mileage, you could drive between North Beach and Chesapeake Beach, saving you about 1/2 mile of walking with very few portals in each direction.

Or you could do what I did. Drive as much as you can. If you do that, you'll have to pop out of the car quite a bit. The good news is that in almost all spots, parking is plentiful and convenient. I had to do a bit of backtracking from time to time (e.g., Missions ending at spots where you don't have the chance to load a new one) but, meh, in that area it's so not a big deal.

A Tour of Dundalk
   01-07-2019 0:14
Beautiful banner and glad to have it on my scanner. FYI, Dundalk is not so attractive. It has always been a town for the working class who worked at the port or steel mills. The houses are small, plain, and tightly packed. Even though Dundalk is a bit worn, I never felt unsafe. This banner is too long to walk, but can't be done entirely in the car. When you get to the Dundalk Shopping Center (Mission 5), you should park and walk the next few missions (through Mission 9.) Dundalk has a lot of one-way streets, which makes navigating a bit difficult. The path is not thoughtfully designed to take into account the one way streets. Navigation issues probably added 1/2 hour to my time. Best thing about this banner: uniques. No longer a troll banner. 85% of the portals were ghosts. PS. The image is of the Back River Wastewater Treatment plant. Which just goes to show, good filters can make anything look good.

Pennsylvania Monument
   17-06-2019 6:11
Did this banner entirely in the car, because they said it might rain. And it didn't. The route is good, but I had signal issues. Thanks AT&T. This was my third Gettysburg banner, and the second one I had signal issues with. (Not sure why the second one wasn't problematic.) The first time I had issues with a Gettysburg banner, I drove with a guy who played locally and had a cell phone booster. Unfortunately much of Gettysburg is one way streets, so if you miss a hack you have to make loops. I figured out that in a dead zone, I could hack but it wouldn't count until you got into an area with cell coverage. So it was perhaps a 30 second delay. But chances are there are more than one portal in the dead zone, so you have to loop each time. I had to loop back in one area 4 times but that was only a 1/2 mile loop. When I lost signal before Little Round Top, I got disoriented to a comical level, where I wasted about 40 minutes finding the loop. Had there been no cell issues, I could have easily saved 1.5 hours. My frustration was not related to the design. It's a solid banner. It's AT&T, and/or my phone. Well, it made for a memorable banner and I have pride that I was able to work through it.

World War II Memorial
   02-06-2019 1:28
It was pretty good routing. Reminded me of the Cherry Blossoms banner, but the area was a bit different. Starts and ends at the WW2 memorial, going clockwise around the reflecting pool with focus on the Lincoln Memorial and Vietnam Memorial wall. Took about 1.5 hours. Routing pretty good, but the relied on waypoints more than I prefer. And at times they make you go a bit out of the way to return to a waypoint. Still a solid mission. I would have enjoyed it better with fewer crowds and cooler weather, but alas...
You do have to climb most of the steps to the Lincoln Memorial, so not a good banner for people with mobility issues.

Fort McHenry Ramparts
   28-05-2019 0:35
After paying my admission fee of $15, I watched the short movie at the Visitors Center. I've seen the movie 4 times now, will see irlt again next time, and highly recommend it. 70 minutes after I left the Visitors Center, the banner was done. It's a speed banner in two areas, the beginning and the end. If you are playing alone, just deploy 1 resonator at at each mission and you'll be fine as the max resos you'll need per portal is 5. No need for low level resos. If 2 are playing same faction, that's another matter. For those where you were asked to hack, deploy as well for the uniques if so inclined. You won't need to upgrade those. There was at least one portal that wasn't part of the banner, so claim everything. Misc. Notes: Park hours are limited, and you will need to climb some stairs and walk on grass.

The Journey
   27-05-2019 6:36
Beautiful image and glad to have this on my scanner. But I didn't enjoy earning it. Mind you, it wasn't awful. But it was very disjointed. The path took you all over the place. In that regard it reminded me of Catonsville Caper. (Although I think I liked CC better, except the part that goes into the park, which I hated.) This is definitely one to cargress, and you'll need to pop out of the car at several areas. Drift was horrible inside the Annapolis mall for one portal. (Oh yeah. NOT 24 hours. You have to go inside the mall.) But eventually I found the sweet spot to hack the drifty portal in the mall.) Overall I didn't feel like it was much of a tour of the area. There were highlights (Anne Arundel Community College, the parks) but most of the other portals were mostly churches, a great distance from other churches.

