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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Secret Message of the Ridge 7 Der Reihe nach Figure out what Ridge Hill is trying to tell us
Mysterious Cats
   14-11-2017 19:13
Very cute and enjoyable. It is a straight forward set, but waypoints are hidden, so don't hack the portals that are not on the mission. Look at the clues to get the right destination.

Children s Missions of Mamaroneck
   25-05-2017 15:44
This is a very cute mission series. It takes you along the waterfront of the area.

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery
   25-05-2017 15:31
Mission is best done backwards

Central Park in the Rain
   25-05-2017 15:25
The mosaic is very pretty, but if you do not get there during the zoo hours then it might be very hard to complete.

Circle of Life - Bear and Salmon
   22-05-2017 17:15
The images that are used are cute. All of the portals are in the zoo and can only be accessed during zoo hours. Cell service can be a bit shakey in areas of the zoo, especially in the Asia section.

Proud Otter
   22-05-2017 17:10
It is a very nice mission to do. Lots of walking, but everything is accessible.

   22-05-2017 17:08
Very cute mission series. All the portals are easily accessible and everything is reachable by driving. There are a couple that use portals that are on top of each other, so care should be taken.

Justice Cats Of Ameowrica
   22-05-2017 17:06
It was a very nice mission series. There is a cemetery involved with some of them, however it appears to be open 24/7.