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   21-09-2019 11:00
Thanks for the banner!
I have found routing is very important when making a banner. However, this one has room for improvement.
Bring heat sinks. 5.1, 5.6, 11.1, 11.6, 17.5 and 17.6 are all overlapping portals.
Even more jarring, after mission 13, you have to backtrack over 1km to get to the start of mission 14! This could have been avoided if the last five missions was where the banner started. This became more difficult because there are mandatory overpasses and underpasses you need to take to get there.
That's why there's a low score for the banner.

God Save the Queen Hong Kong
   04-09-2019 12:32
Thanks for the banner!
Some parts in the middle has stairs so not disabled friendly.
Theoretically, 24/7. However, it's much easier to do later missions to go throw buildings and malls during normal open hours.
Most of the route makes sense. However, portal 23.3 might have moved so you have to backtrack about 400m to get to it.

   01-09-2019 12:31
Thanks for the banner!
Love it when it starts and ends at a train station!
In fact, most of the time, you will be by the train route, so if you need to do it between a couple of days, it's easy to stop at most parts.

Thanks for the banner!
The first half will challenge your spatial awareness. Although the path seems straight, whenever you need to cross a road, it will be easier to take an overpass. Finding the way up to the overpass will be half the fun!
The next nine missions will be very easy. Following a major street with very little elevation change.
The final three missions will have you going up and down a few flights of stairs.
As in any downtown area, there will be lots of drift. Nothing impossible.
Some missions will pass through some malls making this not 24/7.
Do banner "God Save The Queen" after this to get the full picture.

   25-08-2019 5:56
Thanks for the banner!
The meaning behind the routing is nice. You will end up walking both sides of the Rambler Channel. However, the continuity of the route is bad. After you finish the first six missions, you will need to get to the other side. You can backtrack and walk across the bridge or try to find a minibus to take you across. In both cases, there's a huge gap in between the missions.
There are some construction areas but you can drift those portals.

BCIT Campus
   25-08-2019 3:44
Thanks for the banner!
As of this post, portals 1.2 and 1.3 are behind a construction area but they can still be hacked from the outside.
As stated by previous posts, heat sink portal 3.2.
Also stated by previous posts, mission 5 to 16 are hack with capture/upgrades. Try to deploy low resos and in a pinch, mods work as well!
Portal 17.2 is not handicap friendly. You'll either have to go through a grass field or via the building during normal opening hours.

Aug 2019 #IngressFS
   24-08-2019 8:37
Thanks for the banner!
Quick and relatively painless. Just a stroll around the top of Queen Elizabeth Park.

Thanks for the banner!
Passphrases are in English! Although easy, one of the answers is long so type carefully!
The routing for the first half is pretty straight forward and on flat ground but the second half gets harder fast! It feels like a dog seeing a squirrel. Each mission goes off in a different direction. Also, the second half is uphill with lots of stairs, so not very mobile challenged friendly.

   14-08-2019 23:43
Thanks for the banner!
Construction area has changed so all portals are easy to get to now!

Thanks for the banner!
Pretty straight forward.
This will take you through some more common areas as well as some less seen routes.
Although it is 24/7, you can consider walking inside the mall for parts of mission 2 and 3.
There are many places to rest along the way. You'll go through at least 4 parks. They may be closed at night but you can hit all the portals from outside as well.

Magnus Liminal Continuum Burnaby
   26-07-2019 5:26
Thanks for the banner!
A great walk around the park!
Just as a note, waypoints 6.2 and 7.2 are inside the stadium but you can get them from the parking lot.
So this makes it a 24/7 banner, however, it is highly suggested to do it during the day. There are a lot of ponds in the park with little lighting. If you go at night, do watch your step.

Starbattle 2019 - Vancouver
   24-07-2019 0:14
Thanks for the banner!
Passphrase is in English and you can find the answer in the description.
Very straight forward, however, there are portal overlaps. All of them are hack first, capture/upgrade second. Always bring mods and ADA/JARVIS in case they are fully deployed.