Easy, quick, good routing

Journey Across The Bay Bridge
   05-05-2019 21:15
Banner that requires you to go on foot and car. If you read nothing more, three bits of advice. (1) Start early, (2) wear shoes/boots that can get muddy, unless it's been dry for a while, and (3) plan carefully and go with someone. Now to explain.

Missions 1-5 are dockside Annapolis and have to be done on foot. Parking is hard to find and expensive, but if you get there early to start the banner, you can actually use the metered parking. It's either free if early enough (before 10am on weekends), or $2 hour. An hour should suffice. I deployed the first 5 portals of Mission 5, walked back to get the car, and then finished mission 5 and drove the next few missions.

Mission 10 takes you out of the car briefly, and then the next few missions are tricky. Look at the map carefully, plan ahead, and have a driver and a navigator.

You especially have to be careful with portal 3 on Mission 12. It's at an MTA office at the toll plaza that takes you over the bridge. We wondered if you'd be able to hit it from the highway at the toll plaza. The answer is yes, if you're in the far left lane. But ... if you miss it you have to cross the long bridge, turn around, and do it again. Best to navigate to the MTA office before getting on 50-301, but it's super tricky. Study the map!

Once you grab that portal, pay the toll ($4 cash, $2.50 EZ pass) and head over the loooong bridge. (There's no toll on the trip back). There are a few portals on the right immediately after you exit the bridge.

Then you cross the highway and spend an hour or so in Terrapin Park (no admission), a marshy park that takes you to the shore briefly. The park has a reputation of being muddy and did not disappoint. Rumor has it that after a prolonged rainy period you could be a foot deep in water. I could see where that could happen. We were there after a day of rain and were in an inch or so of mud in spots. My friend had been there before in ankle deep mud. Unfortunately, the worst of the mud is towards the end of Terrapin Park. So if you decide to bail and finish another day, your only option is to backtrack the loop, which will take about an hour.

Once you finish the park, you drive to a cute little shopping area about a mile away and finish it there.

I'm glad to have the stunning banner on my scanner, but recommend this conditionally.

First Saturday Annapolis May The 4th
   05-05-2019 20:42
Quick and easy one way banner. I did it on foot in about 45 minutes (although I was distracted by booming and deploying for First Saturday), but it could be done via car when there is less traffic. This takes you on Main and West streets, the main touristy area with lots of shops and eateries.

Weathered Beauty
   07-04-2019 2:57
I didn't thoroughly research this one, didn't know what I was getting myself into. And it could have gone horribly wrong if I didn't do this on Ingress First Saturday. Things you should know: Mission Order is A1-A18, B1-B18, C1-C6. (I started B1-B14, figuring B was for Beauty) before figuring out there was an A series that I missed. With IFS my portals were constantly turning, so I didn't have to worry about not being able to upgrade.) It's kind of a speed banner. Typically you would hack 6 portals, then capture/upgrade them 4 times, then hack again. The first portal of the series is a question, asking if you know you need to use the lowest level resonater. That had me scared. But the most I had to upgrade a portal was 4-5 resonaters. So just don't fully deploy and you'll be fine. It goes very quickly and usually the portals are close to each other. Make sure you bring the right gear, and ensure that you will be able to upgrade all the portals. Especially if you're RES, because the town is mostly blue and you might not have the ability to upgrade 5x. And if you are ENL, make sure you have the boom to take down so many RES portals. All those warnings said, I really enjoyed the banner. It goes quickly, and should be done on foot except for C5 and C6.

   07-04-2019 2:31
Fun and easy banner through a nice park. Good routing, with lots of portals (dedication trees!) so you never get bored.

Yes, proud to have this one on my scanner. ;-) It was a quick and easy banner with good routing. Then again, there are a lot of good Fremont banners, and this is one of them. Do it to show your disdain for the orange marshmallow man.

   31-03-2019 5:29
Easy and quick banner in Fremont. Highly recommend.

   31-03-2019 3:54
The good: I got lots of uniques. Annapolis portals tend to be claimed, but inside the Naval Academy, very few were. I really hated the layout on this one. It jumped all over the place, and at times long gaps between portals. (500 meters, 400 meters). Then all the sudden you jump out of the Academy and you spend the balance of the missions in Annapolis. First St. John's University, then the state capitol, then West Street. Actually the missions outside the USNA were better than the ones inside. But not what I expected. In order to enter the USNA you need to show drivers license at the visitor gate. There's no cost to visit, and you don't need to take the tour.

