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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Amble in the Woods at Ramblewood 7 Beliebig Ramblewood is a great place to relax. Take a few minutes during your stay to seek out the portals there. You may find something on site you didn't know was there!
2 More Than Just Turkey Legs 27 Beliebig Come out to the Maryland Renaissance Festival. See all the sights. Watch all the shows. Eat all the food. Oh, and ignore the portals way off in the woods (that'd be trespassing).
3 Worship Along Maryland Rt 175 16 Beliebig Have faith... after this mission, you'll have experienced faiths of all types, or at least viewed their architecture.
4 Discover Odenton 7 Beliebig Welcome to Odenton. The railroad may have built this town, but there's a lot more here now.
5 Get Trained for Foreign Service 9 Beliebig Headed overseas? Before you go, there's a few things you need to do first: 1) register for classes; 2) hack all the portals at the Foreign Service Institute; 3) pay attention in class. FSI Access REQ!
6 Where Do the Gardens Grow? 12 Beliebig Take a tour through the National Arboretum and visit the various gardens that are on display there.
7 Discover Bowie State University 25 Beliebig Established in 1865, Bowie State University is the oldest historically black institution of higher education in the state of Maryland, and one of the oldest in the nation. Walk around and see it!
8 Caring for DC 7 Beliebig The Washington Hospital Center houses five separate hospitals for a range of needs. Hack each portal at the complex, but do not get in the way of care providers!
9 Can you tell me how to get to Baltimore? 6 Beliebig NO TICKET REQUIRED! There are many ways to get in and out of Baltimore. BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport hosts samples of several. Pay attention to which one is missing - there's a quiz. (Begins offsite)
10 Inspirational JFK 6 Beliebig Explore the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and discover the mark left by President John F. Kennedy on our nation. No tickets should be required, but please be respectful of the venue.
11 Hop, Skip, and a Jump 7 Beliebig Hopscotch Bridge in Swampdoodle? If these sound like something out of a children's book, head over NE DC, climb the H street bridge, and discover it for yourself.
12 No CAC? No problem! 6 Beliebig Agents in the greater Ft. Meade community know well the frustration of transiting on and off post, especially if they don't have a CAC. Visit these Meade area portals - no special access required!
The Dena
   11-07-2019 3:07
There is absolutely no logic to this series, except that all of the portals are in Pasadena. Be prepared for a lot of back-tracking and bring at least one heat sink with you.

Definitely one to do by car.

Journey Across The Bay Bridge
   11-07-2019 3:03
Much of this series can be done by car, and huge portions require a car (or a dedicated bicyclist) to travel from section to section. A few portals at the far south end of City Dock require a brief few minutes of parking there -- you can pay or take your chances with Annapolis PD. After that, there is another bit of walking at the Maryland WWII Memorial. Hit a few portals just off of US-50, and then detour to Sandy Point.

NOTE: if traffic is blocked off on Oceanic Drive (mission 12, third portal), then I highly recommend using the service roads to retrace your steps back to at least exit 29 or 30 on US-50. From there, get into the far left lane (EZ Pass required) and hack just as you drive through the toll booth.

If @spiderwolve sees this - please consider replacing that portal with another!

Hack a few more portals just over the bridge, and then be prepared to go on a long hike through Terrapin Nature Park. NO, REALLY, it's a very long walk. While there are a couple of porta potties along the trail, there are no other facilities, so be sure to bring along water, sunscreen, etc.
  • If it's rained recently, much of the walk will be mucky.
  • whether it's rained or not, much of the third-ish mile of the walk nearest to the beach is quite sandy -- be sure to have good shoes for this or be willing to remove them
  • depending on the time of the year, the insect life may be... prolific.

  • Once you're done with TNP, there are just a few portals in town, which are pretty straightforward (and, for once, not in-sequence), and the series is complete.

    Magnus Liminal Continuum - Boston MA
       24-06-2019 16:39
    This was my 4th LC set and was an easy walk through part of Boston Commons. Thanks!

    Greetings from Allston
       24-06-2019 16:37
    Nice series that was a nice way to spend some time in Boston.

    This mission set is clearly designed for walking or biking, but we managed to complete the bulk of it from the car. I HIGHLY recommend walking the first couple of missions in the downtown area near Oak Square, due to the portal density and oddly permitted/forbidden turns. After that, car works.

    First Saturday Annapolis May The 4th
       06-05-2019 4:52
    If you do this mission by foot, I recommend doing it on a weekday to avoid the mobs of people on the sidewalks in downtown Annapolis. Plan to hack ALL THE THINGS on your way back since the series is one-way.

    If you do this mission by car, I recommend doing it in the middle of the night or other similarly empty time. The routing follows the correct direction on one-way streets and the use of sequential portals means you are less likely to hack the wrong thing.

    Either way: be careful during #6 -- do NOT hack anything that is not highlighted by the mission. About halfway through, you'll pass a portal (Fishy Art Mural) that is not highlighted - SKIP IT because it'll be your next hack.

