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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Explore, Sharbot Lake, Ontario 6 Beliebig Sharbot Lake is a community in the municipality of Central Frontenac. Known for its surrounding lakes and nearby Sharbot Lake Provincial Park take the time to explore the area.
2 Explore Madoc, Ontario 15 Beliebig Explore the town named after legendary Welsh prince Madoc ap Owain Gwynedd, credited by some with discovering North America in 1170
3 Explore Tweed, Ontario 10 Beliebig Tweed, Ontario is a community on Stoco Lake and the only urban centre in the Municipality of Tweed in Hastings County, central-eastern Ontario, Canada. Explore the village that was settled in 1830.
4 Explore Munster, Ontario 7 Beliebig Explore Munster (also known as Munster Hamlet.) This large village is situated south-west of Stittsville, west of Richmond, Ontario.
5 Chapman Mills Conservation 10 Beliebig This 23-acre parcel of conservation land is located on the west bank of the Rideau River on Prince of Wales Drive between Winding Way and Lodge Road. Visit the various portals along the pathway
6 Explore North Gower, Ontario 9 Beliebig Explore the village of North Gower. Once part of North Gower Township of Ontario this village is now part of the city of Ottawa.
7 Explore Claudette Cain Park, Ottawa 6 Beliebig Located in the community of Riverside South in Ottawa Ontario Canada this park was dedicated to the former Mayor of Ottawa Claudette Cain. Explore the walking trails, water park and soccer fields.
8 Explore Delta, Ontario 6 Beliebig Founded by Abel Stevens, a loyalist from Vermont, in February 1794 the village of Delta is host to various annual events such as an Agricultural Fair, a Maple Syrup Festival and a Harvest Festival.
9 Explore Apsley, Ontario 9 Beliebig Founded in 1865 Apsley is the main community of North Kawartha township. Located in the Ontario Canada this village is a naturists hotspot.
10 Explore Lafontaine, Ontario 8 Beliebig Originally called Sainte-Croix ("Holy Cross") visit the town of Lafontaine which hosts the annual Le Festival du Loup in July, a festival of francophone music and culture.
11 Explore Arden, Ontario 6 Beliebig Arden is a community within the township of Central Frontenac in eastern Ontario, Canada. Explore the village and maybe take a dip in Big Clear Lake.
12 Explore Havelock, Ontario 8 Beliebig Havelock-Belmont-Methuen is a township in central-eastern Ontario, Canada, in Peterborough County. Explore the well visited travel hub of Havelock.
13 Explore Carleton Place, Ontario 35 Beliebig Carleton Place is a town in Eastern Ontario, Canada, in Lanark County. Explore the numerous historical landmarks.
14 Explore Cardinal, Ontario 12 Beliebig Cardinal is a village located in the township of Edwardsburgh/Cardinal. Founded by Captain Hugh Munro in the late 1700s this village is a popular scuba diving spot along the St. Lawrence River.
15 Explore Richmond, Ontario 9 Beliebig Explore the village of Richmond. Founded in 1818 this village south-west of Ottawa spans the Jock River, a tributary of the Rideau River
16 Explore Iroquois, Ontario 13 Beliebig Located along the St. Lawrence River this is the former home of Canadian patriot and loyalist, Colonel Lorne Winfield Redmond Mulloy.
17 Explore Perkinsfield Ontario 7 Beliebig Located within the township of Tiny Ontario Perkinsfield is a gateway town to the popular Georgian Bay Balm Beach
18 Explore Oxford Mills, Ontario 6 Beliebig At its height Oxford Mills was the main centre of Oxford-Rideau Township and boasted a population of over 500. It remains one of most scenic places in the Municipality.
19 Explore Midland, Ontario 27 Beliebig Explore the town of Midland located on Georgian Bay in Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada. Founded in 1871 it is part of the Huronia region of Central Ontario.
20 Explore Pakenham, Ontario 14 Beliebig Explore Pakenham and its one of its kind in North America five-arch stone bridge. Named after Sir Edward Michael Pakenham this village has roots going back to 1823.
21 Explore Elgin, Ontario 8 Beliebig Once named Halladay's Corners the present name of Elgin was given in 1850 in honour of James Bruce, 8th Earl of Elgin, one time Governor-General of Canada. Explore this history rich village.
