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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Wondae in 1 Day - Night 8 Der Reihe nach Last of three walking tours of the Wonkwang University campus, with portals to be hacked and questions to be answered along the way.
2 Kenora: Anishinaabemowin 6 Versteckte Mission Boozhoo! The bird you see is Aginjibagwesi, which is said to be the Spirit Keeper of the Anishinaabe-or Ojibway-language. Use your scanner to help you follow linguistic clues to destination portals.
3 Seodong Park 6 Beliebig Visited Seodong Park, marveled at the many portal sculptures, and hacked them all!
4 Exterminate! - University of Waterloo! 100 Beliebig Exterminate! Obtain! Upgrade!
5 Order of the Link Amps: Keewatin 7 Beliebig You who would join the mighty Order of the Link Amps must place the holy relic - He Extends! - on the following portals. Arise, Agent, and Extend!
6 Ingress Ballers - Football 7 Der Reihe nach Start your mission at University Stadium, home of the Laurier Goldenhawks! Snap to it and smash through all portal defenses! Capture all the portals on this mission to receive your trophy.
7 On The Won 7 Der Reihe nach Take a tour of the birthplace and headquarters of Wonbulgyo - Won Buddhism - here in Iksan!
8 The Baesan Marbles 8 Der Reihe nach Visit Baesan Park and answer questions about the many marble sculptures. Only close observation of the sculptures will help you answer the questions and complete the mission!
9 Ingress Ballers - Basket 6 Beliebig Welcome, Ingress Ballers! Starting out near the REV Basketball courts, your mission is to smash and capture portals all the way to the V1 courts. Good hunting, Agent!
10 Incheon to Toronto 6 Beliebig Earn this rare medal by flying from South Korea to Canada, or from Canada to South Korea, and hacking portals on both sides of your trip!
11 Ingress Ballers - Tennis 6 Beliebig Start this mission at the Waterloo Tennis Club, and smash or capture your way through until you've finished.
12 Wondae in 1 Day - Noon 8 Der Reihe nach Second of three walking tours of the Wonkwang University campus, with portals to be hacked and questions to be answered along the way.
13 Ingress Ballers - Billiards 6 Beliebig Fancy a bit of billiards do you, Agent? We know just the place. Start this mission at the historic Huether Hotel, sink a few, then head out and smash, capture or upgrade your way from pub to portal!
14 Bear Tree Park 8 Versteckte Mission Enjoy a trip to Bear Tree Park, with clues to be followed, and portals to be hacked!
15 Ingress Ballers - Lacrosse 6 Beliebig Welcome, Agents! Your mission is to start at the WLU lacrosse field, smash, and capture every portal that you see.