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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Black Jack Pershing 9 Beliebig General John J. Pershing, nicknamed "Black Jack", was the commander of the American Expeditionary Forces in WW I. Hack all 8 portal to get a nice portrait of the parks namesake.
RP - Minneapolis at Dusk
   16-12-2018 14:07
Laid out well, around 90 minutes on foot. I imagine it's doable by car, walking seemed the efficient way. No real drift, construction or portal access issues.

Lake Harriet Mixtape
   15-12-2018 17:33
Easy 3 laps around the lake without much risk of burnout. Can be done easily by car, lots of places to pull over and hack or jump out occasionally. Took less than 90 minutes, could go quicker if you want.

RP Mpls Res Skyline
   15-12-2018 17:30
Well done overall. Logical layout, quick and easy to do by foot, wouldn't recommend driving. Normal drift issues for a downtown but nothing that caused a problem. The last two on #12 are tricky due to part of the Twins stadium plaza being temporarily closed. I went to the top of the parking ramp to the right and got in range.

Everyone Loves Resources Banner
   15-12-2018 17:26
Very easy to do, well laid out loop with great scenery. Did all on foot in under 90 minutes, can't do by car.