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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Fürstbischöfliches Rätseln 21 Beliebig Beantworte Rätselfragen am Bruchsaler Schloss. Die Antworten finden sich alle vor Ort in der Nähe der Portale. Auf Hinweistafeln achten. Ab und zu auch mal etwas weiter schauen.
2 Büchenauer Hackaround 6 Beliebig Den Bruchsaler Stadtteil Büchenau erkunden. Nur Portale hacken.
3 In Zehn Portalen um die Welt 10 Versteckte Mission Hacke die Portale im Triwo Technopark anhand der Tipps in der richtigen Reihenfolge.
4 An der Dragoner-Kaserne 7 Beliebig Befreien Sie alle Portale rund um die Kaserne von den feindlichen Armeen
5 Forst (Baden) 40 Der Reihe nach Besuche und hacke die Portale in Forst in der angegebenen Reihenfolge.
6 Fürstbischöfliches Hacken 19 Der Reihe nach Hacke die Portale am Bruchsaler Schloss in der angegebenen Reihenfolge
7 Kinovorplatz aufräumen 6 Beliebig Wenn der Film mal zu langweilig ist, den Kinovorplatz beim Cineplex in Bruchsal etwas aufräumen.
8 Turbinenhalle 14 Beliebig Visit the portals near Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen
9 Durch den Bürgerpark Bruchsal 12 Der Reihe nach Einmal durch den Bürgerpark in Bruchsal hacken
10 Karlsdorfer Bahnhofsrutsche 8 Der Reihe nach Einmal vom Bahnhof nach Süden durch Karlsdorf rutschen
11 Bruchsaler Rätselrunde 19 Beliebig Beantworte Rätselfragen in der Bruchsaler Fußgängerzone. Die Antworten finden sich alle vor Ort in der Nähe der Portale. Auf Hinweistafeln achten.
12 Fürstbischöfliches Bauen 19 Der Reihe nach Am Bruchsaler Schloss Portale erobern, upgraden und Felder bauen.
13 Am Sportzentrum Bruchsal 8 Der Reihe nach Eine kurze Mission am Sportzentrum Bruchsal (Hacken, Bauen, Rätseln)
14 Forst Aufforsten 40 Der Reihe nach Besuche und upgrade Portale in Forst (Baden) in der angegebenen Reihenfolge
15 Gotteshäuser in Bruchsal 15 Der Reihe nach Die Kirchen und Moscheen in der Bruchsaler Kernstadt besuchen. Lange Mission. Anfang und Ende liegen in der Bruchsaler Innenstadt
Kehl a. R. Mosaik
   22-05-2018 12:28
Doing this was very fun.

Questions are in German only and some of them require quite some google skills to find the correct answer on German language websites.

All the portals are accessible by wheelchair, but in the first twelve missions that are situated in the park at the Rhine, you might have to make some short detours to avoid stairs and in maybe two or three cases you have to go a short distance onto grass to reach a portal.

Biking is allowed in the park at the Rhine.

I had connection problems in Kehl with both D1 and Telefonica because the phone would connect to the French network and have bad connectrivity. What helped was disabling auto-network-selection and force the phone to always use the German network provider.

Trail Along the Wire
   03-04-2018 20:26
Did this on bike in about 5 hours on the day of the Mission Day Ljubljana in September 2017. At times, there was some heavy rain when I sought shelter and waited. Also, I got lost twice which made me lose quite some time. I think that during better weather and when you stick to the path, this can be done in 3 hours on bike.

This is best played on a bike. There is very often several hundred meters or often even up to 2 kilometers to the next portal. 90% of the portals cannot be reached by car.

Except for the last two missions the banner closely follows the "Trail of Remembrance and Comradeship", a memorial path in remembrance of the fascist occupation of Slovenia during WWII. Don't try to follow a straight line to the next portal, instead try to follow the signs for the memorial path (Green signs with the letters POT and a red star).

Most of the terrain is flat. There are just some stairs to climb at the beginning. Mission 13 leads you up a forest mountain (Golovec). Mission 14 leads you down the mountain again. During those two missions, I had to push my bike, the slope was to steep for me (I am not a mountainbiker). On the mountain I got lost. If you don't want to get lost, always stick to the wide POT path and don't follow any normal forrest paths just because they seem to be leading in the direction of the next portal.

Because of the parts in the forest and a lot of other parts without lightning, only do that at night if you have good lights with you and are not afraid alone in a dark forest ;)

Leineweber walkabout
   03-04-2018 19:55
Did this on bike in two days, spending roughly 7 hours each day, so about 14 hours together.

This is best played on a bike. The inner city parts at the beginning and in the middle could also be played on foot.

I enjoyed this a lot, but there are some problems one can stumble over and removing those problems could increase enjoyment of playing the banner:

  • Most of the missions end with having to capture a portal. So bring enough fire power. Some of those portals to capture seem to be home portals of both Res and Enl players. As a Res player, I had to flip one portal because it was L8 blue. There were several green L7 and L8 portals that were heavily modded with Aegis shields where I had to spend quite a number of L8 XMP and L8 US to be able to capture them. Having to capture portals is not a good idea especially with a banner consisting of so many missions.
  • Missions don't start at the end portal of the previous mission. Sometimes there are even a few hundred meters distance to the next mission start, so it can cost some time to find the next mission. The missions 47 and 57 start very close to each other, so that I accidentally continued with 57 after 46 and played on until 59 before I noticed and had to repeat some of the missions. It would be better to have the next mission start at the same portal the previous mission ends (using questions on the start portals).
  • Apart from the cemetery in missions 10 and 11, there is another cemetery you have to visit in mission 27/28. There is an additional number of parks that you have to visit where you cannot ride the bike but have to push the bike or park it outside the cemetery / park.
  • Mission 52 makes you climb a mountain (Johannisberg) just to visit a few portals. I didn't like that part. Having to climb stairs at the end of a lengthy banner that is mostly optimized to be played by bike is not fun.
  • Why do we return to the university after mission 54 and play the rest of the banner at a location where we had been before?

