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MissionDay Zürich
   08-04-2017 12:22
Some additional information
(für Deutsch siehe unten)

  • The Mission "Landesmuseum" is going through a park which is closed during night-time!

  • The missions are listed in alphabetical order. If you don't want to spend too much time on finding your own route, you can use one of the official routes suggested by the MD Zurich XF Orga Team (print at home): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7OWb9xdlAbxN3NSRXlod3g5STA

    And if you're in Zurich for the first time, you might also find some useful information on the official MD Zurich Homepage: https://missionday-zurich.ch/index.html
    (Homepage last updated in January 2017; while most info remains accurate, some will obviously change over time, like rates, opening hours, etc)

  • Have fun!
    Styanera, MD Zurich XF Orga Team

    Zusätzliche Informationen

  • Die Mission "Landesmuseum" führt durch einen Park, der während der Nacht geschlossen ist!

  • Hier sind die Missionen in alphabetischer Reihenfolgen aufgeführt. Falls du nicht allzu viel Zeit damit verbringen willst, dir selbst eine Route zusammen zu stellen, empfehlen wir eine der offiziellen Routen des MD Zurich XF Orga Teams (PDF zum ausdrucken): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7OWb9xdlAbxN3NSRXlod3g5STA

    Und falls du das erste Mal in Zürich bist, findest du auf der offiziellen MD Zurich Homepage weitere nützliche Infos: https://missionday-zurich.ch/de/index.html
    (Homepage wurde letztmals im Januar 2017 aktualisiert. Auch wenn viele Infos allgemeingültig sind, so wird Manches im Laufe der Zeit nicht mehr aktuell sein, wie Preise, Öffnungszeiten, etc)

  • Viel Spass!
    Styanera, MD Zurich XF Orga Team

    Karlův most
       06-04-2017 17:38

    Nice banner picture.
    For me personally, the trouble was not so much that it's not 24/7 accessible, but more that the last two missions (17+18) are in a very touristic place, where one might encounter a long queue (waiting time 1hr+) in order to complete the mission.

    I didn't had the time to wait (in my case approx. 1.5hrs) only to enter the gardens of Prague Castle for 15min to complete the mission... So it was a rather frustrating experience and abrupt end for me, having done only 16 out of 18 mosaics.

    Therefore, I can only recommend this banner to:
    - people who plan to visit the castle anyway (make sure you've completed mosaics 1-16 beforehand!)
    - people who are willing to take the risk of queueing quite some time
    - people who are willing to take the risk and see how it goes, with the possibility to renounce on the last two mosaics and replace them with something else (I found another nice peace of heaven in my home town which fits quite well. So I have that instead now.)

       15-10-2016 7:29
    For the 1st part of the mosaic you walk around the same place up and down (see map). However, being a tourist, that didn't bother me, as the place is nice and big and we did some photo stops in between.

    What I liked about this mission, is the "hack in order"-sequence and that it doesn't take you hours to complete.

    With regards to the wheelchair access, I think it's doable. At least I can't remember having had to walk up/down stairs... But honestly, I didn't pay special attention to this. The walkways can be quite high or uneven in Bucharest in general, which might not be that wheelchair-friendly anyway.

    As a tourist, I would recommend to do this by foot or on skates. I can't imagine doing it by bike, because of the traffic and other people around.

       09-09-2016 17:37
    ATTENTION: towards the end of EACH mission, watch carefully your scanner, as it will tell you the password for the next mission!

    Otherwise, nice walk, great for tourists, as you see nice places such as the tower bridge and the tate museum...

       09-09-2016 17:31
    Nice Mission to discover the city centre of York. Some missions (around no. 18?!) are in the gardens of the museum, which is not open 24/7.
    For me that was no issue, as I anyway had planned to complete the mission within 2 days... This mission can be greatly combined with some sightseeing activities. Just stop -go to a museum or so - and then simply continue ;-)

    Putting Dublin on the map
       27-06-2016 19:14
    ATTENTION: This mosaic has a lot of "create a link from this portal" waypoints!
    Completing it alone can become a real or even not doable challenge! (Therefore only 2 stars overall.)

    For all who like to have completed mosaics on their scanners, I recommend this mission only to people, who have time to complete it and maybe a colleagu who can help.
    Or you can do it on a weekday in the middle of the night - that should also work...

    I have also downrated on barriers free as parts of the mosaic are in the old town which might be difficult to drive through in a wheelchair.

    Dublin City Centre
       26-06-2016 16:04
    Nice mission... However, the mission starts in a neighbourhood that doesn't seem very confident, particularly as a woman. Everything was fine though, just saying... Maybe you prefer to start the mission at daylight ;-)

    Dublin On Your Scaner
       26-06-2016 13:32
    You'll walk a bit in circles but the mosaic is worth it!

       03-05-2016 18:40
    Very nice mission around the harbour. In good way order, "hack in sequence" mode.

    Obsidian Skyline
       02-05-2016 18:05
  • I'm in Copenhagen as a tourist and this is a very nice mission through the inner city to start my stay here!
  • For the whole mission I needed about 3hrs incl. a few photo-stops and attacking/linking. "Hack only" would be obviously quicker.
  • The order of the portals make a lot of sense and every now and then there are additional portals to the left and right which give you even more uniques! ;-D
  • This mission is best done by walking. Might also work by bike or on skates though.

  • Flash Speed
       29-04-2016 21:12
  • Die Mission geht 3x im Kreis herum. Mir hat's gefallen!
  • Am besten geht's zu Fuss.
    Mit Auto/ÖV ist sie nicht machbar.
    Hat jedoch gute Parkmöglichkeiten beim Bahnhof Baar.
  • Meine Strategie:
    => Auf der ersten Runde hacken, linken und Keys sammeln.
    => Zweite Runde: mehr Links und Felder.
    => Dritte Runde: vervollständigen was noch möglich ist
  • Ich brauchte etwa 3 Stunden für das Ganze (inkl. hacken, zerstören und neu aufbauen).
  • Der direkte Weg zu Fuss zum St.Martinspark führt über Treppen, weswegen ich nur 1/5⭐️ für "barrierefrei" vergeben habe. Vielleicht hat es jedoch auch einen anderen Weg für Gehbehinderte, den ich übersehen habe.

  • STHLM (Stockholm)
       29-04-2016 20:55
  • Uns hat v.a. das Mosaikbild gefallen, und dass die Mission durch verschiedene Stadtteile führt.
  • Wir waren zu Fuss und mit den öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln (ÖV) unterwegs.
  • Die meisten Portale sind nicht direkt aus dem Auto/ÖV erreichbar. Einige Mosaike könnten für Gehbehinderte ungeeignet sein (zB steiles Gehen in der Altstadt).

  • ACHTUNG BEI 10/12!!!
    =>> Dieses Mosaik wurde scheinbar überarbeitet/korrigiert, jedoch sind auf dieser Karte noch die alten Portale im Norden aufgeführt (Stand 29.04.2016.

    Mosaik 10 befindet sich auf derselben Insel, aber jetzt im Süden, Stadtteil "Marieberg".
    =>> Am besten fährt man zur gleichnamigen Haltestelle Marieberg.

    ATTENTION! Map above No.10 is incorrect (as of 29 Apr 2016).
    New start of 10/12 is in area "Marieberg".


    Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/5deBYcVYoR32