    Hershey KISS
       30-04-2019 4:12
    Highly recommend cargressing this or potentially biking it, as it's a long inefficient walk otherwise.

    Note: no need to go inside the park on this mission, so no entry fees.

    Elkhorn Amble
       30-04-2019 4:07
    While technically, the lake trail is offline after dark, we encountered more than a dozen other walkers during our late evening stroll around.

    Series is well laid out with very minimal backtracking.

    Reston Town Center
       30-04-2019 4:05
    I wouldn't want to do this on a weekend evening/afternoon with hundreds of people trying to park and shop and dine... but in the middle of the night it was simple and quick! While it might have been easier on foot (with the various one-ways), in the car, there was a LOT of backtracking that took me about 40 minutes.

    HARDY walk n LAUREL
       30-04-2019 3:55
    Cute little series, with decent routing and very little backtracking.

    Tour USNA
       30-04-2019 3:53
    Check the USNA website to verify hours when you can go "on board" (e.g., "on campus"; there is no fee and you need NOT go on the tour. You will, however, need to show ID and go through a metal detector.

    Given the nature of the campus and its portals, there are some places where there is what seems an interminable walk between portals, but that's the nature of a diverse environment. There are only a very few on-campus portals you won't get by doing this mission, so it's worth doing the series if only to get the uniques.

    Note: don't try to go during limited access times of year like commencement, Fleet Week, or similar. Spring Break, on the other hand, is a great time to go!

    Hayward The Black Hole
       29-04-2019 2:40
    Mission number seven involves portals at the local library; unfortunately, the entire block surrounding the library is fenced off (and into the street - no sidewalks on that side) while the library is being completely torn down. Two portals in #7 are in the middle of the block are not possible to reach and I had to abort after #6. (At least that full row was pretty).

    Honderful Balamer
       29-04-2019 2:35
    When doing this series on foot, the final mission forces you to go down a steep hill, cut over a block, and then walk back up that hill again. Recommend doing this when you're still fresh rather than tired from a long day. ;-)

    Tour Bowie State
       29-04-2019 2:30
    No repeat hacks, though the first portals of 2-6 are build/deploy on the portal you hacked for the ends of 1-5. (Order on these re-used portals is: hack, start new mission, deploy)

    Routing is as well laid out as possible and still get all of the portals on the actual campus. Recommend parking as close to Henry Way (the circle) as possible and walking from there, as the vast majority cannot be done by car.

    JHU Homewood
       31-12-2018 18:08
    It's a long walk, but mostly pretty.
  • Several of the "in order" missions are appropriate in order to keep routing consistent, but others are superfluous.

  • As stated earlier, keep track of whether the mission is hack or cap/upgrade and don't hack ahead -- and it's rarely (if ever) going to be a problem getting the caps here. Mission 19 is hack-only plus one passphrase (bluejay), missions 3 & 17 are cap/upgrade and the rest are hack-only
  • Mission 19 ends with a several hundred meter walk in one direction, and mission 20 begins with a 600 meter hike, mostly backtracking along mission 19's route.

  • There is plenty of security around the campus, but when I did the mission very late at night, on foot, during a campus holiday, they did not so much as give me a second look

  • Edgar Allan Poe
       16-11-2018 4:59
    If your drift is very nice, you can do this one without any wandering around.

    The first mission in each row is a hack mission (for each of the 3 portals) and the rest are cap/upgrade, so do not hack these portals before you begin. Do bring tons of low level resonators with you, or hope you get lucky when you glyph hack.

    Note: two agents can do this mission simultaneously and still have room to build/upgrade all of the missions.

    Queen CLT Uptown Series
       16-11-2018 2:17
    Infinite winding loops through the city. We ran out of time after 18, but still enjoy the picture we got from it.

    Super Smithsonian
       30-10-2018 20:29
    Disclaimer: I helped to play-test this mission and lobbied HARD for it to be created (and have continued to lobby for it to be left up for more people to enjoy it).

    As has been said before, this is a long walk but well worth it. This series takes a walk around the National Mall (not a shopping center, though there are certainly things to buy here & there) and takes you either inside of or at least right next to one of the greatest set of museums in the world: The Smithsonian Institution.
  • In case you aren't aware, the Smithsonian Institution is not a single facility, but rather well over a dozen. By the time you are done, you will have seen the outside of more than half and the inside of several others.
  • if you are DC visitor, plan on spending a minimum of 2-3 days to do this mission set, as it goes through some fo the most memorable sights in DC
  • If you are a DC local, ignore the museums and just get the portals hacked; you can be done in 2-2.5 hours.
  • If you do manage to knock this out in a single day, be aware that it both starts and ends next to the Smithsonian Metro stop.

    Yes, drift inside the buildings is abhorrent. Yes, there is public wi-fi, but it may only sorta be helpful. Be patient and walk around. See the sights outside of your phone. Be understanding in that the portals are frequently in the right building as the object they advertise, but are just as frequently nowhere near the actual object of interest.

    Quick walk around the front and interior of Union Station in DC. While the first few portals could be driven, walking is the much better idea since you're heading into the station itself.