The Peninsula
   25-02-2019 5:26
I ran through this banner with the owner, Ochemist, and she navigated me around. Point is I can't speak to the routing. This banner is intended to be mostly driven with stops at a few places. (It's a lot of miles!) Ochemist is a local to these parts, as well as a very smart cookie. I know she spent a lot of time thinking about the layout, being mindful of one way streets. That being said, it would still be easy to get disoriented if you didn't have the map up to follow many of the drivable portals sequentially. Ideally you'd want to do this mission with a friend. One driving and one navigating.

I'm so glad that I did the banner, as it took me to areas of Baltimore that I hadn't visited before. There's a lot of history, culture, and beauty tucked away in SoBo (Southern Baltimore). This is a very comprehensive banner of the area, and I came home with tons of uniques, despite the fact that I have been to SoBo many times before.

One thing to note. Finding the missions in your scanner can be challenging, in part because the missions are new and they get a lower priority. And there are a lot of other missions in the area. We could be a few blocks from the starting point and would have to scroll down pages and pages to find the next mission. If you keep the overall map up and drive towards the next mission, it would help.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Starry Night in Hagerstown Mission
   03-02-2019 21:26
I heard from 2 people, don't do this mission on foot, that there are some scary people out there. By car, it wasn't all that either, and still took a few hours. Hagerstown has lots of stop lights, one way streets and "no right turn" signs. It doesn't help that this banner is not laid out very well either. But with the exception of one portal where I had to pop out of the car for 30 seconds, it's entirely driveable. And gorgeous when it's all done.

Western Maryland Rail Depot
   06-01-2019 2:12
I'm not a fan of cargressing missions, particularly in areas I don't know. But I heard good things about this one, so decided to give it a go. The mission creator (hi Jacqueline!) said it could be done in less than 2 hours, and that's pretty accurate. I got turned around a few times (especially at McDaniel College) so that slowed me down just a bit. This was my first visit to Westminster, and I was impressed. It's a charming town. And for weekend cargressers like myself, perfect since you can pull off to the side of most roads. The layout was good, and the missions were quick. It's one of my favorite banners. Well done!

Columbia Lakes
   01-01-2019 19:32
If you ask a local what they like about living in Columbia, invariably "the lakes" would come up at or near the top of the list. This banner celebrates the four area lakes, each one with a different look and feel. (Don't ask me to pick a favorite. I can't!) For a local such as myself, I took my time and did this over 2 days. You might be wondering if you could do it in a single day if so inclined. The answer is "Yes", although I'd get an early start of it. Kittamaqundi is 1.4 miles. Wilde is 1.3 miles. Centennial is 2.4 miles, and Elkhorn is 2.0 miles. All in total, 7 miles, and that assumes you drive between lakes, as should be done. Missions are thoughtfully designed around parking options, and you should always find a spot near the starting point. Although in the case of Centennial, on a nice sunny day, you might have to park a bit further out. Give praise to the Shapers for allowing so many park bench portals, which make the walks around it so Ingressy. (Also a lot of exercise equipment and tree plaques.) The important thing is that it's the perfect excuse to visit the lakes and get those legs moving. I was a bit concerned about pass phrases, but this one's an open book test. Look no further for the mission description to get the correct answer.

FYI, there are piecemeal 6 mission banners for each lake. If you don't have the time commitment for this banner, you may want to choose one of those. Although I don't recommend Kittamaqundi (and it's my banner) because it's a little clunky.

In any case, enjoy your visit to Columbia!

QWP (Quiet Waters Park)
   22-12-2018 2:07
Quiet Waters is a wonderful park, and I suggest you bring along your best friend, especially if he/she is a canine. QWP is a very dog friendly park, and if pooch manages to make it through the banner, there's a reward at the end at an off-lead dog park. Things you should know about this banner: (1) Mission 1 starts as soon as you turn into the park entrance, before the place where you pay your ($6 car, as of 12/2018) admission fee. (2) As soon as you get into the park, you'll get on a loop which moves in one direction. Ignore the closest portal. Instead, take the first right towards the Sassafras Pavilion. Park there, grab that portal (just out of range), and then get back in the car and continue down the loop. Catch the third portal. (3) Park at the end of the loop by the Visitors Center / Ice Skating Rink. On foot, finish Mission 1 and do Missions 2-4 as well. I got a bit a bit confused so I suggest you open the mission map and follow the order listed for optimal performance. (4) It's VERY easy to get confused with Mission 5. Go towards the closest portal, but keep on going to get to the first portal It's way out of the way. Then back up and finish the 2nd and 3rd portals. After the third portal (Black Bart), go back to your car. It may seem wrong, but trust me on this one. Then follow the road to the other portals in Mission 5 which you can get largely from the car. (For one you might have to get out for a few seconds.) (5) There's a parking lot at the end of the road. Grab the first portal for Mission 6 from the parking lot, and then walk down to the beach areas to finish the mission/banner. (6) Optional: Reward your canine BFF with a trip to the off-lead dog park.

