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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Brotherhood Way 8 Beliebig In 1954, the WPA built a street named Stanley Way. In 1958, Mayor George Christopher gave the south side of the street to religious groups and renamed it Brotherhood Way. Come learn and explore!
2 Visit the Mendenhall Glacier 7 Beliebig The 13 mile long Mendenhall Glacier is easily accessible from Juneau, making it one of the most visited glaciers in the world.
3 Top of the Hill 8 Beliebig Decades ago, Hill 88 housed a control system for the Nike anti-aircraft missiles defending San Francisco. Now it's just you, graffiti, portals, and the view. Enjoy the silence.
4 Crissy Field Patrol 7 Beliebig Once an Olhone camp and fishing ground: later, an Army air base and hazardous waste dump. In 2001, after much clean-up, the National Park Service opened it to the public as a park.
5 The Many Layers of West Oakland 16 Der Reihe nach West Oakland is a community that has a great deal to offer. Explore the layers available by visiting these portals. We recommend coming back repeatedly.
6 California Avenue Caltrain 7 Beliebig Explore the California Avenue Caltrain station; will require getting off the train.
7 San Francisco's Pyramid: Part 9b 6 Der Reihe nach This is part 9b of a 12 mission tour of SF. Do this mission if you want a Resistance faction badge in your mission art! This starts near Coit Tower; enjoy the view of the city.
8 Public Open Spaces of San Francisco 6 Der Reihe nach By law, downtown San Francisco development projects must provide public spaces for all to enjoy. Visit a few such spaces (and read the custom descriptions) to see what you're entitled to.
9 Under San Francisco Lies A Buried Fleet 23 Der Reihe nach Dozens of sailing ships are buried beneath the streets of San Francisco. The Niantic was one of these, but there are more. This lengthy mission takes you to all of them.
10 YAPM: Luke McRedmond Landing 7 Beliebig No park goes un-missioned! Generic cheery description. Picture which may or may not be the park in question. Group of portals. You know the drill.
11 San Francisco's Pyramid: Part 11a 6 Der Reihe nach This is part 11a of a 12 mission tour of SF, located at the Transamerica Pyramid. Do this mission instead of part 11 to get an "SF" logo on the completed mission art mosaic. Don't do both!
12 Downtown Queen Charlotte 7 Beliebig If you've come this far, it's probably because you like doing missions. Tour downtown Queen Charlotte and enjoy the local views and history.
13 Explore the Cedros Design District! 14 Beliebig The Cedros Design District is 2 1/2 blocks of art, retail, and design in the North Coast town of Solana Beach. Once home to a defense contractor, it is now packed with shops, galleries, and boutiques.
14 San Francisco's Pyramid: Part 9a 6 Der Reihe nach This is part 9a of a 12 mission tour of SF. Do this mission if you want an Enlightened faction badge in your mission art! This starts near Coit Tower; enjoy the view of the city.
15 Wilderness Lodge 10 Beliebig Welcome to the Wilderness Lodge! The hotel is inspired by turn-of-the-century National Park lodges, and is convenient to the Magic Kingdom while remaining relatively isolated.
16 Vertigo Filming Locations: San Francisco 8 Der Reihe nach This mission guides you on a lengthy trip through San Francisco, visiting many locations from the classic Hitchcock film Vertigo. Nothing outside the city is included.
17 A Mission in Masset 12 Beliebig Masset and Old Massett are the northernmost villages of Haida Gwaii. This mission will take you through the villages; you should spend a couple more hours here and visit the beaches to the north.
18 The Saga of #76 12 Beliebig Retrace the steps of the artifact known as #76, from Boise to Pasadena. Some travel required. Many portals require hiking. Some portals have poor cell service. Do not taunt Happy Fun Shard.
19 Who Is William Mulholland? 7 Beliebig There'd be no LA without him: he built the irrigation system that made the city habitable. It also killed outlying communities. Hero or villain? Your call, but there's no doubt he Shaped our world.
20 Issaquah's Ungulates 7 Beliebig Issaquah is known as a center of unusual hooved animals -- llamas are the most common, but some farms in the area specialize in alpacas. Follow the Rainier Trail to discover Issaquah's history.
21 Fielding St. Finbar 7 Der Reihe nach St. Finbar is Burbank's largest Catholic parish and a great place to practice fielding. For a tougher mission challenge, try and make a triple-layer field using these portals.
22 A Little Somethin' Somethin' 6 Der Reihe nach Sometimes a little somethin' somethin' is exactly what you need: explore the retail businesses along College Avenue to find that something. There are many portals here worth getting to know.
23 Sleight of Sunset 7 Versteckte Mission Enjoy a lightly themed, whimsical puzzle mission in the Inner Sunset. Or don't -- I'm not the boss of you.
24 Abaddon Oakland Commemorative Mission 7 Der Reihe nach Loop around Latham Square, hacking portals from each cluster of the Oakland Abaddon anomaly, and celebrate the Enlightened site victory of 12/12/2015. Final score: ENL 3652, RES 1393.
25 Big Basin Redwood Park 9 Beliebig Big Basin is California's oldest park, dating back to 1902. If you're here to hike some of the 80+ miles of trails or visit the old growth redwoods, you'll probably start here at park headquarters.
26 Wind Walker 7 Versteckte Mission Take a historical tour of the west end of Golden Gate Park, highlighted by the twin windmills that look out over the Pacific Ocean. Expect to walk around 1 mile (1.6 kilometers).
Mark IV Monorail Fleet
   24-12-2018 4:16
Recommended only if you're a monorail fan. The ordering of the missions requires you to loop around the Magic Kingdom monorail loop at least twice. This is not bad if you like riding the monorail but it'd be faster if you could just hop off at each stop, get back on, and finish in one loop. You'll also need to take the EPCOT line to finish the mission -- again, if you're the kind of Disney fan (like me) who always wants to do that at least once per visit, it's no big deal.

