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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Where do the planes go? 12 Der Reihe nach this mission brings you to the airports south entrance. They can be nicely followed whilst approaching from the south.
2 Hamburg Airport Race 20 Der Reihe nach Eine Runde um den Hamburger Flughafen. Wenn man diese Mission von Auto aus macht muss man nur nach dem Tunnel einmal Austeigen und am Ziel-Waypoint. Alle Portale sind ohne probleme erreichbar.
3 Stadtpark NO einmal um den See 17 Der Reihe nach Ein Spaziergang um den Stadtparksee Norderstedt
4 SE-PI far nothern route 24 Beliebig Appoaching Pinneberg from the other side
5 HAM-MUC Shuttle 6 Beliebig Hamburg or Munich: The never ending city rivalry. Which one would you choose?
6 Waiting for DS 7 Der Reihe nach If you have time to kill and you need to earn the calories, secure the area around -mexico-. Lock and load!
7 Auffe Langenhorner 16 Beliebig Straight through down the Langenhorner Chaussee
8 the last jetfoil HKG-Macau 01B/06 from/to Taipa 6 Beliebig Depending on direction of travel, complete 01/06 and 06/06 in opposite order from Macau: start with mission 01/06 end with 06/06 From HKG: start with 06/06 -then 02-03-04-05/06 end with 01/06
9 Runde Fuhlsbüttel 12 Der Reihe nach A short trip roude the westsern part of Fuhlsbüttel
10 TA LA Hoch 17 Der Reihe nach A qick zip up the Tangstedter Landstrasse
11 HAM-FRA Shuttle 5 Beliebig This route is the most flown route within Germany. From the main german port city in to the finance capital in Hesse.
12 Cross-Norderstedt Strassenvermeidung 27 Der Reihe nach Sie beginnt an der U-Bahn Norderstedt Mitte und geht über Stationen Richtweg bis Garstedt. Portale liegen abseits Strassen, dass sie zu Fuss oder per Fahrrad am Besten erreichbar sind.
13 Garstedter Runde -Klein- 8 Der Reihe nach Einmal die 32!. Kleine Runde um Garstedt
14 Time to kill next to the airport 13 Beliebig A short trip just next to the airport. Past the old Prison. On foot for about an hour
15 AEZ Rundgang 6 Beliebig Einmal ums Alstertal Einkaufszentrum im Norden Hamburgs
16 Damrider 6 Beliebig Take the train over to Westerland or vv. over the Hindenburgdam
17 TA LA runter 16 Der Reihe nach down back the Tangstedter Landstrasse
18 SE-PI northern route 8 Beliebig When the road works start again, its time to look for the alternate routes
19 Warsaw Connection 6 Beliebig As the eastern routes get all the more frequented. Join in!
20 Um den Herold 13 Der Reihe nach Once around the Shopping centre and surroundings. Best done by foot.
21 Pack your bags and dash off to the airport 7 Beliebig Will you catch your flight?
22 SE-PI Express 16 Der Reihe nach A nice drive to the next county city limits
23 Garstedter Runde -Gross- 23 Der Reihe nach Einmal die große Runde um Garstedt drehen
24 Kleine Stadtparkrunde 13 Der Reihe nach
The Night Grow Dark In Macau
   13-10-2018 10:29
The picture is a very nice souvenir for the scanner. This mosaik run is only on the main Island of Macau. It also takes you through the colonial era parts, which, apart from traffic noise, are very interesting to take in.
For the late night traffic avoidance mosaic'ers among you, keep an eye out for the opening times of the parks. A good way to deal with them is to time your way to finish mission 3 just before closing time, then follow though to finish mission 20. Then continue next morning with Mission 21 when the Camoes Park reopens and the air is.... not fresh, but "more fresh" than in the evening

Taipei 101
   13-10-2018 10:02
Walking aroung the tower 4 times, at first the traffic guard at the underground parking entrance thought we got lost, but later I think he just thought we were mad. Although the walk was weird, the Picture as a souveneir from or trip was worth it.

Good ol boys
   13-10-2018 9:48
Hatte mir ein Bikesharing Fahrrad geholt. In einer lauen Sommernacht gings mit dem Strassenverkehr. So regelverachtend wie in Berlin Fahrrad gefahren wird, fällt es dann auch nicht auf wenn man sich als nicht Berliner sich den örtlichen Gepflogenheiten anpasst. "When in Rome...."
Die -fiese- Frage, von der hier die Rede ist, fand ich rückblickend eigendlich ganz witzig. Als ich davor stand wie Ochs vorm Berg geriet ich doch etwas ins Grübeln.

Sowjetisches Ehrenmal
   10-10-2018 14:32
Auch wenn man es aus versehen falsch drin hat, einfach nochmal andersrum spielen. In 30min hat man es ja durch.

Colored Malta
   13-05-2018 8:37
Doesnt seem to work anymore. No Missions to be found at the first few portals

   24-01-2017 15:55
Nice walk through the area, no huge hurdles to be mastered.
Got into a bit of a lark with the local frogs whilst walking through the office park in Mission 4. A few of them seem to work there, and flipped the fully modded L8 (capture or upgrade) seconds before I arrived. Daring one of them to come outside and meet me, nearly sparked a local crossfraction row, because one frog showed some sportsmanship, came out to get me out of the mess I was in. Stil grateful for his help...

Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg
   30-05-2016 13:47
If you want to see every aspect of Hamburg, these are the missions to do. if you take a car, try and do it in the late evening or at night because of traffic. The old Ebtunnel which one can only pass on foot during the nightime hours, will be an eery treat. Theres always some other pedestrian down there with you so no need to be scared. ;-)

To boldly go
   30-05-2016 13:40
One of the easiest Mosaiks I have done. A nice stroll through town. If youre in a hurry, take a bike. Otherwise soak in the tranquility of the city centre on foot

Febo Experience Tour
   30-05-2016 13:36
At the end of the day it was a really long walk. Would I repeat these missions I would definately take a bike. For all the FeboFans out there, be aware that they open around 1100-1130. So an early morning trek is not the best approach to these missions if you want to get rid of all your coppers ;-)