Far Far Away Artwork
   18-07-2019 22:23
Thanks for the banner!
Currently, entry fee is $11.25 for adults.
Missions 1, 2, 3 and 24 are outside of the garden.
Once you're inside, the routing made sense and takes you to all but two of the portals, so great for UPCs and UPVs.

Columbia University
   18-07-2019 22:15
Thanks for the banner!
Pretty good routing just keep an eye on what the portal order is so you don't have to double back.
I didn't have to cut through any buildings, but it might still not be 24/7 because there was security at the gates during the day.

   18-07-2019 1:28
Thanks for the banner!
For starters, the passphrases are in Chinese, however, if you message the creator nicely, she may help you out!
This banner also takes you through a park so make sure you go during open hours.
I have to say, this is the most difficult banner I've done because the route has a lot of red herrings!
After 4.6 don't go into the park BBQ area. Instead, go around to the right, there is a path that takes you into the park proper and towards your next portal.
After 7.5 don't turn on the first right. Instead take the next right up the stairs and circle back. Or go back, through park and hike up.
After 8.5, go across the street and take the elevator to 8.4. Then cross the street to take the
elevator to 8.3. Finally, go back and then go up to 8.4 and walk to 8.6.
After 11.1, go back and left around the soccer field to get to the ground level.
After 18.4, go back into the mall and take a lift to level P. From there, you can get to 18.6. Cross the street for another lift that will take you to 18.5.
After 23.6, take the elevator on your left down.
Without knowing these things, you might end up walking an extra two or three hours to take detours.
Oh yes, mild trespassing on the last mission.

Golden Skies in Vancouver
   30-06-2019 0:42
Thanks for the banner!
Very easy!
Do this on a summer Saturday noon to walk through a farmer's market!

Thanks for the banner!
Very easy!
Do this on a summer Saturday noon and you can walk through a farmer's market!
Oh wait... July FS... Yeah, you'll definitely see it!

Men at Lunch
   29-06-2019 20:15
Thanks for the banner!
First things first. The passphrase is in English.
Secondly, it's true that the drift is very high for this banner. However, it can still be worked with.
Walking time took about 5 hours, but I also stopped 3 times for food. So closer to 4h15m.
Otherwise, very straight forward.

A Red Panda
   19-06-2019 22:48
Thanks for the banner!
Well thought out and easy route.
There is one overlapping portal, so bring a heat sink. But I also hear it will be fixed soon.

情迷烏溪沙 Sunset at Wu Kai Sha
   19-06-2019 2:20
Thanks for the banner!
Pretty straight forward.
But it does walk you through a number of parks. Two of which has opening hours of 06:00 and 06:30 while closing at 23:00.
Otherwise it's a great walk.

Hong Kong Heritage Museum
   15-06-2019 5:27
Thanks for the banner!
Pretty straight forward. Only part where I paused for a second was after 11.3. To get to the next portal, don't take the over pass walkway. Instead, circle around from the right and go underneath the road to cross over.

Halloween Trail
   02-06-2019 22:29
Thanks for the banner!
Probably the easiest 66 mission banner I've ever done!
Lots of reused waypoints so that you barely have to move for certain missions. I took less than thirty steps for the first six missions!
So the only tip is to go slow.

A Mission of Thrash SLAYER
   02-06-2019 22:10
Thanks for the banner!
This one is just a walk around the block... literally!
Nothing to be said besides easy!

Kits Wings
   28-05-2019 0:20
Thanks for the banner!
Most of it is pretty easy. However, after mission 7 there's an 800m gap to the next portal. Once you finish mission 8, there's a 600m gap back towards where you came.
Otherwise, everything else makes sense.

   24-05-2019 4:54
Thanks for the banner!
And I had the honour of being the first one to finish it!
So first, you will probably what to do this during day time, no rain, and low tide. This is because there is some rocky beach areas and fields, so if you go at the wrong time, you might get wet or muddy feet!
It jumps between sequencial to "in any order" so hack accordingly.
Finally, there are some backtracks. Namely, at mission 3, go down the stairs and go left then come back up. Also, after 15.4, follow the bridge and walk _away_ from the next portal for about 500m to get on the bridge. Then, you have to walk back off and back onto your original route. This means, you can roughly add another 1.2km to your total walking.
Good news, you will go by lots of good restaurants. Before you start the banner, try eating at Chewie's Biscuit. Or, at the end of mission 17, try Go Fish!. One of the more popular fish and chips in the areas.
This banner also brings you by a few parks, a couple of beaches, the shore, a museum, a pool, and onto the Burrard bridge. Lots to see, just know it will be a bit of cross county walking.