Wonder Woman Enschede
   13-03-2018 17:47
Did this on bike at the Mission Day Weekend in Enschede. Using anything else but a bike is not advised (except maybe for the last 12 missions that you can also easily do on foot)

The first 12 missions took me about 6 hours.
The second 12 missions took me about 8 hours (This is the hardest part)
The third 12 missions took me about 5 hours.
The last 12 missions took me less than an hour.

So, altogether, roughly 20 hours, not counting any breaks, but counting attacking and deploying portals along the way.

Some parts play in areas with no regular lighting. So, if you want to play these missions in the evening or night, make sure to bring some good lights on your bike.

Some few farts lead you through forests where the ground was muddy. So, don't wear your Sunday shoes.

A lot of the missions take you through residential quarters where the streets are like in a maze. Often, there are passages you cannot see on the Ingress map but that can save you a lot of time and that the mission creators seem to have been aware of. So, if you are sent to a nearby portal but there does not seem to be a way on the map, look out for passages between houses that you can use.

Parts of Mission 29 lead through Volkspark which you are not allowed to enter with a bike. Park your bike at the portal "Het Volkspark Paviljoen", then enter Volkspark and do all hacks up to including "WW2 Memorial Statues" on foot. Then return to your parked bike and continue outside.

Parts of Mission 33 lead through Wooldrikpark which you are not allowed to enter with a bike. (But I did and you can because the entrances are not blocked as with Volkspark). But you do not lose a lot of time if you park your bike at the portal "Zigzag Kunstwerk" and then do the hacks inside the park by foot up until including "Totem" and then return to your bike and continue outside the park.

Altogether, in all the missions, the routing is quite good, but you have to remember that this banner is trying to have you visit every single portal in Enschede. So, you will sometimes have to go a km to a single portal and back just because there are no other portals close by.

Don't try to deviate from the mission path because you are afraid of missing some close-by portals. You WILL come back to those eventually. Over the full banner I only noticed maybe 3 or 4 portals that were not part of the banner and all of those were in hack range of a portal that was part of a banner mission.

Explore DU South Unique Tour
   01-02-2018 22:25
Did it by bike in about four hours. Available 24\7. Best to do by bike. Too long to do by foot. Probably not much fun by car.

Northern Bears
   19-08-2017 21:56
Please delete comment

Ketscher Korbflechter
   29-07-2017 23:47
Die Fragen machen sehr viel Spaß. Fragen testen Allgemeinwissen oder sind mit Google zu lösen.

Man muss Portale ggf mehrfalls upgraden. Deswegen sehr diszipliniert so deployen, dass man das Portal noch mehrfach upgraden kann.

Ein Portal muss über einen Feldweg erreicht werden. Ansonsten barrierefrei.

Ein Portal liegt auf dem Gelände eines Sportvereins und ist meines Wissens nach nachts nicht erreichbar.

FCK NZS - Hockenheim
   20-07-2017 17:51
Achtung. Beginnt außerhalb des Parks, der aber abends/nachts geschlossen ist.

Fahrradfahrer aufpassen: Im Park gibt es einige Stellen, wo man bei feuchtem Boden leicht ausrutschen kann.

   18-07-2017 19:18
Fängt ganz harmlos an. Die ersten Missionen sind bei hoher Portaldichte in der Kasseler Innenstadt schnell erledigt. Dann verlässt die Strecke aber die Innenstadt und es zieht sich gewaltig, teilweise mit weiten Strecken zwischen den einzelnen Portalen. Deswegen Fahrrad empfohlen.

Einige Teile der Strecke gehen auch durch nachts schlecht beleuchtete und abgelegene Gebiete. Fahrradlicht / Taschenlampe sind bei Dunkelheit Pflicht. Wer sich in solchen Situationen unsicher fühlt, sollte das Mosaik nur bei Tageslicht spielen.

Teilweise auch nicht betonierte Wege / Schotter: Also gutes Schuhwerk Pflicht.

Das Motiv wurde verschönert. Leider zeigt bis jetzt (Juli 2017) eine Mission immer noch das alte Bild.

Weingarten (Baden) Panorama
   18-07-2017 19:11
Schöne Missionen in Weingarten. Die meisten Missionen spielen direkt in der Innenstadt. Für 3 und 4 muss man aber weiter raus. Deswegen empfiehlt sich zumindestens für diese zwei Missionen ein Fahrrad oder Auto zur Hand zu haben.

   18-07-2017 19:04
Ist auch gut mit Fahrrad zu erledigen. Auf einigen Teilbereichen (z.B. im Tiergarten) muss man aber schieben.

Oberhausen - Halloween
   18-07-2017 19:01
Mit dem Fahrrad erledigt. Schöne Strecke am nördlichen Rand von Oberhausen.

Tolerant durchs Land
   18-07-2017 18:51
Mosaik mit guter Aussage. Etwas Abseits vom Zentrum in Oberhausen, also etwas weitere Laufwege zwischen den Portalen, dafür keine Portalüberschneidungen mit anderen Mosaiken.

Glyph Mission Oberhausen
   18-07-2017 18:49
Schnelles Mosaik rund ums Schloss in Oberhausen.

   18-07-2017 18:43
Schönes Mosaik in einer schnuckligen Stadt. War mit Fahrrad (inklusive einigen Abstechern) in 1,5 Stunden erledigt.