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Leighton Buzzard Tour
   19-08-2019 23:22
This banner is epic! It is certainly a tour of Leighton Buzzard.

You start in the town centre, then walk through meadows, visit Tiddenfoot Lake, through housing estates and parks, with the last few missions back in the town centre.

It rather conveniently passed Tesco and Morrisons which was handy for refreshments/toilets.

It took me 6 hours, but I have little legs and got distracted by fielding.

At times I wished I was on a bicycle as there was quite some distance between some portals - however please note if you take a bicycle some meadow areas would be quite awkward to pass through.

Good tip from DJDonegal on Mission 15. I was on alert when I got there so I didn’t get lost.

Great image.

   19-08-2019 0:08
TheDeviantShrub is not wrong. This is a haphazard banner, with quite a bit of doubling back - so much so that I was beginning to wonder if I was going to need multi hacks on some portals.

However, it was forgiven on the basis that the Abbey and Verulamium Park are lovely places to be on a summer’s day, and it provided opportunity for some fielding.

I am pleased with the finished result on my scanner.

Red Series
   18-08-2019 23:53
A banner with very few portals per mission. In fact the last couple of missions has portals which are unavailable so there is even less portals than the creater originally planned.

But - do not be fooled to think this equates to a quick banner! By foot, this takes some time as there is quite some distance between portals.

I do like it on my scanner though.

   13-08-2019 21:09
Great banner - I loved doing this one!

I enjoyed exploring the area. The banner takes you past lots of lovely eateries, off the beaten track, and you even pass through Regents Canal at one point.

Each mission is relatively short and I completed the whole thing in just over 1.5 hours.

If I must nit pick, you need a heat sink between banner 6 and 7, and there is a bit of unnecessary road crossing at the end, but it wasn’t too big a deal.

Some portals are in parks that close at dusk.

Strongly recommend though.

   12-08-2019 21:29
I’ve never done a banner with no hacks before, so that was interesting.

The passphases were easy - very basic arithmetics. Oddly, quite a few times the answers came up as incorrect, and I couldn’t move on, however when I restarted the app it then worked, so that must have been an issue with Prime rather than the banner.

I needed to refer to Mosaik a couple of times to find out where the next mission started. The next mission was not always next to where you finished the previous one - and because there are so many missions in Aylesbury now it wasn’t easy to find the next one on the list.

Complete in any order, so I might not have taken the most efficient route, however the banner was very quick so it didn’t matter much.

TOF Aylesbury
   11-08-2019 22:34
Relatively quick banner for the number of missions, however this banner does reuse portals and there is some doubling back on areas you think you have already finished.

Ministry of Funny Walks
   10-08-2019 8:50
Very quick banner to do! Pleased to have this on my scanner at last.

A Frog About Town
   05-08-2019 20:28
Well thought out banner taking you through the West End of London and finishing in Kings Cross. Opportunity for lots of window shopping in first part!

I did it all in one and have aching feet now.

Puerto de la Cruz
   11-04-2019 15:22
Enjoyable banner which took me through the lovely area of Puerto de la Cruz - finishing at the beach.

Hemel Hempstead Explorer
   30-03-2019 22:33
Straightforward banner. No complaints.

Soho Rainbow
   22-03-2019 21:47
Never done a banner with so many waypoints. However very quick to do and I like the image.

X-Faction Mission Art
   05-03-2019 20:09
Relatively quick to do.

Was surprised that there were a few portals that were in the preceding mission so you will need some heat sinks.

Mission was complete in any order, so I probably didnt take the most efficient route!

Energy Core
   04-03-2019 19:54
Straightforward banner, which allowed me to get a number of uniques in back streets I had not been down before. Quite busy at the start (Kings Cross) and finish (Camden Town). A few of the portals were located in parks that close at dusk so daytime is best for this one.

   01-03-2019 22:21
My first banner. I really enjoyed it.

#IngressFS Chesham Feb2019
   01-03-2019 22:11
Agree with the creater, a pleasant banner and a nice momento of my first First Saturday.

High Wycombe
   01-03-2019 22:06
Good banner. I did this early on a Sunday morning and the town was deserted so I was able to do this at pace. I imagine on a busy shopping day it would take a bit longer due to pedestrians and traffic.

Some steep hills at the end - good for a cardio work out!

The Cake is a Lie
   01-03-2019 21:57
Managed the whole banner on one lunch break - so great! And the image is growing on me even though I don’t understand how it relates to the title or the area. I am sure someone will enlighten me though.

   01-03-2019 21:50
Enjoyable banner taking you round a redeveloped part of Kings Cross. Quite interesting.

My mobile reception was quite poor in the Kings Cross station area, which made it take a little longer than it should have.

Riddle Me This
   01-03-2019 21:45
The riddles made this quite different to the banners I usually do, so I did enjoy this. Google is very handy if you have time pressure!

Agree with DrDimebar re you need to input exact passphrases, but it wasn’t a big struggle. I don’t think it was case sensitive.

Ingress Audio Player
   01-03-2019 21:39
This was fine. I had to keep checking mosaic for the correct order of the missions though as they are not numbered.

The Great A Tuin
   01-03-2019 21:34
Really pleased to have this banner on my profile. I did enjoy doing this too. Each mission is quite short, so the whole banner didn’t take as long as I expected it too.

Occasionally struggled with reception in the Kings Cross area, which is down to my network I think.

Agree with the comments regarding the Waypoint on mission 11. Luckily after walking around for a bit I worked out that I was able to walk into a shop (and feign interest in some very expensive teapots at the back of the shop) to get on top of the waypoint. For this reason I am glad I did this during the day.

London Eye
   01-03-2019 21:19
I liked this banner, very straightforward in a buzzy part of London. The tourists do slow you down around the London Eye though!

Aylesbury BRO
   01-03-2019 21:11
For only 6 missions this took a long time to complete. It is better done with a car.