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   10-06-2018 10:40
Quick and easy walk from S-Beusselstraße to S-Jungfernheide. I completed the mosaik in 1:25, straying from the path only a few times. The complaint from a previous comment here has apparently been addressed, because all portals are easily reachable and the pathing is clear throughout.

There are two passphrases in the game, both of which could have been left out without any loss to the player.

Friedrichshain Nord
   27-12-2017 15:53
A nice walk around what is known as the Nordkiez, i.e. the Northern part of the borough of Friedrichshain. Not much else to say, really. There is a visit to a small park around the middle of the series, so you might want to do the series in daylight. Also, there is a roadblock in mission 12, which means that you need to walk back around the block. Annoying, but it does not impact the reachability of portals.

XF Katze
   27-12-2017 14:49
An interesting walk through the far North East of Berlin. There exists a German term, "Plattenbauromantik", which refers to the emotional attachment to growing up and living in areas of socialist, high-rise pre-fab concrete slab buildings. Few areas embody this kind of environment like this one does. As such, you'll have to pay close attention to gaps between buildings so that you can easily make out the entrances to parks and playground areas between buildings. Luckily, the recent switch from Google Maps to Openstreetmap means that these kinds of paths are marked much more clearly in the scanner.

I'd recommend to do this series in daylight. The main reason for that is that in the middle of the series you will be directed along some pathways which are difficult to navigate without a clear view ahead.

   24-12-2017 17:01
Very easy to do, in under an hour if you are a quick walker, and with a very nice and colourful banner. The question at the end can be answered with a bit of quick googling.

The most exciting thing about this series is that it does not exist.

Enlightened Berlinomaly
   06-11-2017 17:33
Easier to run in the first half; the second half seems to leave out more portals than the first half, and also loops onto itself once at the end. But none of these things are real issues. Good pathing throughout and excellent sightseeing.

Berlin Pride 2017
   13-08-2017 11:37
A quick and fairly easy mosaic, starting in the front of Kranzlereck at Kurfürstendamm, leading you via Nollendorfplatz, Hofjägerallee, and Siegessäule all the way to Brandenburger Tor.

There is a lot more to hack here than is included in the missions. The pathing is really good and shows that the mission creators have experience not just in creating missions, but also in running them.

Make sure you don't take a bicycle on a busy weekend. A tourist-filled Kurfürstendamm can be an absolute pain to navigate with anything other than just yourself. Also, there is a construction site at Lützowplatz (as of August 2017). It appears inaccessible, but it turns out that you can reach all required portals easily from the outside.

My only negative comment about this series would concern the passphrases. I fear that the mission creators missed an opportunity here to make sure that the player knows that they are following the route of the Berlin Pride march. It feels like a lost opportunity to convey the sense of following the route of the Berlin Pride march, given that the whole point is to follow the route of the Berlin Pride march.

Angel Sword and Light
   05-08-2017 17:00
This missions series is ... extensive. Many local agents consider this to be one of the worst mosaics in town, and I would tend to agree.

First, there is a lot of ground to cover. That is not a bad thing per se, but unfortunately it's unclear which kind of transport you should use. You could try using your car, but the missions will lead you down various one-way streets in the wrong direction, and it will force you to get our of your car in various places. That would be tedious, to say the least. You could walk, but you'll have to do that for more than 75km, with loong distances between some of the portals. I used my bicycle, and that kind of worked. Be prepared for some stretches of rough ground, though, including ancient cobblestones, and for quite a few cases where you have to change to the other side of some very busy main roads. Oh, and the one-way streets.

The arrangement of paths is infuriating, to say the very least. There are many occasions where you'll have to change directions, find the next portal after half a kilometer, and then turn around again to walk back to where you just came from. The longest distance between two portals that I can remember was 1.4km. Yes, that is actually possible in Berlin. Some missions in the series are very quick indeed, while others seem to go on forever. There does not seem to be any overall design concept in that regard.