   14-05-2019 10:11
Thanks for the banner!
All passphrases are in English. Easy!
Only one major backtrack after mission 13.
Pretty easy banner.

   13-05-2019 13:42
Thanks for the banner!
Lots of ups and downs, so bring good shoes!
A good walk around the area.
If you book ahead of time, you can even visit the mini pig (mipig) cafe halfway through the banner!

BIG BANG~両勢力の創生~
   13-05-2019 6:24
Thanks for the banner!
Lots of mini backtracks. Otherwise, pretty quick and easy banner.

Tokyo Tower
   10-05-2019 16:14
Thanks for the banner!
Take small steps! There's a bunch of backtracking, left and right, forward and back. Hack only what's asked of you or you'll have to use a heatsink.
Every mission starts with a capture/upgrade, so remember mods count as an upgrade! I also learnt that if you use an ADA or JARVIS to change to your colour, it also counts as a capture.
You might need to practice your jaywalking skills as mission 30 asks you to cross a 5 lane road.
There are steps for parts of the temple and a hill you have to climb.

Thanks for the banner!
This banner brings you to many touristy places in Tokyo. You will go through a park, near several larger temples and under Tokyo Tower.
Easy banner.
If you like the two mascots, Tweeter and Woofer, and you happen to use Telegram, there is a set of stickers for them. The first half is in Japanese, the second half is "@ Darsana Prime Tokyo Enlightened JPN MASCOT". Or if it's easier, just message me and I'll send it to you! ;)

   10-05-2019 0:31
Thanks for the banner!
Parts of the missions are actually on school grounds, so please go during regular opening hours.

   09-05-2019 8:05
Thanks for the banner!
Do this in the order you see on the map. But the numbering of each mission from skull to B is actually circle 6 to circle 1. Please look carefully.
Otherwise, easy banner.

Thanks for the banner!
Passphrase is multiple guess.
Pretty easy. Only issue is that you have to circle back after mission 5 to start mission 6.

   08-05-2019 16:16
Thanks for the banner!
Nothing too hard here. There are a couple inside a temple but not sure if it closes at night. I was there at 19:00 and it was still open.

   07-05-2019 21:42
Thanks for the banner!
First, the passphrases are in English and are just there as place markers.
This banner took me 9 hours, but I also did a full destroy and deploy for UPC purposes. If you just hack, it would go by a lot faster.
You will go over a number of bridges and it's beautiful!

Thanks for the banner!
Am I the only one with perverse pleasure when mission 8 was completed by hacking a single portal? Love it! However, if that portal ever disappears, this banner becomes incomplete. So please check before starting.
Otherwise, relatively easy. Keep an eye on portal locations lest you need to backtrack.
Doing this banner at night time means you have a good chance of being solicited for a host club. That just means lots of pretty guys serving any guest and it will be very costly. Just drinks and games. Nothing untoward.

   06-05-2019 3:56
Thanks for the banner!
The only passphrase was multiple guess.
Can be done without entering any buildings or temples, but for better access, go during regular working hours.
The route takes you through some seedier and holier parts of town. Be aware if you're against either type of place. ;)
More importantly, portals are in any order, so do check the portal locations or you might have to backtrack. I did a couple of times.

Sunset Colors
   06-05-2019 0:24
Thanks for the banner!
Simple and easy walk around the neighborhood.

Thanks for the banner!
Relatively easy.
Although you can do it from the street, some portals are inside malls that are not 24/7. If you want to have full access, try around 09:00 to 21:00.

   05-05-2019 5:30
Thanks for the banner!
By far, one of the best banners I've ever done!
Passphrases are elementary school math questions.
Passphrases start a mission, so there is no confusion.
Portals are in a few straight lines with no need to find a place to cross a street or jaywalk.

