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Fun mission, that's easily doable on foot.

Although it's a capture/upgrade mission, beware that it does include a number of hacks: Avoid hacking the LAST portal in each mission until you've started the next mission. For a number of missions the capture of the previous mission is followed by a hack of the same portal for the next mission. I had to use a couple of heatsinks to avoid waiting ;-)

GPS drift was a bit annoying at times, but I managed to get to all the portals in the end.

Mission is easiest to do outside office hours, as during office hours you'll find some ingress players are heavily guarding their deskies...

Kalamunda Gumnuts
   18-11-2017 11:19
Mission 1-2 are a lovely walk along Stirk Park.
I'd advice doing missions 3-6 by car as the portals are a good distance apart and include some steep hill climbs.
There is visitor parking at the Council gardens (#7), if you want to walk around.
Mission 10 can only be done on foot, and should NOT be done after dark. You can't take a bicycle along the trail, so bring a lock along to chain this up. You can park your car near the Library and walk to Mission 10 start point and complete mission 10-12 on foot easily.
For those unable to walk the bush track: The mission banner is designed so that you can do just missions 1-6 and still have a nice looking banner.

Niantic Mission Day Sydney
   22-05-2017 14:02
Love the mission banner. The mission itself is a little annoying at times due to the long distances between portals, in some cases almost a kilometre. GPS drift and work on Sydney Lightrail in the CBD meant I probably took longer than most would to do this mission, as did work on the ANZAC memorial (which meant one portal was almost unreachable, I had to stand in a tiny corner against fencing to hack it). All in all from first (9.30am) to last portal (5.30pm), this mission took me 8hrs. Definitely recommend wearing the best possible footwear you've got for this one. it's a LOT of walking, including up and down hills :)
I enjoyed seeing LOTS of Sydney... I now know there is a canon under the Harbour bridge :) ... and as the previous commenter said... Amen to finally finishing this one :)

West Terschelling Sunset Banner
   12-04-2017 17:50
Would recommend doing this mission partially on foot (first mission, and some of the later missions which are based around the city centre). Was nice to discover some locations around West I'd not visited previously, e.g. the WWII bunkers area. Only comment I'd make is that the mission series includes quite a few duplicate portal visits, resulting especially during the later part of the mission, in walking around the same streets in town multiple times. Time wise I'd say the estimate times listed to complete this mission on foot or bicycle are on the short side. (But then I might just be out of practice when it comes to cycling LOL).

Boatshed Bike Ride
   03-04-2017 6:32
Fun mission, and great banner!
Most of the mission can be completed on pushbike, riding safely along cycling paths. There's a small part (last five portals of mission #4) that doesn't run along cycling paths (I ended up walking that bit).

Fremantle Exploration
   02-04-2017 21:28
Fun mission, that takes you to the best parts of Fremantle. Each mission follows onto the next missions seamlessly, making it an easy mission to complete.

Royal Delft
   02-04-2017 21:23
Great mission that really takes you past historical buildings and beautiful sight-seeing locations. Starting close to the training station, made it a great mission to complete on foot, easy to have a meal/coffee break roughly half way. Loved how it takes you through some lane ways and alleys.

Als een ex-pat, altijd leuk om naar mijn oude stekkie te komen, en een stukje Nederlandse historie te bezoeken. Missies sluiten goed op elkaar aan, en met start punt bij station Delft, allemaal perfect te lopen. En natuurlijk terrasje pakken tussendoor.

Leidenpool - richting Noord
   02-04-2017 21:17
Great tour of Leiden. There's a few areas where I found myself struggling a bit to find the best way to the next portal, including having to backtrack. I'd recommend doing at least the first half of the mission by bicycle. I did the second half on foot as completed this mission on a Saturday, when there's farmers markets in town.

Gezellige trip door Leiden. Aan te raden om de eerste missies met de fiets te doen. Het is af en toe wel lastig om te zien hoe je bij de volgende portal moet komen, maar de missies sluiten wel goed op elkaar aan. Met de markt op zaterdag en dicht bijelkaar zijn van de portals in tweede gedeelte is dat goed te voet te doen.

   02-04-2017 19:52
Enjoyable mission that takes you to some of Rotterdam's amazing landmarks and locations. Easy to complete on foot. Love the mission banner :)

Leuke wandeling, waarbij de missies goed op elkaar aansluiten.