This is certainly a series that you have to work for. I suggest that you avoid it, unless you are a collector of local mosaics.

Wanderer am Weltenrand
   03-07-2017 17:38
An extensive tour specifically designed for cargressing. Easily doable on a bicycle, however, if you can cope with a few very short hill climbs in some of the areas later on. You probably don't want to do the series on foot, because of the low portal density in some places. The cargressness of the series also means that you'll move along (and sometimes, cross) some very large roads, which can be somewhat unpleasant. The few loops and backtracking aren't too annoying, and the beautiful mosaic is a great reward for your troubles, anyway.

The tour finishes in what feels like the middle of nowhere, but it's about 600m walking distance away from the entrance to the Botanischer Garten, so why don't you go and take a look there, too.

Botanischer Garten
   03-07-2017 17:27
I was the first player to complete this series according to my scanner, so here is my initial impression. This is a nicely laid out tour that will guide you along 100% of the portals in the gardens. Despite the setting the series is not barrier-free; especially towards the end of the first mission and into the second you'll have to move along very rough, pebbley paths.

Other than that it's very recreational, and you should really lift your nose from your scanners here. Mission six duplicates parts of mission one, but that's only because there aren't enough portals to fill six missions with unique portals.

Note that the park closes at 20:00 sharp. Entrance fee is €6 for adults, not including some of the exhibitions.

Special note as of July 2, 2017: because of the heavy rains, some parts of the park were still flooded and barred off. When you are approaching the Oriental Gazebo from the center of the garden, you can walk a wide-ish detour around the left-hand side and still reach the portal without having to cross any of the flooded areas.

The Sweet Unicorn
   19-06-2017 14:24
Easy and fairly quick given the number of portals visited. Take care to follow the advice from the owner: do not cross under the train line during mission 12, but take a left turn before it. You'll be able to reach the portal from there. At the beginning of mission 16, walk upstairs unto the station platform.

Zero UVs and UCs for me, but ... well, I live there ;-)

[OFFLINE] The Strong Unicorn
   07-06-2017 12:46
Leaves out some areas of Wilmersdorf while including others much further away from the Kudamm. I would consider cycling to be the best means of transport for this one. Not at all barrier-free, because of the way sidewalks are constructed in Wilmersdorf. 2 unique visits for me only, which made me sad, but that's not the fault of the creator of this series ;-)

   28-03-2017 12:27
Definitely one of the worst series in town. There is a lot of pointless backtracking not just between missions, but also within, sometimes even twice. Many portals are meant to be hacked multiple times, while many others aren't being touched even once.

The second or third mission requires the player to enter a courtyard, which might not be accessible at night time. The next to last mission is outright dangerous, because it takes the player across an enormously busy crossing of two wide roads. Twice. Which is an incredibly stupid thing to ask from people who you know are busy looking at their phones.

Avoid unless you are a collector.

Zürich Seebecken
   02-02-2017 17:55
There are a few things which are valuable to know here, especially when you aim to do this one at night. First, all the areas are actually accessible; when you find yourself in front of a large fence blocking your way into a park, you'll probably find that there is an open gate somewhere nearby

Second, the first and the last thirds of the series take place in parks. There is not a whole lot of light, and at least in winter the areas were largely devoid of humans, except for the occasional evening runners. The last few missions will lead you to what feels like the outskirts of town, but there are buses and trams and trains nearby to take you back to the center.

The middle part of the series takes you through the center of the city, which is fairly easy to navigate and which tempts you to divert into more portal-dense areas.

ZH by Night
   02-02-2017 17:45
Quick and short stroll around the inner city.

   20-01-2017 22:10
A quick series. If you want to avoid the issues faced by some of the commenters here regarding the perceived oddness of the missions' paths, I advise to do the series in the correct order, which is the reverse of what the mission owner has created. So you should actually start at F and finish at A. That will also give you an actually pretty version of the banner, rather than the warped thing that is displayed here.

