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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Religie in Zwijndrecht, Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht en HJD 18 Der Reihe nach Een tocht langs alle (voormalige) religieuze gebouwen en kerken in Zwijndrecht, Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht en Heerjansdam
2 Rondje rond de Devel 16 Der Reihe nach Ronde rond het Develpark in Zwijndrecht met aansluitend een bezoek aan de Munnikensteeg, allen gelegen rond De Devel in Zwijndrecht
Amsterdam Animals
   09-03-2019 19:20
Nice banner, indeed to some of the not busy streets in the center of Amsterdam, finishes at the Dam square in the city center.

Aquanura Banner
   13-09-2018 20:40
Mission 4 has a strange 5th portal which is about 500 meters away from portal 4. After hacking portal 5, you have to walk back again about 500 meters for the last hack!

At this moment, it is not possible to complete mission 24!!! One of the portals at the square is unreachable due to work in progress and is behind fences (13/09/2018)

010 Euromast Banner
   10-07-2018 5:35
Completed this banner today, did it three parts on bike.

I want to give a warning for three missions because of construction sites. I was lucky I was able to complete them, you have to make use of some drifting of the scanner in order to complete these missions.
Mission 20, portals 5 & 6 are behind fences. I was able to slip on to the site because they were making some kind of movie overthere and was 'allowed' to do my thing promissing not to go to far.
Mission 21 portal 2, the portal is really on the edge of your play circel so you have to see the portal comes inrange for the hack.
Mission 76 There are two waypoints almost in the middel of a large construction side, I lost quite some time before I was able to visit the waypoints. For portals 5 you also have to pay some patience because it is behind a fence.

Overall a nice banner which shows you a great part of Rotterdam.

Exploring Western Neuss
   22-10-2017 20:02
With 6 agents comming from the Drechtsteden area near Rotterdam in Holland, we did this beautifull banner mission yesterday. Tired afterwards but glad we successfully finished the large banner in Neus we can look back at a very nice trip.

Afterwards we went to Düsseldorf for some great burgers and drinks at Buttershacker near Hauptbahhof Dusseldorf (tip!)

Come and join us at the Mission Day in Dordrecht, November 19th. http://www.missiondaydordrecht.nl/

We have a lot of beautifull banners too :-)

Green Heaven
   17-10-2017 22:42
Another nice banner from Paris. Thanks.

The Eiffel Tower Banner
   04-10-2017 12:49
I did the missions spread over two evenings, partly using a Vélib bike (tip!) because of the length of the total banner.

You start at the base of the Eiffel Tower so be aware of access restrictions at the gate, no soda cans allowed for example. You have to stay in queue for the sucurity check but access is free. After hacking the first portal at the Eiffel Tower base, you will leave the promisses quickly and the start walking around thru Paris.

All protals can be reached without any problem. If you have the time available I certainly suggest to do this nice banner.

I am not sure you can access the Eiffel Tower base after, let's say 23:00 hrs. I don't know if there is a closure later in the night.

Deventer Tour
   17-09-2017 16:45
Nice banner thru the old city of Deventer. Begins and ends at the central station. Good to do by foot, not all locations are convenient with a bike because of pedestrians walking/shopping in the center.

   21-04-2017 22:41
The first mission leads to some kind of sports park. At the entrance, there are fences, don't know if they will be closed at some time in the evening.

I walked all missions and it appears to me not all routes to the portals are in the most efficient way. Some missions are in sequence, some are not.

It took me quit some time to complete but it is anyway a nice banner to complete.

   23-03-2017 7:17
Nice banner in Clichy. You have to be aware that the first mission will force you to walk aroud again to the other side of the housing block at/after portal 4. There is currently a building location that blocks the road that is normally there. From portal 5 to 6 you have to walk to the other side of the block again. Good for your tracker badge though :-)

Champs Elysées et Arc de Triomphe
   01-02-2017 9:12

Both missions can be done without any disturbances or portals behind fences and so on. When you go with Metro to Line 8 (invalides) you are very near the first portal. Nice to walk over the Champs Elysées.

Walking Castle
   18-01-2017 23:19
Nice banner mission, lots of portals in close range that aren't touched by the mission. All portals can be easyly reached. Did this walking and took me about two and a half hour mainly because of capturing for uniques.

Opponents but not enemies
   26-10-2016 21:43
Keep in mind that mission 19 needs to be finished before 19:00 hrs due to closing of the gate. If not there in time, mission 10 is not possible to complete.

Port ooens at 08:00 or at last 09:00. This differs on the season.

Géode de la Villette
   30-09-2016 19:41
Nice mission thru this beautiful location in Paris. The Géode and Submarine are very nice to see. Questions in English can be answered easily.

   15-09-2016 13:29
Keep in mind that two of the portals (Birdhouse and Carlo Goldoni) in mission 22-24 are not accessable after 19:30 and before 08:00 hrs.