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   16-08-2017 21:04
Easy to complete. I ran through it in about an hour and twenty minutes. Each pass phrase is the number of the next mission, it makes it much easier to keep track of where you are with the pass phrase reminder. It's 1,2,3,4 and so on. It is not I, II, III, IV. Each mission starts in the last pass phrase portal, so be sure not to hack the last one of each mission.. unless you have HS. Cool picture, fun way to see the canal and Utrecht.

Futebol Clube do Porto
   13-08-2017 16:24
Nice walk around Lisbon. Not too hard to complete on foot. No complaints.

Pele the Fire Goddess Mosaic
   13-08-2017 16:14
I walked this whole thing... wouldn't recommend walking it. It took a long time, a bike would have been a better idea. It was easy other than the walk. Takes you through a mall area at the end. Not sure if it's open at night. There are a couple hills but nothing too crazy. Great picture.

Città Eterna
   13-08-2017 16:06
I liked it, there were some parts up steep hills and behind some buildings. Was pretty easy to walk through. Made for nice memories of Rome. Got to see a lot of famous statues and buildings.

Zagreb skyline
   13-08-2017 16:01
Easy mosaic and took me to some cool parts of town. Glad I did it, got to see a lot more of the city than I would have otherwise.

Marienplatz SPIDERWEB
   13-08-2017 15:58
This was a huge pain in the ass. It's the same six or seven portals. First mission is hack, then second is link. It keeps going hack then link for 12 missions. So you need lots of HS and MH. I'd recommend glyph hacking everything so you have a lot of keys. It took me two days and around 5 Jarvis. Nice area to walk around and cool picture, but damn. Had to work for this one.

Ad Astra
   13-08-2017 15:51
Super easy to do in a couple hours walking. You double back at the end of the street and go back over some portals.

Via Noir - Darkside Of XM
   13-08-2017 15:48
Great mosaic. My only issue was drift. It was really bad with T-Mobile.

Windy City
   13-08-2017 15:45
Nice trip around downtown. Only 4K but took me a lot of extra time due to drift. I walked the whole thing. I have T-Mobile. It was a pain in the ass with my provider. Awesome picture and good layout of mosaic though.

Solar Eclipse-Water
   13-08-2017 15:42
Did this one in 2 and a half hours I think, maybe 3. The beginning takes you around and through a mall. May need to get out of car for those portals. Easy trip around that area then ends in Fullerton. Love the picture :)

Discover Auckland
   08-08-2017 0:51
This was a long ass mission to walk. Took at least six hours. I love it though. Looks dope in my scanner

Another Galaxy Purple Planets
   28-07-2017 9:21
Starting at Mission 13 you have to go into the zoo. Can not do after 6pm. Other than that I liked it a lot and the picture is great.