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Abaddon Colors Amsterdam
   13-05-2019 18:57
Did this banner after the Mission Day in Amsterdam. The banner is a walk on the MDSN area. It is a little banner but if you are in a wheelchair then I would not advice this banner. The only part that could be better is the start of the first mission. You start and walk down and have to walk back to the staring point and than the next mission can be started. If the first mission would go the other way around it would be perfect. But never the less a very nice banner to walk and a colorful picture in your scanner as a nice reward.

Vesting Banner
   14-04-2019 17:23
Very nice banner through bunkers and old defence works.The route of the banner is logical. We walked around 3 hours. It is an adventures banner with many stairs in it. So people who have difficulty with climbing and stairs should think twice.

And the Leaves Came Tumbling Down
   14-10-2018 11:00
I have walked this banner in Maassluis. It starts and ends at Maassluis station, unfortunately the train doesn't go to Maassluis so you have to get there by bus. It is so wonderful that the maker thinks about visitors that come by publictransport.

I am a slow walker so it took me about 5 hours to complete this banner. It was a fine walk through the city center and than through a new part of the city to get to the water calles de nieuwe waterweg. I have seen a part of the industrialsite and then bavk in to the old town. In the citycentre as in the old town paivements can be very small and roads can be narrow. The scenery is really changing throughout the banner. I liked that very much.

It was a wonderful day in the fall that i have walked this banner. The picture in the scanner has an autum theme. There are not many banner that have this theme. A beautiful picture appears in your scanner when you've finished.

Top marks for the maker of this banner because she is the only one who lets you know until when the banner will be online. So if you would like to do it you can plan it.

So for me it is a 5 star banner. I had a great time doing this one. Thank you Charretje.

Historisch Bergen op Zoom
   26-08-2018 10:25
This banner takes you through the old town of Bergen Op Zoom and shows you the most beautiful areas of the town centre. It starts and ends at the trainstation. If you are out of the station you'll find in this banner a few steps/stairs but not a lot. In the last mission you'll walk through a park a tree has grown over the footpath but you can walk around it and the portal is hackable. The banner is logical and the missions can be done quickly. Because of the old center and the missions are close to oneanother the banner can be best done on foot. Do not forget to enjoy the ever changing scenery or use the Tardis of Dr. Who that will appear in your scanner at the end of this banner.

Hunebedden Havelte
   26-08-2018 9:36
This is a banner that shows a part of Dutch history. As well as the Schaapskooi where sheep are kept and objects of the Second World War it shows one of the very early parts of Dutch history where the Klokbeker people (named after the vases they made) lived and especially the place where they burried their deceased. These graves are called Hunebedden. You'll visit two of the most beautiful ones and learn more what happend to our cultural heritage.
The banner goes up a hill twice and its not paved everywhere and it has "stairs". It is a banner that you should do on foot and you can walk it 24/7. I have enjoyed this banner. Hope you do too.

Schiedams Cultuur
   24-07-2018 19:50
At 24 th July I walked this banner. I was a nice walk through Schiedam. We saw lots of cultural building and historic sites. So this banner deserves it's name. All portals can be hacked at anytime. It starts and ends at a publictransport stop that's a great bonus. The banner is logically made! It is a five start banner. I had a great time doing this banner. Hope you do too.

Oostpoort Banner
   24-07-2018 19:40
I walked this banner at 25th July 2018. This banner is a walkbanner. The banner can be done but there are buildingsite in Delft.

At the last mission the last 3 portals can not be reached because of a big buildingsite but if you walk at the other site of the canal you can hack them. A great banner to discover the beautiful site of Delft. Have fun doing this banner.

2 Den Haag de weduwe van Indië
   08-05-2018 22:49
It's an enjoyable banner. I did it in apr. 4 hours but i am a slow walker. It takes you through the old centre of The Hague, the Palace and the garden and the embassies. It ends in the city centre. For me it's a 5 star banner. The only thing is that the palacegarden is only open during the day but even the bannermaker put in this warning in the banner. I liked the variation between hacking, answering question and concering or upping a portal. The picuture in the scanner is very nice too. Just go and do this one :)

Huygens Banner
   05-05-2018 11:53
The first banner I have done when i started playing Ingress. It's a banner through Voorburg. You'll see the most beautiful parts, mansions of Voorburg and parcs. Nearly all the portals of Voorburg are in this banner. I did it on foot and by bike. It's well designed.
Do not forget to enjoy the walk. A five star banner for me this one.

A banner for an Ingress player with children. Who haven't got much time and still would like a pretty picture in the scanner. A well designed banner through a park with a small playground. In 30 minutes the banner is done. a 5 star banner.

He brings back the soul
   05-05-2018 11:07

This was a nice banner to walk. You get a tour through the old city centre of Rijswijk( a part of The Hague). On your way you see old houses, beautiful mansions, old ctiy walls. I have enjoyed very much. The picture that the banner shows in your scanner has a story to it. For me a 5 star banner.

Kinda Creepy
   24-02-2018 11:58
The banner is quite straight forward. I did this banner on bike. It took me about 6 hours to complete it (but I'm not a fast biker) The first and last 6 missions are in quiet surroundings, the middle 6 missions are in a busy area with traffic (cars, bikes, trams, pedestrians). It is a hackbanner only. Ypenburg contains lots of small bridges. After a while the question disappears if you like the mission. At the last mission the last portal is the adelaar (the eagle) not the jagershuisje (hunterscottage). When you've hacked the adelaar you've completed the banner. It was fun to do.