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OSLO freske
   22-09-2017 19:37
Quick banner mission, a nice souvenir from Oslo.

Ekeberg Blue
   22-09-2017 19:29
I was on a strict time-schedule, as i would do several banners and ingress-event that day. I took the tram 18/19 to "holtet" and walked from there. The start was quite slow, and I started to doubt i would be able to finish the banner within time. My estimate for this banner was 3h 15min. After the first 5-6 missions it started to get faster.

The park with all the statues are really nice. At one place there was even a natural "fog-machine" that was spectacular! And you will get a really nice view of Oslo.
I managed to do this in about 2 hours and 20 minutes, both my feet and I would have liked to spend more time in that park.

Footage of the fog:


Flag of Norway
   22-09-2017 19:02
Really like the banner! And the walking gave me a nice tour.

   03-09-2017 18:07
I did the mission today walked about 10 km and took a little over 3 hours. (That is taking no rides and few pauses). Really like the Mosaik!