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From Gothenburg With Love
   27-04-2019 9:52
You get a good feel of the city with this easy to do banner.

Nice one @adajad

Pawie oko
   11-07-2017 17:19
I also fell foul of the no riding of bikes rule in the parks! Be careful some of the park (police) had guns! It's a really good looking banner and I enjoyed all aspects of the ride and walks. Great job MISStakes!

Uppsala Cathedral
   11-07-2017 17:08
You will be awarded a fine banner after this walk around Uppsala. It's a lovely city to explore and MatrixRoot has a done a great job showing it off. Cheers!

Far from the glass towers of central Warsaw this was an enjoyable stroll through Praga. New Bohemian feeling in parts and an interesting look at some very old buildings in other parts combined with housing from the 70's and present day modern apartments. I hope someone will make a new banner for this area after the 30th of September!

Mosaico de Cartagena
   21-09-2016 10:03
This a great way of seeing Cartagena. There are lots of other portals in this splendid historical city to boost your unique stats!