22 Explore Arnprior, Ontario 9 Beliebig Arnprior is a town in Renfrew County, in the eastern portion of Southern Ontario, Canada. It is located at the confluence of the Madawaska River and the Ottawa River in the Ottawa Valley
23 Explore Hastings, Ontario 8 Beliebig With a history going as far back as 1615 "The Hub of the Trent" is directly on the Trent River and serves as a major centre for tourists, boaters, and fishermen.
24 Visit Hartwell Locks, Ottawa 7 Beliebig The Hartwell Locks are a pair of two locks which sit adjacent to the campus of Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. Build before 1835 these locks connect the Rideau River with the Rideau Canal.
25 Explore Spencerville Ontario 10 Beliebig The village of Spencerville is a rural community located in Eastern Ontario, within Edwardsburgh/Cardinal township in Leeds and Grenville Counties. Explore the town named after David Spencer
26 Explore Carp, Ontario. 12 Beliebig Founded in the early 1800s the village of Carp has hosted one of the oldest fall fairs in Ontario since 1863. Explore the history rich area which also includes the famed Diefenbunker.
27 Explore Moose Creek, Ontario 6 Beliebig Visit and explore the village of Moose Creek.
28 Explore Perth, Ontario 22 Beliebig Explore the town of Perth Ontario. Established as a military settlement in 1816 after the war of 1812 Perth is located southwest of Ottawa along the Tay River.
29 Explore Almonte, Ontario 13 Beliebig Explore Almonte (pronounced "AL-mont.") This former mill town is located in Lanark County, in the eastern portion of Ontario, Canada. Hometown of James Naismith, the inventor of basketball.
30 Explore Lang, Ontario 9 Beliebig Lang Pioneer Village Museum is a living history museum located in the hamlet of Lang in Peterborough County, Ontario.
31 Explore Casselman, Ontario 12 Beliebig Casselman is a village in eastern Ontario, Canada, in the United Counties of Prescott and Russell on the South Nation River. Explore this travel hub of Ontario.
32 Explore Coe Hill, Ontario 6 Beliebig Originally settled in the 1860's Coe Hill is the main community in Wollaston Township of Ontario, Canada.
33 Explore Wilno, Ontario 6 Beliebig The community of Wilno, Ontario is situated in Renfrew County, Ontario. This community is the first and oldest Polish settlement in Canada.
34 Hop through Barrhaven 7 Beliebig From west to east move through Barrhaven hitting portals along the way.
35 Explore Foymount-Cormac, Ontario. 7 Beliebig Foymount is a small community situated in the township of Bonnechere Valley, Ontario, Canada. The village is popular for amateur astronomers given the high altitude and low levels of artificial light
36 Explore Calabogie, Ontario 6 Beliebig Explore the town of Calabogie Ontario. Located along Calabogie Lake the area is known for its wide range of year-round, outdoor recreational activities.
37 Explore Prescott, Ontario 15 Beliebig Prescott, Ontario is a small town on the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River. It was founded by Edward Jessup, a Loyalist soldier, during the American Revolution.
38 Explore Maxville , Ontario 11 Beliebig Explore the town that hosts the annual Glengarry Highland Games, one of North America's largest festivals of Scottish culture, on the first long weekend in August.
39 Visit the Diefenbunker 6 Beliebig In 1958, Canadian Prime Minister John Diefenbaker called for the construction of ‘Emergency Government Shelters’ to be used in the event of nuclear war. Visit this cold war era nuclear fallout shelter
40 Explore Ingleside, Ontario 6 Beliebig As part of the South Stormont township in eastern Ontario Canada this town sits along the St Lawrence River. Explore the town that anchors one end of the very scenic Long Sault Parkway.
41 Explore Merrickville-Wolford, Ontario 9 Beliebig Founded in 1794 the village of Merrickville was amalgamated with the former township of Wolford in 1998. Visit the area that was once vital for the building of the Rideau Canal.
42 Explore Douglas, Ontario 6 Beliebig Explore the small town of Douglas Ontario. Home of the Leprechauns!
43 Explore Maynooth, Ontario 6 Beliebig Located in Hastings Highlands just south-east of Algonquin Park, Maynooth is home of the Maynooth Madness and Logger Games
44 Explore Chaffey's Locks, Ontario 6 Beliebig Founded in 1822 Chaffey's lock's is a popular tourist spot in the Rideau Lakes Region. Visit village, the locks, the one lane swing bridge and the historic grist mill.