Charm City
   20-12-2018 3:11
If you only have time to do one mission in Baltimore, this is the one. It's a walking tour of the popular Inner Harbor area. Well laid out. I parked by the American Visionary Art Museum ($2/hour, about as cheap as you get in Baltimore) on the side street. The mission is a lovely loop. Be sure to get the first portal of the first mission (by Rusty Scupper restaurant). Otherwise you may backtrack. Otherwise, it navigates well. If you have an extra 30-45 minutes, consider the 6 mission Continuum banner, as it starts in the same place.

Easy and quick walkable banner. It's a one way mission, which doesn't make sense since you have to walk it (and therefore walk back.) The upside is that it's a quick walk back. I did this after the Charm City banner, as they start at the same point.

Honderful Balamer
   18-12-2018 16:01
This mission celebrates the iconic 1960s Baltimore hon, clad in tight leopard skin, sporting tall teased hair, and wearing kitty kat glasses. (Think "Shampoo") I am the Banner creator. I did this by car in about 10 minutes in the early afternoon on a weekday. I probably could have done this in half the time in the middle of the night. The missions go very quick, but you have to be able to hack quickly and then select the next mission. Traffic can either work in your favor or not. I had to backtrack twice because I didn't want to hold up traffic while futzing with my scanner.

Ninja Terps
   10-12-2018 2:03
Totally doable mission that looks cool. (Go Terps!) But also an example of how not to create a banner. The starting and ending points are on the opposite side of the campus, and it took over 1/2 hour to walk back. Less than half the campus portals were used. The layout was clunky. I followed the nearest portals but had to do quite a bit of backtracking. The missions towards the end on the banner were far apart, twice over 200m between missions.

Capitol appreciation
   24-11-2018 4:28
Decent banner, although I think there could be optimization improvements. There's more portal repetition than I'd prefer. You can't walk it all, as sometimes you'll be closely hugging the capitol buildings. This does require you to walk up some stairs. The capitol is very attractive and I'm glad I had the chance to see downtown Harrisburg.

Harrisburg Bridges
   24-11-2018 4:20
I started to do this one in the car but quickly realized that I had to walk it. Parking is hard to find in the area, as most of it is residential permit only. Once I found a spot, I enjoyed the walk. However, it's not a circular banner, and you have to walk perhaps half the banner (still not a lot) to get back to your car. I did this banner in conjunction with a Capitol banner and think that worked well, as the portals didn't duplicate.

Lititz Fire + Ice Festival
   24-11-2018 4:12
This banner takes you through a delightful town, first through a charming park (closes when lights turn on), and then through a charming town. We'll laid out. In park you will have to climb some stairs.

Rockville Town
   22-11-2018 21:50
I started this in the car and got to a point near the courthouse where I couldn't reach all the portals by car. So I parked and decided to finish it by foot, though I likely could have finished it by car. Overall it's a short banner in an area with high portal density. It's usually a blue area, so if your ENL pack a few hundred bursters and enjoy the uniques. I liked this banner better than the longer Lego themed banner, which took you off the beaten path a few times.

Downtown Frederick
   12-11-2018 2:14
Well laid out mission in a scenic area. Although this was supposed to be an auto/foot banner, I think many of the missions are best done on foot due to the narrow streets and one way traffic. I would drive the first and last missions, and repark once you start the park missions. Overall I really enjoyed this banner. Tons of uniques.

Cylburn Arboretum
   11-11-2018 0:22
This is a quick banner in a beautiful wooded area. Most of the missions involve walking on paths (paved, dirt) as well as grass. There's not much on an incline. If you start Mission 1 in the car from the entrance to the parking lot, it only takes about 75 minutes to complete on foot. The navigation is fairly good; a few times I had to back track a bit. And if you enjoyed your hike, you get to do it again. In order to make 18 missions, most portals are duplicated. There's no admission and plenty of parking.

