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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Edvin's Grind 47 Beliebig There are 47 artsy portals along Edvininpolku... Can you follow in the footsteps of Edvin Hevonkoski and capture them all?
2 Walking Circles in Törnävä 8 Beliebig Visit the scenic park of Törnävä.
3 Vaasa #IngressFS 15 Beliebig Tämä missio johdattaa hyville pelipaikoille Vaasan ensimmäisessä First Saturday -tapahtumassa. This mission will lead you to some good places to play during the first ever FS event in Vaasa.
4 Auringon lapsi 8/18 6 Beliebig This mission series starts in the university campus, goes through a graveyard and around the city. Length of the mission series is about 20 km. Bicycling recommended.
5 The Art Snob 13 Beliebig Some people think that abstract art is not art at all... Get in touch with your inner hipster and make up your mind by visiting some aesthetically pleasing portals around Vaasa and Mustasaari.
Jyväskylä Tourist Banner
   02-03-2019 21:46
Took less than one hour to complete the banner with random First Saturday walkings.

FS UMEÅ 2nd feb 2019
   29-01-2019 8:25
1,5 hours by walking.