Parade of Gion Matsuri Festival
   03-05-2019 19:09
Thanks for the banner!
Passphrases are elementary school math questions. So no worries there. In fact, the real question becomes why the creator likes a certain number!
Please do this either early in the day or later at night. During peak hours, parts inside Nishiki Market become a death trap! There is absolutely no movement because of the small streets and multitude of people.
Otherwise, the rest of the banner is very easy.

   03-05-2019 9:32
Thanks for the banner!
WARNING : DO NOT DO THIS BANNER until you've made sure the passphrase on mission 16 is working. It shows as unavailable here but will show up on your scanner. All answers come back with "Error : Transmission Interrupted". Tried all manners of fixing and creator is no longer active.

If you are willing, there are multiple missions in the area to use as a filler.

If fixed, this banner is relatively easy with all passphrases being either unavailable, elementary school math or in Japanese but the answer is in English and in the question.

Welcome to Kyoto
   03-05-2019 6:57
Thanks for the banner!
Relatively easy route. But you will be crossing the street many times. Either look for crosswalks or do it at night and practice your jaywalking skills.

   02-05-2019 8:54
Thanks for the banner!
Passphrases are elementary math questions. In fact, all the same question. So this is the first time I've seen it used smartly as a place marker for the next mission. Usually on the top of the list even though this area is mission dense.
The route is pretty straight forward up until mission 15 that asks for a big backtrack and mission 22 that asks for a painful street crossing.

遊走太平山 Walk to Peak
   20-04-2019 7:14
Thanks for the banner!
Health and Safety first! This _is_ the highest mountain on Hong Kong Island, so bring at least two bottles of water. I started at 09:15 and I was sweating like a pig even before I finished the first mission! There aren't any places to rest in the first 8 missions, so go at a moderate pace.
Also, if it is a humid or rainy day, please mind your step. The moss and leaves makes some areas very slippery, and since some areas have no banisters, it's a long way down if you go over!
Also, start practicing your jaywalking skills. Some areas have no sidewalk and it's a two lane road.
For the route, pretty straight forward, with the exception of mission two were you have to go into the playground and hack back out. So don't hack everything immediately. Also, because of the capture/upgrade and link portals, do bring some ADAs and JARVISes, or you might end up stuck.

Court of Final Appeal
   11-04-2019 20:54
Thanks for the banner!
This banner is pretty straight forward but because it is older, there is a couple of things to look out for. First, not all the portals are available, so it may be a little difficult to see where you are going next. Second, and more importantly, the last portal of mission 6 has shifted position to somewhere near the start of the banner. So it's a backtrack there and then you have to walk back to the start of mission 7.
Also bring a heat sink. There is an overlap portal on mission 3.
Finally, although this banner is technically 24/7, but because of all the roads you need to cross, using the overhead walkways will be a lot easier. And parts of those walkways goes through buildings and malls. For example, mission 21, 22 and 23 are very easy and mostly indoors if you use the walkways.

Nathan Road
   06-04-2019 8:34
Thanks for the banner!
Not much to add from the previous comments except maybe for places to eat! And yes, it's all true about all the areas this banners routing could be improved.
Yes, you will have to cross a good number of streets. But if you start early, there will be a lot less traffic. On the other hand, if you play too early or too late, be aware you will be walking through a red light district.... twice! I kept being looked at like a piece of meat!
Also, although this banner might take you 6 hours (but I was going on a full destroy and deploy run), there are many restaurants along the way, both institutes and more dubious places.
Of note, Australian Dairy Company, the best scrambled eggs you're ever going to eat! Don't be put off by the line up. It doesn't take long to get in... or just order take out.
Temple Street for late night fare if you are in a group.
Langham Mall, many a food court and many restaurants around it. Take a look at the infamously long escalator that dropped on reverse at one point!

Missing Days
   05-04-2019 21:35
Thanks for the banner!
The route isn't too difficult. However, you will be going over the same portals a few times, so do not over hack and bring heat sinks in case you hacked the wrong ones.
The only other point is that there's a big gap right in the middle. There were enough portals to have connected both halves and reduced the number of portals that were overlapped.
A second reason to bring heat sinks is because a couple of consecutive missions do have overlapping portals.
Otherwise, not a bad banner. You get to see the race track!