JHU Homewood
   05-11-2018 2:45
Offers a lot of uniques in an area with a lot of ghosts. It's generally well laid out so that you hit all campus portals. The layout is generally good with a few minor hiccups. This banner series is that it's a combination of hacks, capture/upgrades, and one passphrase. I don't think the capture/upgrades will ever be an issue (being unable to upgrade), as they are in out of the way parks. It's just a bit confusing at times to know if you should hack or upgrade. Most of the missions are sequential, but occasionally some missions are any order. Also, some of the portals are right next to waypoints and sequential, so it's very easy to hack before you hit the way point. (Bring some heat sinks.) Although the campus is hilly in area, and you need to climb some stairs, it wasn't too exhausting. There is a passphrase about the JHU mascot, the Blue Jays. I entered "blue jay" and my friend entered "BlueJays". Both were accepted, so kudos for that. This is a mission intended to be done on foot, as it goes through the campus and parks. Although the last set of portals (once you hit Charles Street) might be possible by car, you would have to walk back to your car ... via Charles Street. So it doesn't make a lot of sense to drive partially. Consider parking in the Baltimore Art Museum lots; you'll have to pay for your parking in the museum lobby, which is open until 10 pm.

Chambersburg Icefest
   29-10-2018 18:22
Chambersburg is a charming little town and worth exploring, particularly during Icefest. I did this banner by foot, but would recommend using a car instead, particularly at a time when it's not crowded. There are times when you walk out of the way to grab a portal, so I would rather drive it than walk it. I would have liked to see some of the missions be sequential, as I did some back tracking. If I were to do it over again I'd have Ingress Mosaic turned on and follow that map. It would have saved me a lot of time.

McPherson Ridge - Gettysburg
   29-10-2018 18:15
I loved this banner; it's one of my favorites. It follows the Gettysburg auto tour and has one big advantage. There are pull off points during most of the mission, so when you need to get out (and you will have to, occasionally) it's very simple. This mission does involved some light hiking, so not the best for someone with mobility issues.

Equestrians General George Meade
   29-10-2018 18:11
Fun little banner through Gettysburg. It does require that you leave your car a few times, but that means you get more uniques, particularly if you've already done the (excellent) banner that follows the driving tour. I did this one on a rainy day and got soaked, but in drier times it would have been great. My only beef was with the last mission, which IMO should be a sequential mission. I was just following the prompts on my phone, and did a lot of back and forth. At the bare minimum keep Ingress Mosaic up for the last mission, so you can figure out the order. It would have saved me about 15 minutes. (Did I mention it was raining hard that day?)

Cherry Blossoms Washington
   29-10-2018 18:03
Fun little mission, even with the annoying passphrases. (The answer is cherry for everything!) My only wish was that it started in a different location. For those of us who were coming from the subway there was a bit of backtracking. Pssst. It's a beautiful walk even when the cherry blossoms aren't blooming.

Super Smithsonian
   29-10-2018 17:58
Overall a great mission and a fun concept. I did this mission with 4 others, and that may have slowed us down, as we had different phones and cell phone coverage, and were often veering off in different directions. It took us over 4 hours. Drift was an issue, particularly in the Air & Space Museum. Watch the hours closely. We got caught up at closing and had to return another day.

Harpers Ferry
   29-10-2018 15:59
I'm the author of this banner.

Harpers Ferry has very challenging terrain. There are a lot of steep hills. You'll be walking along the Appalachian trail in spots. You walk on grass through a cemetery. You'll be descending on uneven rock stairs. And I apologize in advance for Mission 7, which has you walking up a long hill for 10 minutes before hitting the next portal. Other than that, the banner design is solid.

On the plus side, it's a beautiful area, and you will get the combination of history, charm and scenery.

(Please read the owners comments. You have to do the bus tour and there is a small cost. Also, hours are limited, so watch that carefully.)

There are two Magnus Liminal Continuum banners for Cumberland. One is 36 missions. This one is 18 missions. If you want to do both in one day, as I did, there's a problem. One of the portals (Downtown Water Fountain) is used 2 times in this mission, and 3 times in the other. In other words, the portal will burn out. For me that meant a 1.5 hour game delay. (Klien's Restaurant was a great place to pass time.) If you only want to do one of the 2 missions, I'd chose the other one. Despite being twice the missions, it's about the same time to complete, perhaps 1/2 hour longer, and is 90% the same portals. For the 10% that are different, this mission goes into less interesting areas which takes you out of the way. The other question: walk or drive? I started driving on a Sunday morning, where you could easily pull over to hack. It became problematic after a while, with "just out of range" portals. I would need to go around the block, and Cumberland has a lot of one way streets. The portals are in a tight area, so I'd recommend just walking it. Except for the last 3 missions. Then drive it. There is one very hard to access waypoint in Mission 17, Canada Hose Company Building. I was able to get it just barely by standing at the edge of a driveway off the street. Had I not been able to reach it, I would have to go way out of the way on a path. This mission uses a lot of waypoints, often being reused for 3 or 4 consecutive missions, making this a very quick banner. Just don't expect a lot of uniques. Overall, I enjoyed this banner, it's quick pace and the scenic path.

