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Blaue Nacht Ost
   29-04-2018 14:08
Also possible in a 2 hour walk... 2 often same waypoints but for that short duration absolutely oke. Nice Picture.

Blaue Nacht Nord
   29-04-2018 9:55
Easy going in 2 hours. Nice Picture.

Stammstrecke München
   21-04-2018 14:12
6 Stunden, 22km und leckeres Steak hinterher.

Ende ging eigentlich... Weiter so, mehr davon... :)

   13-04-2018 19:56
Without knowledge in Mainburg it is a desaster for Cars... 2 many 1way streets and many detours. Small villages around make your phone cry to get connectivity. We did it with vodafone and D1. LTE only in Mainburg, Au and Wolnzach. We took 4,5 hours by doing everything.

Not worth it if u travel from long distances only 4 that Mozambique...U will be frustrated often!

Thats why it is limited time only.

Ghostcat Nürnberg
   08-04-2018 22:50
Very nice Mozambique! Great unique tour and well designed way through...

I did it with a friend and we went through it in 4 hours with deploy, link and so on.

Unfortunately on Sunday no way to get some nice roasted original Nuremberger Bratwurst somewhere...all grills was closed. But we meet nice and friendly people....keep up the great work! ;)