Brauereien Prenzlauer Berg
   20-01-2017 16:59
An easy to run series. There is a bit of a gap between parts 2 and 3. It is advisable that you keep walking from the end of part 2 all the way to U-Senefelder Platz before searching for the next mission in your scanner, because there are so many Fernsehturm missions cluttering the list that you'll never discover the right mission before you are very close.

Also, be prepared for a couple of cases of being sent down a road for a single portal and then back again to continue the actual path.

Moabit Tiger
   16-01-2017 17:20
Fairly quick and easy series. All questions are in German.

Wedding March
   09-01-2017 18:31
I quite liked this series, mostly for the rather large number of unique captures it netted me. There are some detours just to include single portals. Sometimes it makes sense to take a peek two or three missions ahead to find out whether you can hack some of the portals not included in your current mission.

Overall, I enjoyed this series.

Unser schöner Rabenberg
   20-12-2016 12:05
68 hacks on 24 portals tells you what to expect. I am not a fan of walking in a circle numerous times for a mission series.

If you plan to combine this tour with any other nearby series you should make sure to bring a bunch of heat sinks, because there will be a lot of duplicate hacks. One of the portals in this series here already requires five hacks.

Berliner Bezirke
   20-12-2016 11:53
The series takes you to a representative or at least central part of each of the twelve Bezirke (boroughs) of Berlin. Sometimes, the tours from there are very short and sweet; sometimes, you'll need to go for a bit of a walk in areas of heavy car traffic. Overall, it might make sense to use the series as a starting point for unique hunting. This will draw out the completion, but help you with other badges,.

Note that there is no fixed order to the missions in the series.

Berlin 18er
   20-12-2016 11:24
Very quick and easy tour through a very central area of Berlin. Do not expect any interesting sightseeing, though, except maybe for Checkpoint Charlie.

The easiest way to reach the starting point is to take the U-Bahn to station Spittelmarkt.

   20-12-2016 11:21
There is a lot of ground to cover in this series; it might be a good idea to rely on a bicycle for this tour. Cargress might be possible during more quiet hours, but it would be necessary to leave the car in a number of places.

There is at least one portal on the campus of the Freie Universität (Ethnologisches Museum) which cannot be reached from the road after normal opening hours. It is possible to sneak around the building towards a back entrance, however. From there, lucky drifting helped me reach the portal.

The passphrases are mostly meaningless, and unfortunately need to be solved in German. Also note that the cemetery Waldfriedhof Zehlendorf, which holds around 40 portals, is not part of the series.

I amsterdam
   29-11-2016 15:21
Quick and easy series, with an unfortunate loop unto itself.

National Palace Of Culture
   29-11-2016 15:11
I completed this after the Mission Day missions in 2016. Together with the three other series that I completed I managed to get good coverage of the portals in the inner city. The National Palace of Culture serves as an interesting starting point for these missions leading through very busy (and some not so busy) areas of the inner city.

Sofia University
   29-11-2016 15:09
I completed this after the Mission Day missions in 2016. Together with the three other series that I completed I managed to get good coverage of the portals in the inner city. Among other places, this series covers a large park with a big memorial on one end.

   29-11-2016 15:08
I completed this after the Mission Day missions in 2016. Together with the three other series that I completed I managed to get good coverage of the portals in the inner city. Includes some nice and green park areas.

National Theatre
   29-11-2016 15:07
I completed this after the Mission Day missions in 2016. Together with the three other series that I completed I managed to get good coverage of the portals in the inner city.

Frankfurter Tor
   04-11-2016 13:48
Easy to complete in an hour if you are used to walk at a quick pace.

   17-10-2016 17:26
Very easy and pretty mosaic, running near Tauentzien and Zoologischer Garten. You need to enter the Europacenter at some point, where accessibility and data network reception might be issues. Also, the Europacenter is closed at night.

Die Dharma Initiative
   17-10-2016 17:10
Habe mir die Serie in zwei Teilen jeweils oben und unten als Zierborte an den Fernsehturm geklöppelt.

