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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Aesthetic 8 Beliebig Hack portals in Cookstown while listening to a different kind of music(on your car stereo or headphones while walking). "I'm giving up, on trying, to sell you things that you ain't buying!"
2 OK 12 Beliebig Come take an okay tour around Cookstown, and get some okay badge art!
3 Visit Tottenham 11 Beliebig Visit Tottenham ON, not to be confused with the neighbourhood in London. Home to the Tottenham Bluegrass Festival, and part of the town of New Tecumseth, visit and see what the community has to offer.
4 Cookstown Library 6 Beliebig Visit the Cookstown branch of the Innisfil Public Library, as well as the surrounding area.
5 Thornton Ice Cream 6 Beliebig Come grab a cone, or two, or three! Try out all three of Thornton's ice cream parlours, and hack while you enjoy.
6 Thornton (TO) 6 Beliebig Stroll through the small village of Thornton and take in the local sights while hacking portals. It's recommended you walk on a nice day to complete this mission. ||
7 Alliston Potato Festival 11 Beliebig Visit the Alliston Potato Festival, an annual event that has been ongoing since 1973. Featuring a parade, lumberjack show, lawn tractor races, and many other attractions!
8 Welcome to Thornton 9 Beliebig Explore Thornton, buy a flag at the Original Flag Store, or grab an ice cream cone at one of Thornton's three famous parlours.
9 Annual Cookstown Wing Ding 12 Beliebig Visit one of Cookstown's largest events; Wing Ding! Held the first weekend of every June, with over 100 vendors, and hundreds of individual garage sales, it's the perfect time to go treasure hunting!
10 Kempenfest 17 Beliebig Visit Barrie largest outdoor arts and crafts festival, Kempenfest! Occurring annually during the August long weekend since 1971, Kempenfest has expanded to include food and live entertainment too!