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Royal Delft
   26-02-2019 23:59
This banner has been on my wishlist for a long time. I don't get many opportunities to visit Delft, but today I had one. Because my time was limited , I took my bike, but if you have more time I'd recommend walking: it's a really nice historical centre, which you should take time to appreciate.

   12-02-2019 16:58
Deze banner stond al heel lang op mijn 'verlanglijstje'. Gisteren eindelijk de banner gefietst. De banner geeft een mooi beeld van IJburg en fraai uitzicht op de brug die op de banner staat, maar ook de fietsbrug richting Diemen. Aanrader! 'Kale' tijd: 2 uur en 13 minuten. Met hacken, uppen, een paar links schieten en een paar keer de weg zoeken deed ik er ongeveer 4 uur over.

Discover IJburg by bike!

Jan Amos Comenius - Naarden
   12-01-2019 1:27
Proof-walked my very first banner yesterday. The banner takes you around (over the ramparts) and through the fortified town Naarden. Just walking took me about 2,5 hours and with full deploying at the beginning (before I ran out of resonators), glyphing, some linking and fielding it took me around 4 hours. I'm not completely satisfied with mission 4 (this included another portal first -Historisch Fort Ronduit- but I checked before I submitted it and you couldn't reach it through the gate) and 17, but didn't really see better alternatives. I've made a few new portal requests, if these are approved I will improve those missions.

You can easily do parts by bike, but in the town itself I recommend going on foot.

Bent u de vos
   12-01-2019 1:25
Did this banner on the 4th of January and agree with the other comments. I like the picture and really enjoyed the first part of the banner. The last few missions - well, I didn't want to leave with an incomplete picture in my scanner. But I would certainly go again if I didn't have it yet.

The road to Hannekes Boom
   12-01-2019 1:19
Met many other agents @NL-1331 Amsterdam in July 2018 @Hannekes boom. In between walked the new banner that was especially made for this event. Of course it took me a lot longer than the average agent (about 1 hr 40-45 minutes) even though I didn't cap, deploy or link. Thanks for the nice picture, @Zorglubxx.

   12-01-2019 1:14
Very nice banner! Walked it in june 2018 when I had to be in Rotterdam for a meeting @Katendrecht #ssRotterdam. #Erasmusbrug #Kubuswoningen. (Well, 'walk' .... in the end I almost had to run to finish it without being (very) late for my appointment.)

Utereg me stadsie
   12-01-2019 1:10
Finished the banner in April 2018. I saw the banner picture in the scanner of another agent, and really wanted to add it to my collection, too. I always need at least twice the maximum amount of time for banners - and after the first six missions I was already seriously running out of everything: time, resonators, weapons - so after that I could not fully deploy anymore. In the end really regretted recycling all these L1-bursters when I completely ran out of them :-D.

Ronde van het Gooimeer
   12-01-2019 1:01
Finished this banner in march 2018. Did parts on foot, parts by bike and parts by car. Sneezing & wheezing, walking by grazing sheeps and (?) Scottish Higlanders, partly accompanied by my
eldest daughter. After this part I was really ill and had to stay in bed for a few days. Really glad when I felt better enough to go outside for the next part of the banner. And very satisfied when I finally hacked the last portal.

James Bond Banner
   12-01-2019 0:48
Walked this banner in June 2017. After I'd seen the mosaic in the scanner of another agent, I really wanted it! So when my youngest daughter went to the zoo in Emmen with her grandparents, I used the opportunity to add it to my scanner. Enjoyed the walk as well!

Utrecht Blue Canals
   12-01-2019 0:43
Walked this banner in may 2017, through lack of time the second part only hacking, not even glyphing. Thanks odyssey and mila!

Amstelpark Banner Mission
   12-01-2019 0:34
Walked this banner somewhere between may and June 2017. I was really surprised by all the ...well, nice surprises in the park. Had I known 20 years ago, when I lived maybe 5 km from the park, I would have definitely gone there once in a while. Nice banner, tnx!

TSH Banner
   10-05-2017 21:22
Deze banner gedaan vanwege de bannerafbeelding, die vond ik origineel. Voor de mooie omgeving of leuke route hoef je het niet te doen :-). Als je de banner in 1x wil doen, moet je ervoor zorgen dat je multi-hacks bij je hebt (en er nog mod-slots over zijn), want je moet elke portal 6x hacken.

Piazza del Plebiscito
   10-05-2017 21:17
Ho fatto solo 3 pezzi del questo banner bellissimo (gennaio 2017), perché sfortunatamente non ho avuto molto tempo (siamo stati a Napoli per 3 giorni). Ma mi piace molto guardare il leone nel mio scanner e mi ricordo il grande Napoli!

Tram 9
   10-05-2017 21:06
I did this banner in the first quarter of 2017 and learned tramgressing is not my forte. I took the tram a couple of times, but since I had to get out again and again because I couldn't hack fast enough, I decided to stay out and walk (only the last part I dared to take the tram again). It was fun though. If you're new to Amsterdam, after finishing the banner you might like to take the tram back to the stop near the zoo (Artis).

Centraal Weesp
   10-05-2017 20:55
Walked this banner on a very cold day iat the start of 2017. I like the banner picture and I liked Weesp. Never knew Weesp had so many windmills.|
A bike could definitely save you time, but I didn't really miss it.

Leuke banner door een mooie stad!

Anomaly badges
   10-05-2017 20:47
Walked this banner in march 2017. I chose it because of the anomaly-pictures, but also because I grew up near The Hague and it's nice to walk through the city center again. If you don't know The Hague you cabn easily this banner combine it with visits to the House of Representatives of the Netherlands (de Tweede Kamer) and for example museum Mauritshuis ('home to the Best of Dutch painting from the Golden Age') or the Prison Gate Museum (de Gevangenpoort).

Leuke banner.

ParcGress Ams West
   10-05-2017 20:30
Nice banner through a neighbourhood full of surprises, much street art. It took me much longer to finish the banner than indicated, but that may be because I was glyphing, linking and walking back too often to create fields in the beginning (april / may 2017).

Mooie banner in leuke buurt vol verrassingen. Als je overweegt in Amsterdam te gaan wonen, is deze buurt het overwegen waard!

Van Gogh Trial
   10-05-2017 20:18
Very nice banner! I took my bicycle to Dordrecht and was glad I did, rode my bike and walked some parts. Bring more than a 10.000 mAh-powerbank, because you might need it (I did!).

Mooie bannerafbeelding en goede aanleiding om een keer naar Dordrecht te gaan. Ik denk wel dat de genoemde tijden minimumtijden zijn, die je alleen haalt als je je beperkt tot hacken en verder niets. Ik zou er zeker een hele dag voor uittrekken, dan kan je als het mooi weer is misschien ook nog genieten van een welverdiende lunch bij Villa Augustus (naast de oude watertoren).