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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Mahatma Gandhi Walk 8 Der Reihe nach Born and raised in a Hindu merchant caste family in coastal Gujarat, western India, and trained in law at the Inner Temple, London. 1869 - 1948
2 GIGER'S ALIEN - 15/36 6 Der Reihe nach 1978. - Story of H.R. Giger Aliens. Are you ready for Busgress? You have to take Bus 25 from Stratford Central to Central London all the way until Oxford Circus. Hack and visit some Waypoints.
3 L.C.E.F 11 Der Reihe nach London Courirer Emergency Fund - A public community for cycle couriers. Now you can see how to do it every day, how work as a team.
Isle of Frogs
   31-07-2017 10:01
For me was amazing, and excellent. DO NOT DO, if you are too pussy to make fun, and long walks.
Great mosaic, thank you a lot!