Morning Walk at HKUST
   18-03-2019 4:30
Thanks for the banner!
Passphrases are all in English or multiple guess, so no problems there.
About half is inside the school and it will be easiest to traverse during school hours. Make use of any escalators or elevators along the way. And learn where they are because you'll have to go there two or three times!
There are some parts with a bit of backtracking. But not very far.
Finally, it's much appreciated that the start and end are near minibus stops. Because it took a while to get here, anything that helps leaving is good.

Umbrella Art Series
   18-03-2019 4:21
Thanks for the banner!
Not much to say about this one. Pretty straight forward. Does go through a park or two so do come during open hours.

The Bounty at Discvoery Bay
   27-02-2019 2:43
Thanks for the banner!
Good news first!
If you are looking for UPH, you will hit every single portal in the area.
All passphrases are in English and the answer is given to you in the question.
Ingressmosaic has not been updated, which means the route is not a crazy north-south-north run. The first 16 missions are in the north and the last 8 are in the south.
Bad news!
Ingressmosaic has not been updated, which means it's not all hacks! There are 24 passphrases, a dozen capture/upgrade and a dozen deploy mods. And since the first 16 missions are packed so tight, _do not_ over hack, _do not_ max deploy resos and mods. Bring a few garbage mods and ADA/JARVIS to be safe.
For the first part, make use of the inclined lifts. Save you a lot of heartache! Watch out for dog poo. Some construction underway that will require you to detour a little but won't hinder you from finishing the banner.
Overall, although there is room for improvement, the route takes you by the water a few times and you get to see many birds and dogs.

Thanks for the banner!
The first half is mostly stairs going up and down a few times. Second half is mostly slopes so a lot easier.
For 21.4, you can get it halfway down the stairs. Just finish going down and turn right for the next one, no need to backtrack up!
Otherwise, pretty straight forward.

   25-02-2019 0:19
Thanks for the banner!
Lots of ups and downs and some places you share the road with cars, so be careful. Also goes through some tourist areas so it might get packed. Mind your bags.
Although a bit of walking, nothing too difficult.

Discover Macau 13 M R
   25-02-2019 0:17
Thanks for the banner!
Lots of ups and downs and some places you share the road with cars, so be careful. Also goes through some tourist areas so it might get packed. Mind your bags.
But otherwise, pretty straightforward and easy.

Thanks for the banner!
Lots of ups and downs and some places you share the road with cars, so be careful. Also goes through some tourist areas so it might get packed. Mind your bags.
The naming of banners has the numbers after the words, so may be hard to find the next one, especially when the route crosses over itself a few times.
To save yourself from detours, there's some hidden stairs you can take.
To get to 31.4, there is a staircase that is not visible on your scanner but you can see going up from the middle of a building.
To get to 50.5, if you are going during the day, go up the stairs, into the church grounds. Hug the right side of the church and keep going straight.

Old New York - City Hall
   16-02-2019 0:26
Thanks for the banner!
This one is pretty straight forward. The only passphrase has the answer given in the question.

Just Invader With A Parasol
   16-02-2019 0:23
Thanks for the banner!
I can safely say this is the quickest 48 mission banner I've ever done!
Besides the aforementioned tips about doing light #9 and then dark #9 (actually #10 misnamed) and bunches of waypoints used repetitively. So walk, don't run. And don't overhack.
Otherwise, enjoy!

SFU Academic Quadrangle
   14-02-2019 6:10
Thanks for the banner!
Super easy! As was noted before, it's four groups of 6 portals. Five capture/upgrades and one hack. The easy way is to check which one is the hack in the mission, hack it first and drop a reso on all the other portals.
Done in under 45 minutes, but it was at a leisurely pace and there were renovations going on.

Tramgress Hong Kong
   06-02-2019 11:07
Thanks for the banner!
I opted to walk this one even though it's possible to be done by tram. If you do tram-gress, this will be an easy banner!
If you walk, this one will take at least 3.5 hours. But I got 150 upc, so well worth it!
Well planned and easy to follow.