45 Explore Norwood, Ontario 8 Beliebig Located within the Asphodel-Norwood township Norwood is in central-eastern Ontario, Canada, in Peterborough County. Explore this quiet Highway 7 town.
46 Explore Osgoode, Ontario 14 Beliebig Explore this one time population centre of Osgoode Ward. Located in the rural south end of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
47 Explore Parham, Ontario 6 Beliebig Explore the small Central Frontenac Township town that hosts the annual Parham Agricultural Fair.
48 Explore South Mountain, Ontario 11 Beliebig Come visit South Mountain, a village in North Dundas, Ontario, Canada. Home of the Mountain Township Agricultural Society which has hosted the South Mountain Fair for over 150 years.
49 Explore Marmora, Ontario 11 Beliebig Marmora is the largest community in the Municipality of Marmora and Lake in Hastings County, Ontario, Canada. Explore Upper Canada's very first mining town.
50 Explore Fitzroy Habour, Ontario 6 Beliebig Founded in 1831 by Charles Shirreff this small town is located along the Ottawa River. Explore the the town that was amalgamated into the city of Ottawa in 2001.
51 Explore Lanark Village Ontario 6 Beliebig Explore Lanark Village. Located in the Lanark Highlands of Lanark County this village was once a major hub of the lumbering and textile industries.
52 Explore Elmvale, Ontario 6 Beliebig Visit the small Georgian Bay area village that hosts the Elmvale Maple Syrup Festival which has drawn thousands of visitors since 1966
53 Explore Smith Falls, Ontario 20 Beliebig Smiths Falls is a town in Eastern Ontario, Canada. Explore the city that was once a major railway hub for the Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto corridor.
54 Explore Vankleek Hill, Ontario 16 Beliebig Named after Simeon Vankleek, a United Empire Loyalist, Vankleek Hill is a community in Champlain township in eastern Ontario, situated 94 kilometre east of Ottawa.
55 Explore Manotick, Ontario 10 Beliebig Explore this community in the rural south part of Ottawa. Founded by Moss Kent Dickinson in 1864 the village of 'Manotick' is named after the Algonquin word for 'island'.
56 Explore Omemee, Ontario 12 Beliebig Omemee is a community within the city of Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, Canada. Explore the town named after the Omemee tribe which once hunted in the area.
57 Explore Mattawa, Ontario 7 Der Reihe nach Located on Algonquin Nation land Mattawa means "Meeting of the Waters" in the Algonquin language. Explore the same area once visited by explorers Etienne Brulé and Samuel de Champlain.
58 Explore Bon Echo Provincial Park 14 Beliebig Bon Echo Provincial Park is a provincial park in South Eastern Ontario. Explore the site of the Mazinaw pictographs that was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1982
59 Explore Franktown, Ontario 7 Beliebig Located within the Beckwith township Franktown is the Lilac Capital of Ontario and home to Lilac Lane, a park containing many lilac bushes that have grown there naturally over time.
60 Explore Lancaster, Ontario 9 Beliebig Explore the village that was once one of the original eight "Royal Townships" established along the Saint Lawrence River in Upper Canada in the 1780s by United Empire Loyalists.
61 Explore Russel Ontario 8 Beliebig The Township of Russell is a municipal township, located south-east of Canada's capital of Ottawa in eastern Ontario, in the United Counties of Prescott and Russell, on the Castor River.
62 Explore Coldwater, Ontario 7 Beliebig Coldwater’s first settlers came to the area in the mid 1700’s. Coldwater is said to be the second oldest community in Ontario with the nearby Penetanguishene being the oldest.
63 Explore Eganville, Ontario 14 Beliebig Eganville is a small community occupying a deep limestone valley in Renfrew County. Explore the community also known as the Ordovician Fossil Capital of Canada.
64 Explore Penetanguishene, Ontario 26 Beliebig Visit Penetanguishene and the surrounding area which was first settled by the Huron as early as 800AD. Explore the town which means "land of the white rolling sands" in Ojibwe.
65 Explore the Warsaw Caves of Warsaw Ontario Canada 7 Beliebig The Warsaw Caves Conservation Area and Campground takes its name from a series of seven caves found in the park. Explore caves that were formed thousands of years ago at the end of the last ice age.
66 Explore Finch, Ontario 8 Beliebig Finch is a small town on the Southern tip of North Stormont Township. Founded as 'South Finch around 1802 by eight families from Scotland this town formally became Finch in 1885.