   17-10-2016 16:35
The banner is nice; the path is looping back onto itself a number of times, though. Towards the end, you'll get routed via not so nice areas, such as a large car park in an industrial area.

Green Heart Banner
   17-10-2016 16:05
The series leads you around areas to the North of the city center, which is quite refreshing. It sometimes feels like you are visiting the same areas multiple times, but the unique counter just keeps increasing ;-)

   17-10-2016 16:01
Great series, especially if you are looking for something that's a bit outside of the madness of the city centre.

Sowjetisches Ehrenmal
   17-10-2016 15:51
Einfache Serie im beeindruckenden Mahnmahl im Treptower Park. Barrierefrei durch die Rampen, wenn auch wahrscheinlich umständlich, weil die Wege nicht darauf abgestimmt sind.

Apropos. Wer die Missionen in der Reihenfolge 1-6 absolviert, hat einen schönen PCCC-Schriftzug im Profil. Die Serie muss also rückwärts abgelaufen werden. Allerdings ist die Wegführung auf 1-6 ausgelegt. Man läuft also einige Male kreuz und quer, bis man das korrekte CCCP im Profil stehen hat. Aber offentlich ändert der Missionsersteller das nicht, sonst habe ich die Serie plötzlich als PCCC im Profil ...

Festival of Lights 2016
   17-10-2016 15:46
War eine schöne, verteilte Serie. Teilweise weit auseinanderliegend, hat aber Spaß gemacht.

   10-10-2016 16:56
A quick series, which took me a surprisingly long time. But that's entirely my fault, I got sidetracked. I suppose four hours are actually doable when you are a quick walker. The passphrases are silly and could have been omitted.

Moabit Ost West
   10-10-2016 16:53
Quick mosaic through the Eastern and Western part of this Berlin area. Note that there is a separate mosaic for the South part.

MissionDay Berlin - (08-10-2016)
   10-10-2016 16:48
War mit den Öffentlichen innerhalb der Zeit am Mission Day gut schaffbar, wenn man gut zu Fuß ist.

Mindestens eine Mission (Schloß Charlottenburg) nicht nachts zugänglich.

Leeuwarden Tour
   30-08-2016 18:07
Covers a large part of the city and can be completed fairly quickly. I recommend to only hack what is requested, because sometimes the next mission loops back into the previous one, punishing you if you were too greedy. There was at least one portal (inside an office area set into a former prison) where I was very lucky to be briefly let inside on a Saturday evening. I think it is otherwise not accessible outside office hours.

The Great War
   30-08-2016 18:03
Erstaunlich weitläufiger, als man am Anfang denkt. Beginnt und endet nahe am Bahnhof. Einige Stellen und Straßen zwischendurch waren an einem Freitagabend etwas unangenehm einsam und verlassen. Zum Ende hin ist man in der Innenstadt mit Restaurants und Kneipen, was dafür dann wieder entlohnt.

Wolfsburg City Walk
   30-08-2016 18:01
Tour vom Bahnhof durch die Innenstadt, rauf zum Arboretum auf dem Rabenberg und wieder zurück. War mit dem e-bike flott und einfach absolviert. Leider ist das Motiv ausgesprochen hässlich.

Hack the castle Tour
   30-08-2016 17:58
Rundtour durch einen Stadtteil, der sich mir bisher nicht erschlossen hatte. Zum Ende hin leider viel doppelt, um die Anzahl der Missionen auf 18 auffüllen zu können.

Historic City Wall Dortmund
   30-08-2016 17:57
Eine Tour, die hält, was der Name und der Stadtplan versprechen. Die notwendigen Überquerungen der großen, vielspurigen Straße nerven manchmal.

Zwolle Tour
   25-08-2016 16:49
A nice place. The sightseeing is nice and I enjoyed the food ;-) The mission paths got a bit dull towards the end of the series, but overall, it's a good series.