   30-01-2019 22:54
Thanks for the banner!
This one is definitely going to exercise your legs! There are multiple ups and downs. But because of that, you'll be at the highest points of Macau and able to see great views of the city!
Mission 3 has some reconstruction but nothing you can't walk around.
After portal 6.4, you either have to circle back to go up or go further forward and circle back a little bit. Check the map to see which you prefer.
You will go through a number of parks. They are not 24/7. One of them is 06:00-24:00.
All passphrases except one are in English. The lone passphrase that is in Chinese is a y/n question.

   30-01-2019 22:27
Thanks for the banner!
In general, pretty easy.
Near Sao Paolo, there will be times when the streets and/or the sidewalks are narrow and you will be sharing the road with cars. Please be careful!
Go early to avoid the rush of tourists. It gets packed!

印象澳門 - 大三巴牌坊
   30-01-2019 22:20
Thanks for the banner!
This one is great for visitors in the sense that you start at the ferry terminal and ends in the middle of the tourist area. If you took the bus and bridge from Hong Kong, the 102X will get you to the ferry terminal.
This will take you through some parks and past most of the old casinos. Take a peek to see the past.
Near Sao Paolo, there will be times when the streets and/or the sidewalks are narrow and you will be sharing the road with cars. Please be careful!
Go early to avoid the rush of tourists. It gets packed!

Get to NO-BU Banner
   28-01-2019 4:47
Thanks for the banner!
Took me three days to do it!
It's a long one. Be prepared.
And there's a surprise with the last mission. Try not to swear when you see it!

Sitting Cow Cat
   28-01-2019 4:39
Thanks for the banner!
Great walk by the water.
Pretty easy route and the only flight of stairs has an optional elevator.

Discovery Mount Parker
   28-01-2019 4:33
Thanks for the banner!
Although this is second highest mountain on Hong Kong Island, the route is chosen to be mainly on roads so it was relatively easy compared to the other routes that could have been chosen. But because it's on roads, it is shared with cars. So be sure where you're walking in case you need to give way.
I did this during winter time and brought two bottles of water. If you go during summer, consider bringing three.
The banner starts and ends in a mall.
Mission 9 has a serious backtrack to get to mission 10. Remember your way back.
You get to walk across a number of dams. Between 12.5 and 12.6 has a lot of fish. They love food!
Portal 14.6 is currently behind a reconstruction area. Either wait a couple of months before you start or trespass during non-work hours.
At the end of mission 16, you can consider taking the #14 bus to get to mission 17.
The creator was very helpful and friendly!

中環一天行 Day trip in Central
   20-01-2019 7:58
Thanks for the banner!
Mostly straight forward. But because of the elevation, it is a pretty good workout!
Part of the banner will walk you by some really loud monkeys!

   20-01-2019 7:25
Thanks for the banner!
First, passphrases are in Chinese and need specific numeral, English or Chinese answers. The banner creator was very helpful with this.
The missions have a few minor and medium backtracks.
Mission 21 has a 572 step hike. So be prepared. Bring a bottle of water.
Along the way, I saw a wild boar. But pretty harmless. You don't antogonize it, it won't attack you.
Mission 22 has a good vantage point of the Choi Hung area.

   15-01-2019 2:29
Thanks for the banner!
Love the idea of using salmon as a topic for the portals in the banner. There are some execution issues.
Portal 1.6 is on the opposite side of the river from the other portals, so you'll need to circle back past the entrance of the hatchery to cross a bridge.
If you're taking a bus, you may wish to consider walking over to Capilano Suspension Bridge. Although the entrance fee is hefty, there are many unique portals inside and the view is spectacular! The main reason why, is that you can take the free shuttle bus that will drop you off at the Vancouver Public Library, which is close to the start of mission 2!
Speaking which, portal 2.2 has moved 450m in the wrong direction! You'll have to detour there and back for an additional 900m!
The rest is pretty straight forward.

   27-12-2018 8:51
Thank you for the banner!

Park hours are 0630 to 2300.
Portal #4 in mission 13 has been moved 300 meters back from where the mission starts.
Mission 24 has a 4 lane jaywalk.