67 Explore Petawawa, Ontario 11 Beliebig Petawawa is a town located in eastern portion of Southern Ontario, Canada. Situated in the Ottawa Valley Petawawa is the most populous municipality in Renfrew County.
68 Explore Embrun Ontario 6 Beliebig Embrun is a community in the Canadian province of Ontario in the Eastern Ontario region. Embrun is also part of the larger Russell Township in Prescott and Russell United Counties.
69 Explore Bancroft, Ontario 11 Beliebig First settled in the 1850s by United Empire Loyalist and Irish immigrants Bancroft claims to be the "mineral capital of Canada" and holds an annual event in August called the "Rockhound Gemboree"
70 Explore Kemptville, Ontario 16 Beliebig Located in the municipality of North Grenville in Southeastern Ontario Canada this community boasts a rich history going back to the early 1800's. Explore the community and take in the sights
71 Explore Lyndhurst, Ontario 6 Beliebig Officially renamed Lyndhurst in 1846 this southern Ontario village has history going as far back as 1801. Come visit the town that hosts the "Turkey Fair" celebrated annually in September.
72 Explore Westport, Ontario 13 Beliebig Westport is a village in Eastern Ontario, Canada. It lies at the west end of Upper Rideau Lake, at the head of the navigable Rideau Canal system, between Kingston and Ottawa
73 Explore Renfrew, Ontario 7 Beliebig Renfrew is a town on the Bonnechere River in Renfrew County. Explore the town that is also known historically for its role in the formation of the National Hockey League.
74 Explore Navan, Ontario 10 Beliebig Navan is a rural community in Cumberland Ward in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It is located southeast of the suburban community of Orleans. Explore the home of the annual Navan Fair
75 Explore Berwick, Ontario 6 Beliebig The hamlet of Berwick was first settled by four Cockburn brothers from Scotland in the early 19th century. Explore the former administrative home of municipal government for Finch Township.
76 Explore Greely Ontario 6 Beliebig Explore the rural community in Greely located in the southern end of Ottawa, Canada.
77 Explore Washago, Ontario 6 Beliebig Washago is a small community located north of Orillia close to Highway 11 in the Township of Severn
78 Explore Erinsville, Ontario 6 Beliebig Founded by Irish settlers in the late 1800s this small town is adjacent to the scenic North and South Beaver Lakes. Grab your hiking boots or jump into a canoe and explore the area!
79 Explore Athens, Ontario 6 Beliebig Athens is a township in the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville in Eastern Ontario, Canada. Explore the town that celebrates its agricultural heritage with 'Cornfest' and 'Farmersville Exhibition'
80 Explore Sydenham, Ontario 6 Beliebig Named after Charles Poulett Thomson, 1st Baron Sydenham, is a community in Frontenac County was once a major hub of the Canadian Northern Railway. Have a look around this quaint little town.
81 Explore Morewood, Ontario 6 Beliebig Established as Morewood in 1862, named by postmaster Alex McKay for the dense woods that surrounded the community, this small village in the North Dundas township is an ideal place to stop and visit.
82 Explore Metcalfe Ontario 9 Beliebig Metcalfe is a population centre located in Osgoode Ward, in the rural south-end of the city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Prior to amalgamation in 2001, the community was in Osgoode Township.
83 Explore Fallowfield Village, Ontario 6 Beliebig Originally settled in the 1820s by Irish immigrants the village of Fallowfield joined the city of Ottawa in 2001. Explore the area that was once a favorite stopping place for travelers.
84 Explore Killaloe, Ontario 9 Beliebig Killaloe is a town located in Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada. Explore the town that was officially proclaimed the birthplace of Beavertails!
85 Explore Mountain, Ontario 6 Beliebig Located in the township of North Dundas this small village does not actually have any mountains nearby but does have a decent pizza place!
86 Explore Stirling, Ontario 12 Beliebig Visit the town that is one of only three communities in Canada designated as a National Historic Site.
87 Explore Morrisburg, Ontario 12 Beliebig Morrisburg is a village that is part of the Township of South Dundas, located in Eastern Ontario, Canada. The 1813 Battle of Crysler's Farm was fought here between British and American troops.
88 Explore Riverside South 10 Beliebig The Riverside South community is one of Ottawas fastest growing suburbs. Visit the various portals that are throughout this community.
89 Explore Kinmount, Ontario 6 Beliebig Kinmount is a village with a population of approximately 500, located on the Burnt River in Ontario, Canada