Magnus Liminal Continuum Cumberland
   29-10-2018 0:11
There are two Magnus Liminal Continuum banners for Cumberland. One is 18 missions. This one is 36 missions. If you want to do both in one day, as I did, there's a problem. One of the portals (Downtown Water Fountain) is used 3 times in the mission, and two times in the other. In other words, the portal will burn out. For me that meant a 1.5 hour game delay. (Klien's Restaurant was a great place to pass time.) If you only want to do one of the 2 missions, I'd chose this one. It's about the same time to complete, is 90% the same portals. For the 10% that are different, this mission goes into more interesting areas. The other question: walk or drive? I started driving on a Sunday morning, where you could easily pull over to hack. It became problematic after a while, with "just out of range" portals. I would need to go around the block, and Cumberland has a lot of one way streets. The portals are in a tight area, so I'd recommend just walking it. This mission uses a lot of waypoints, often being reused for 3 or 4 consecutive missions, making this a very quick banner. Just don't expect a lot of uniques. Overall, I really enjoyed this banner, it's quick pace and the scenic path.

Antietam Battlefield Auto Tour
   28-10-2018 2:41
This is an auto tour banner but you do have to get out of your car occasionally (Missions 1, 2, 18 and 20), so it's not an all weather banner. I was relieved that I made it through this banner. Mission 18 in particular had me concerned as there was construction by the Burnside Bridge. There are 3 portals that are hard to get. For one, you have to walk towards the bridge, which was detoured for me. It just takes 15 minutes instead of 3. The last 2 portals were particularly challenging, again, mostly due to construction. It would still be a 15 minute walk, but you can double that because of the detour. (FYI, you can park closer in an overflow lot.) Mission 20 was the one that had me scared. The Kempers Brigade portal is just off the road in a field that is fenced off by barbed wire. I had to put my hands through the fence and just barely made it. Overall I enjoyed the banner. It mostly goes quickly and is well laid out with good navigation. There aren't as many pull off areas as in Gettysburg, but I found that you could stop on roads and people would pass you on the left. Overall it took about 3 hours, but I slowed down and captured every portal I could, and the delays at Mission 18 added about a half hour. If you were just hacking and no construction, no lolly gagging at the interesting portals, it would take about 1.5 hours.

Minneapolis Remembers Prince
   22-10-2018 16:40
Thoughtfully designed banner that keeps you moving. Drift was an issue but it worked out. If you only do one banner in MSP, this one is a good candidate as it's in a very popular area with high density portals. (There are a lot of banners in the area, so if you are looking for uniques, choose wisely.)

Mystery Science Mission 3000
   21-10-2018 15:21
Excellent banner, and I don't say that often. Well laid out, quick, in an interesting part of town. I'd give it high praise if it wasn't a MST3K banner, but holy cow, it's the coolest looking banner ever!

   15-10-2018 0:03
I enjoyed this banner. I actually liked the fact that you had to do the portals in order; there was no going back to get missed portals. Bethesda is unlike other city banners that I've done, in that there was a noticeable lack of homeless. The city is very clean and the residents were unusually friendly. It's an upscale town with so many dining choices, and a lot of art and beauty. The order was good and took you to some interesting places.

Rockville Chunin Exams
   14-10-2018 23:48
This is now a Lego themed mission. I can only hope that the mission creator changes his mind again and changes the image. I'm not a big fan. I would have rather done the 12 mission Rockville Town Center banner which is better looking (IMO) and better laid out, but I needed 14 missions for onyx so this one won out. It's not a bad banner, but seems there are some lags between missions. Took about 1-1/2 hours by foot. Terrain is very flat.

Silver Spring Tour
   14-10-2018 7:42
A pretty nice banner that will give you a good overview of Silver Spring within a few hours, unless you're like me and stop to glyph hack, take down portals, and fully deploy. It's fairly well laid out, although a few missions are spaced far apart. And there are some duplicate portals on back to back missions. All those issues are minor. FYI, I parked at the garage by The Nora School. No charge on the weekend.