Thanks for the banner!
Pretty straight forward except for some renovations at mission #9 (just circle around) and mission #24 has a portal across a highway (either try to drift over or circle back through the park and across the bridge).
The first mission starts in a mall, so please check opening hours.

灣仔藍屋 Blue House
   23-12-2018 14:04
Thanks for the banner!
Pretty straight forward banner. You will have to practice your intermediate jaywalking skills at some points though. Some parts take you through a two or three lane road with constant oncoming traffic. Except for this, it was relatively easy to move around and mostly on flat ground with little drift issue.

K M I T L (19)
   18-12-2018 7:12
Thanks for the banner!
This is actually the second of a two part banner.
Do สถาบันเทคโนโลยีพระจอมเกล้าเจ้าคุณทหารลาดกระบัง first.
There are multiple hack missions that share the same portal, so you will have to wait 5 minutes between them. There are also many capture/upgrade missions, so deploy/upgrade sparingly.
There are two passphrases, asked in Thai but answer is in English.
The first is the name of the banner's creator.
The second is asking where you are. Hint : it's part of the banner name.
HaeTheSka is one of the two creators and was very helpful in answering the passphrases.

Thanks for the banner!
This is actually the first of a two part banner. Look for KMITL(19) to continue.
This banner is very easy, distance-wise. However, multiple hack missions are over the same portals. So there are mandatory 5 minute waits. Because the same portals are shared with the second half, any mods installed should be multi-hacks. There are also multiple capture/upgrade missions, so deploy and upgrade sparingly.

   17-12-2018 12:56
Thanks for the banner!
Overall, not hard.
Bring a couple of heat sinks for the overlaps.
The last mission is about three pages down in the missions tab. Or just walk closer before looking for it.

BTS Siam -We love thaila nd
   17-12-2018 4:37
Thanks for the banner!
It was so easy, it was almost painless!

Ratchadamnoen Avenue
   16-12-2018 8:40
Currently can not be completed as mission 13.5 is in a university area under renovation.
December 16, 2018.

Siam Discovery
   15-12-2018 11:31
Thanks for the banner!
Except for the aforementioned big backtrack at mission 11, this is one of the easier banners I've done.
Pretty straight forward. Passphrases were in English and were multiple guess.
Just be careful of overhacking.

Thanks for the banner!
This banner will take you to four different temples.
The Temple of Dawn has a 50thb entry fee. You can cheap out by not paying, but you will have to circle the temple many times.
The latter part of the mission, could have been smoother without doubling back. For example, after, doing half of mission 17, go west a bit more, visit the other temples and grab some unique portals!

Thanks for the banner!
Pretty easy, just keep an eye out on the mission names. Each one is different without sequential numbers.

Temple of the King RAMA I (Wat Pho)
   15-12-2018 3:41
Thanks for the banner!
So, one thing that wasn't mentioned is that there is an entry fee of 100thb for foreigners. Also only open 8:30am to 6:30pm.
Generals are mostly in a continuous direction with little backtracking. This makes the hidden portal missions easier.
Do this one if you love cats. They're everywhere!

   11-12-2018 12:10
Thanks for the banner!
Passphrases are half in Chinese but are multiple guess so very doable!
Lots of backtracking so don't over hack or bring heat sinks and multi hacks.
Parts of Mission 7 and 13 are in an area under renovation until March 2021! You can finish with detours but it becomes a harder path. Best done during the day, gets pretty dark at night in some spots.

香港摩天輪 HK Observation Wheel
   03-12-2018 9:02
Thanks for the banner!
Currently, latter part of mission 8 will be in a restricted area from Dec.3rd, 2018 to June 11, 2019 due to reconstruction.

Milky Way
   19-08-2018 4:17
Thanks for the banner!
Mostly made sense except for mission 25 that had one portal with a major backtrack.
Stadium doesn't currently have a problem if you circle around to the back and go up the stairs near exit F.

   05-04-2018 9:07
Thanks for the banner!
This banner takes you through Tung Chung, Yat Tung and up Sunset Peak. There might be some reception issues up in the mountains so pray when you're up there.
Wear proper hiking gear and bring two or three bottles of water to be safe.