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# Name Portale Aktion
1 随意门 7 Der Reihe nach 门事件,曾经有特工反映门与门之间其实是有联系,当附近的PORTAL能量不稳定时,可能会诞生出一对平衡空间的穿越门,穿过它们,你会发现两个不同的世界~(Scandal, there was in fact a link between door and gate agents reflect, when PORTAL energy near the unstable and may be born)
2 郵差叔叔 6 Beliebig 以前寄信、收信就多啦,但是隨住科技發展,傳統通訊方式不再依賴,現在都用微信了 咳咳,好似跑題了,徒步路線A(Send a letter before, receiving it much more attractive, but with live science and technology development, the traditional means of communication)