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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Longford gallop 7 Der Reihe nach Visit Longford home of Buddy the horse, Buddy won the Kentucky in 1973, his owner Steven Francis, a Longford Native, commisiond a statue of Buddy in memory of this heroic accomplishment.
2 Athlone - The Heart of Ireland (Alt Ending) 18/18 6 Der Reihe nach Discover Athlone Town with this 18 part banner mission taking in the many sites of the town at the very Heart of Ireland. This is the alternate ending.
3 Advance on Roscommon Castle 8 Der Reihe nach Explore Roscommon town and visit some of the historical sights along the way. Roscommon castle and park are a must see for any visitor.
Easter Rising 1916
   27-08-2019 11:49
One portal in the very last mission 18/18 has been placed way out side the city in eastpoint and took me over an hour to walk to then another hour to get back to the city. And that is at a pretty fast pace. This was obviously done maliciously.

Irish Resistance
   18-12-2018 12:38
For anyone doing this banner, the Molly Malone statue was moved so a little difficult to find the start of the second mission. Only other criticism I would have was too many waypoints. Some are right on top of each other. Not great if you are after uniques.
Enjoyed the walk, and a nice banner for the scanner.

Glasnevin Cemetery Stage
   09-12-2018 1:04
Pretty good mission, some strange choices of portal selection. There are quite a few new portals in both the cemetery and the botanic gardens also a few changes in layout that obviously affected the route. 1 portal in the mission set is now in a maintenance yard. Got a bit of lucky drift to avoid trespassing. I think with the new portals available it would be a good time to revise the route and maybe remove some of the outside portals to make it a nice self contained banner. All in all a great walk through some lovely scenery and historic mouments.