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# Name Portale Aktion
1 The Legend of Kate M. Blood 6 Der Reihe nach Urban legends haunt the grave of Kate Blood (including alleged blood oozing from the family headstone), but few know the truth about the woman behind the legends. Explore history of Appleton, WI
2 Run...rabbit, run... 1 of 24 6 Beliebig Begin at 1,000 Island Nature Center in Kaukauna & explore the neighboring Fox Cities to complete a mission series depicting an alternate perspective of the Pink Floyd's iconic "Dark Side" album cover.
3 Kudzu 1 of 42 6 Beliebig Complete these missions to aid your team during Operation Kudzu, 2018 (and also a beautiful banner!) Begin near the Appleton/Kimberly border and travel through the Fox Valley of Wisconsin.
4 Wisconsin Ave 14 Beliebig Capture Wisconsin Ave in Appleton, WI to complete this mission.