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It ends at Peerkes
   03-01-2019 9:26
De Reeshof is een nieuwbouwwijk met pakweg 50.000 inwoners. Zoals Ruud4D al beschreef zijn hier weinig hoogculturele portals, maar wel veel speeltuintjes en social sofas. In deze wijk zijn maar een beperkte hoeveelheid aan gelegenheden om even wat te drinken of te eten. Dus een beetje planning is wel handig als je deze banner gaat lopen of fietsen, want hij neemt aardig wat tijd in beslag! Reken op zeker 5 uurtjes als je deze banner op de fiets doet en niet al teveel afwijkt van hacken.
De loop van deze banner is oké. Als ik het goed heb zit er een portal in die 2x bezocht werd. Ik heb de banner als niet 24 / 7 aangemerkt in mijn beoordeling omdat er 2 stukken bijzitten waarbij portals in de bossen aangedaan worden. En daardoor is deze banner minder rolstoelvriendelijk.
De banner is een foto uit de fanfilm / remake van de Duitse serie “Die phantastischen Abenteuer des Raumschiffes Orion” die in 1966 begon en daar zeer populair was.

   29-07-2018 13:53
Did this one on my electric kickscooter in about 3 hrs on a Sunday morning. Nice waypoints with info processed in the route, so that you learn a little about the city and some sightseeing points.
Route is not always perfectly logical and there are some sections which were passed earlier. Nonetheless the banner is worth the time.

Wrocławska Starówka
   13-01-2018 13:05
Banner is a nice walk through Wroclaw city center.
What is really annoying/stupid is that the first mission carries the banner name, but the following missions carry another name. Maybe the mission naming is logical for native Polish agents but I really lost a great deal of time trying to find the second mission. After having noticed this different name, all went smooth.

   08-01-2018 22:36
Nice banner through Wroclaw city center

BB8 Herrenhausen
   03-06-2017 0:40
The banner image is awesome.
The naming of each mission sucks to be honest and can cause that you pick the wrong next mission in the sequence. I had this happen to me due to reflection on my phone screen due to which I selected the 5th row (the one with letter e) instead of the 3rd row (the one with letter c). So had to redo a part.
Some missions have questions to which answers need to be given, and those are in German. So when you do not speak German, you have to find a way how to answer those. For those who speak German: the questions are related to the Portals and easy to answer, so no Star Wars knowledge required.

Was a nice walk through Hannover center area.

reeshof banner
   05-05-2017 10:27
This is a banner best to be done by bike.

Pražský hrad
   17-04-2017 18:10
Nice banner to walk.
Time to complete depends on waiting line to go through security at the castle.

MD Valencia
   09-04-2017 11:49
Did these missions during the Mission Day in 2017. Valencia is a very nice city to walk through, so the MD missions are not an exception to it.

   09-04-2017 11:46
Walked this banner on April 9th, 2017. Is a nice walk. Finding the first starting point is a little challenge as Google Maps are off by few hundreds of meters, so that map with streets does not match with the location you are walking (but this is the case in the whole of China).
You need to have a few heat sinks as there are a few portals double used in missions after each other (or you need to wait till next window has come for hacking).
2 hours and 35 minutes appears to be correct from the starting point.