Baltimore Harbor
   08-10-2018 17:52
This is a long (10 mile) one-way mission, taking you from Canton to Locust Point along the waterfront. It's a great way to see the Harbor from all angles, and is fairly well laid out, passing through safe neighborhoods. It's really a walking banner, as you need to get close to the harbor in spots, areas that not accessible by car. There were a few times I wondered if I would be able to access the portals, but yes, it's possible. The other notable thing about this banner is that there are a ton of portals. Even though I play in Baltimore somewhat, I managed to get over 150 unique captures. FYI, I parked (for free) along Clinton Street in Canton, near the starting point (Canton Waterfront park). I toyed with the idea of taking the watertaxi back to Canton but ended up taking Uber ($17 because they take you through the tunnel.)

Catonsville Caper
   07-10-2018 15:33
Update: MIssion 4 may now be available. Check before you start. MISSION 4 IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. I found this out too late and had to substitute another mission, so things look funny. But I completed the other missions and am left with love/hate feelings about the banner. There's a lot to see in Catonsville that I would never have experienced without doing this banner. I particularly enjoyed Spring Grove Hospital Center (missions 23-24), an old psychiatric hospital that is part beautiful and part creepy. Both CCBC and UMBC are beautiful campuses. And I had never been to Banneker Park. I didn't like Missions 21-22, which took you through the Conservation and Research areas of UMBC. Mind you, I like a good hike, but this was a bit extreme, and as a hike goes, rather uninteresting. Essentially, you're walking in a forest. The path is barely discernable and twice I lost the trail. It's overgrown with thistles, at least early autumn. And 2 days after rain, I was wading ankle deep in mud, twice. Dress with long sleeves, pants, and old shoes. Finally, Mission 30 is in a park. I did this after dark, and fortunately the park was still open for an event, and I didn't have to stray far from the parking lot to get the last portals. Overall, though, I liked the banner.

Catonsville Carnage
   05-10-2018 17:12
Fun Fact: This mission was created by a RES players to "burn down Catonsville", a traditional ENL stronghold. If you do want to burn Catonsville, you might as well do this mission. It should be noted that this is a capture/upgrade banner, with one exception. As you're going over the I-95 bridge, there's one hack, which is probably a good idea since it's not a place where you want to spend a long time taking down a portal and deploying. The mission starts on the east side of 144 and moves west for a few miles, and is meant as a driving mission. Route 144 is a road with lots of opportunities to pull over. That being said, it's not a mission that you want to do in traffic. I did this in the late evening. Despite it being a straight shot down 144, there are some portals to the left of the street that you can not get without turning around and getting from the other side of the street. Overall, a good banner for capture/upgrade. If I were to do it all again, I would probably make an initial pass to take down portals, and then circled back for the capture. It's only a few miles long.

2018 Pittsburgh Mission Day
   24-09-2018 22:23
I only did 6 of these, all on foot,for Mission Day, but feel qualified to make some general statements. Most of these were drive able. They are in historic neighborhoods of Pittsburgh so the traffic is manageable. They were also very enjoyable for me.I would suggest referring to the maps here when you go out and do them. I did some extra roaming because I missed a portal and had to backtrack to get the last portal. I enjoyed all of the missions except Riverfront Trail. It's supposed to be less than 2 miles, which means I should be able to do it in 40 minutes. But it took well over an hour. And it was a long ways between portals. That one would be good by bike, and there's a road that runs parallel to the patch so you could probably do it by car. You would think a riverfront walk would be nice, but the area is semi-seedy and not maintained, with overgrown brush obstructing the views in many areas.

Explore Downtown Pittsburgh
   24-09-2018 21:48
This mission was perfectly OK. I didn't love it. I didn't hate it. The good news is that the missions are self guiding. I never had to go back to grab a portal because I missed it. Some of the missions, particularly the ones at the beginning and the end, seemed to drag a bit. I walked it, although with a few exceptions I think it could be drive-able. It's those exceptions which would worry me, unless you were with a friend and someone could jump out occasionally. (Note: I might want to do this at night or a Sunday morning to avoid the traffic.) By foot it took me a bit over 2 hours, but I'm a slow walker and stopped at about 1/4 of the portals to capture and/or deploy. If you are a typical walker and just hack, you could probably do it in 1 hour 45 minutes or so. Also, I would have preferred that the banner started and end in the same area. It's probably a 20 minute walk from the origin to destination, so you need to factor that into your time.

