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Goudse herfstbanner 2018
   20-09-2018 14:50
Leuke wandeling, en leuk thema zo! :) Bedankt voor deze nieuwe banner Guype007
Tip: neem je ov kaart mee voor de eerste missies, je moet door het station heen lopen.

Rotterdam is in my Heart
   31-08-2018 22:37
Goed in elkaar gezette banner die je meeneemt langs een aantal van de mooiste stukjes van Rotterdam.

He brings back the soul
   18-04-2018 19:24
Nice banner, 1:45 hrs

Hipster cat NL
   11-03-2018 22:40
No useless turns. No ends of missions in places where it’s impossible to stop. No having to get out of the car at all. Heaps and heaps of upv and uc. Took me a bit over 3 hours without rushing. Conclusion: best car banner ever. Thanks!

   24-02-2018 22:02
After grijzesik reassured me that in fact all 12 missions are online, and not just 8 like mosaic says, today I finally did this banner. By car, and getting out a few times it took me about 2 hours. Thanks for another fine banner.

Chinese Blossom
   23-02-2018 21:13
Nice banner, too bad the city really isn’t worth looking up from your scanner. 1:45 hrs

   23-02-2018 21:05
Not a fan of cargress, but the cute pics made me want this one anyway. I had some trouble with my network so I had to make some u-turns and park the car at odd places... All in all a very nice way to make a banner in an area with low portal density.

#MissionProjectDOG2018 NL-Naaldwijk
   23-02-2018 20:55
Did this one in the weekend of Chinese New Year. Very well made banner in a park that is worth visiting. Since everything was already the right colour, no caps but perfect for 2 rounds of farming.

   09-02-2018 19:13
Easy banner, took about 1,5 hour by car. I love the picture! The owner was very helpful too, thanks! ;)

Van Gogh Trial
   14-01-2018 16:51
Nice walk and nice picture. Glad I got to do this one before it went offline.

Day of the Dead viva la Mexico
   22-09-2017 10:48
Nice banner. Thanks Lancewood for making this