Also, with the new metal detectors in place at Walt Disney World, expect to go through security once per mission. Not much to be done about that.

My recommended route: do the first mission, then take the ferryboat for a pleasant ride to the Magic Kingdom entrance. Go right off the ferry and hit the bus stop portal before visiting the rest of the portals inside the security perimeter, and then take the monorail to the Contemporary.

From there, it's one mission per hotel. Keep your scanner open while you travel, since missions 4 and 5 will be much quicker if you hack portals from the monorail. Once you get back to the TTC for mission 6, enjoy the ride to EPCOT and keep your scanner open again -- it'd add half an hour to the mission time if you miss the last portal and have to go into EPCOT to finish the mission up.

Minneapolis Remembers Prince
   21-10-2018 23:45
Solid mission banner; it's an exploration of Prince's Minneapolis rather than a speed banner, so don't expect it to be perfectly efficient. Drift in the downtown core can be a pain.

Port Townsend Mission Series
   19-08-2017 23:06
Brings you through most of Port Townsend, which is good. I wouldn't want to do it without a car or bike. For example, the last portal in the last mission is 2 kilometers away from the second to last portal. Drive and walk the first few missions, park and complete 5 through 10, then drive and park again.

Also bring heat sinks. Most of the later missions have overlapping portals.

Missions 16 and 17 take you inside Fort Worden State Park, which is closed in the evenings.

Despite the driving and heat sinks, this series is worth doing. Port Townsend is gorgeous and interesting and historic.

Seattle Green Lake
   17-07-2017 1:12
Beautiful walk all the way around a lake; flat all the way. The park is open 24 hours a day.

Seattle Neighborhoods - Georgetown
   09-05-2017 15:29
Solid mural in a cool neighborhood. Some of the later missions are in industrial areas -- might be better not to walk alone late at night. You'll see all the landmarks shown in the banner.

There's one portal in the middle of an mall that might be hard to reach after business hours. Otherwise this is all doable any time. It's a great way to see most of Victoria, lots of interesting buildings, and some cool water views. Recommended.

Cascadia Flag
   31-01-2017 19:31
This is an immensely difficult mission series. It takes on average over 30 hours of actual play to complete. It's specifically designed to be hard to walk and hard to drive. You will need to hack portals, capture portals, make fields, place mods, and make links. Do not start this mission series casually.

But if you do complete it, you'll know it's a real achievement.

Molly Malone Aegis Nova
   31-01-2017 19:17
Great banner, just the right amount of walking. Excellent way to tour the city. Note that the mission enters two parks which are closed at night and do not open until 10 AM in the morning, so be careful about when you do this.

Dublin On Your Scaner
   31-01-2017 19:15
Easy mission, interesting part of town. Lots of repeat portals but there are plenty of bars in which you could have a drink while you wait. Note: there are two versions of mission 6; you probably want to do the higher rated one by the original author.

Dublin City Centre
   31-01-2017 19:12
Easy banner, although I agree with the comment that you might want to do this one during the day. Note that there is some portal overlap, so bring heat sinks or be prepared to wait five minutes between missions.

Easter Rising 1916
   22-01-2017 17:35
Solid series; it's meant to be a walk through history, not a quick walk. The passphrases are easy and a bit silly.