ENL Cheeky Tree Frog
   23-09-2018 6:38
I loved this mission. It's well laid out and moves along naturally without a map. I drove this and did it in less than an hour. I had to get out of the car 4 times, each time only for a minute. You can stop your car to hack and pull over to park as needed. Easy effort for lots of uniques.

   23-09-2018 6:32
The good: Nice tour in a safe area. I (unaccompanied woman) did this mission after dark and felt safe. The not so good: It's clunky in places. I don't use a map. I just go to the closest portal. There are a lot of times I had to go back to to get a portal. Also, the distance between missions can be excessive.

Alexandria Waterfront
   03-09-2018 0:46
I really liked this mission. It starts at the King Street Metro station and goes into town to the waterfront. If you're tired, you can take the free trolley to get back to the Metro station. It walks itself, except for a slight fluke on Mission 15. This banner is a good representation of Old Town Alexandria and well laid out. Also, quick.

Greenmount Cemeter
   12-08-2018 15:25
I really enjoyed this banner, as it takes you through a beautiful historic cemetery, and is well laid out. I heard advise that you should stop at the office and get a map, but unfortunately it was closed the day I visited. There are a number of notable people buried in Greenmount, including Johns Hopkins, Enoch Pratt, and an unmarked grave for John Wilkes Booth.

A lot of the portals have been taken down, so the mission goes quicker than expected. The first mission was 1 portal and 1 waypoint. There was one mission that was 1 portal. Fortunately you can still complete the banner.

Since you can only access the portals from a gate and on foot, chances are excellent that the portals will be ghosts, and that means unique captures.

Agree with prior reviewer to wear comfortable shoes. You'll be walking over graves and up and down hills. I would also add, wear sunscreen and a hat.

This banner can only be done on foot. You are allowed to park along the streets inside the cemetery.

   19-07-2018 23:41
Every town needs a banner, and Laurel finally has one! I created this one, and I think you'll really like it. It's 1.7 miles, so it can be done in less than 45 minutes unless you want to fully deploy and link. It's a circle that starts at Red, Hot & Blue. (There's plenty of free parking behind the restaurant, but street parking is usually available as well.) You walk down Main Street to the end, and then cut over to the river. It walks itself; ihere's no need to go back to get portals that you missed, because it's laid out to show you the closest portals and that is the order you need.

I had 2 regrets about this mission. I did it on a summer evening and didn't bring bug spray. Mosquitoes tend to hang out by the river. Second regret (and not my bad) is that I wasn't able to order food to take out from Red, Hot & Blue on the way home as I planned. I called them at the start of Mission 6, but they put me on hold and forgot about me. I called back, same thing. I love RH&B's brisket sandwich, and had been thinking about my tasty reward throughout the banner.

FYI, the portals are usually low level, unshielded, and/or ghosts.

Have a Hardy time in Laurel!

Annapolis Waterfront
   24-06-2018 22:48
Pretty banner, but pretty awful to play. Having read the review I decided to walk the first few missions, and then take the car when it was time to cross the river. The first 4 missions are great, in a tightly packed area. Although some require you to immediately hack the same portals on the next mission. (There are more portals now. The author should redesign.) Starting midway through Mission 5, I took my car. Many portals were not hackable from the car. Three times I parked illegally for a few minutes so I could grab the portals. There were many dead ends and one way streets. And on the last mission, the final portal was back on the other side of the bridge in an area unrelated to the waterfront. The only way I would recommend this mission is by bike. Outside of Missions 1 to 4, it's too long to walk. And it's not very good to drive. But it's pretty.

Tour Columbia
   20-04-2018 22:48
Yes, they are geographically disparate. That's Columbia, and can't be avoided. They are ordered as well as can be expected, and will require some discipline to do in order. But each individual mission has good portals that are easy to reach. Maybe not the best ones for a visitor, but for those that are mostly local, take the time to do it in order.

Historic Ellicott City
   20-04-2018 22:43
Fun town to visit. Go there! Squirrel-y navigation. Downright painful.

What Meredith said. I suggest that you park at the lot by the river, then have someone drive you (or take an Uber) to the top of the hill to start the missions. Walk down the hill which is the majority of the missions. Once you pass the river, get back in your car and drive to the funny portals in that area. (Some of them are like, "really?"). Then drive back up the hill past your starting point, and finish the rest by car.

There's a new EC Strong Banner (it's mine!) that's much better laid out and takes about half the time. It does have fewer portals and more waypoints, but it's much more manageable.