    Beware of drift! But that being said, all the portals are very hackable, even if you have to to to the next hall over from where you think you should need to be.

    Recommend you NOT attempt this anywhere near rush hour.

    Annapolis Waterfront
       30-10-2018 17:25
    Twelve missions subtitled "getting lost in downtown Annapolis"

    Routing on this set is abysmal (as previously gone into in detail) with nowhere to easily park where walking is needed and no way to get back to your car when driving is needed.

    About the only things it really has going for it are:
    * pretty picture
    * Annapolis is a nice place

    Woodbury NJ
       30-10-2018 17:22
    Don't let the description fool you -- this mission is well laid out for walking AND for driving, depending on your preference.

    My only con about this is the picture which is incomprehensible, given its low contrast and sepia tones. Is it a stadium? A park? A building?

    The Po Boy
       30-10-2018 17:19
    I agree with nearly everything in the previous comment. A mission touted to be about Eastern Market and food that starts in that area and then heads off into the great urban sprawl is not much fun for the agent doing the mission. Better might have been to start at Eastern Market and go either down through Barracks Row (where there is a ton of local good food) or up towards the Capitol where there are at least sights to see aside from urbane urbania.

    Glen Burnie
       30-10-2018 16:52
    This mission is quick and very cargressable unless you're planning to boom, capture, field, etc... at which point you could be all night and you could also easily end up meeting several of the local players.

    National Harbor
       30-10-2018 16:51
    Very much what was said earlier about parking and then finding the first couple of portals. After that, though, it's a quick and easy mission with a pretty picture of the Harbor itself.

    Columbia University
       30-10-2018 16:48
    Pretty good routing, though a few of the missions could benefit from "hack in order" when the turns are not obvious.

    Definitely go during the day so that you can cut through buildings -- or don't and risk having to walk around one or two of them multiple times to get the drift just right.

    Central Park in the Rain
       30-10-2018 16:45
    Plan a couple of hours for this nicely laid out walking mission inside the park. If you don't go when the zoo is open, it's still doable if the drift gods are smiling upon you that day. If you go in the middle of a torrential downpour, then you too can say that you did "Central Park In the Rain"... in Central Park... in the rain.

    Historic Ellicott City
       30-10-2018 16:42
    I third what they said about the screwball routing. Head mostly east and east some more and east some more... and then go back past your starting point to go north now. WHAT?

    That being said, each individual piece of the mission (at least 1-16) is pretty well designed for walking as long as you're up for some hills. If you don't drive between 16-17, plan on taking it nice and slow since it's a very significant hill going through downtown.

       30-10-2018 16:37
    As mentioned earlier, this is a mission designed for walking or possibly biking (with some serious hills). You can drive it, but only if you're willing to simply accept that your lot in life for that hour or two is to drive around the block again... and again... and again.

    Routing is pretty good and the looping around is purposeful rather than random. The picture is nice and clean and very identifiable with the area. There are several good restaurants in the area to catch dinner afterwards.

    And There Was Much Rejoicing
       30-10-2018 16:33
    Mønti Pythøn ik den Hølie Gräilen Røtern nik Akten Di Wik Alsø wik Alsø alsø wik Wi nøt trei a høliday in Sweden this yër? See the løveli lakes The wøndërful telephøne system And mäni interesting furry animals The characters and incidents portrayed and the names used are fictitious and any similarity to the names, characters, or history of any person is entirely accidental and unintentional. Signed RICHARD M. NIXON Including the majestik møøse A Møøse once bit my sister... No realli! She was Karving her initials on the møøse with the sharpened end of an interspace tøøthbrush given her by Svenge - her brother-in-law - an Oslo dentist and star of many Norwegian møvies: "The Høt Hands of an Oslo Dentist", "Fillings of Passion", "The Huge Mølars of Horst Nordfink"... We apologise for the fault in the subtitles. Those responsible have been sacked. Mynd you, møøse bites Kan be pretti nasti... We apologise again for the fault in the subtitles. Those responsible for sacking the people who have just been sacked have been sacked. Møøse trained by YUTTE HERMSGERVØRDENBRØTBØRDA Special Møøse Effects OLAF PROT Møøse Costumes SIGGI CHURCHILLMøøse Choreographed by HORST PROT III Miss Taylor's Møøses by HENGST DOUGLAS-HOME Møøse trained to mix concrete and sign complicated insurance forms by JURGEN WIGG Møøses' noses wiped by BJØRN IRKESTØM-SLATER WALKER Large møøse on the left hand side of the screen in the third scene from the end, given a thorough grounding in Latin, French and "O" Level Geography by BO BENN Suggestive poses for the Møøse suggested by VIC ROTTER Antler-care by LIV THATCHER The directors of the firm hired to continue the credits after the other people had been sacked, wish it to be known that they have just been sacked. The credits have been completed in an entirely different style at great expense and at the last minute. Executive Producer JOHN GOLDSTONE & "RALPH" The Wonder Llama Producer MARK FORSTATER Assisted By EARL J. LLAMA MIKE Q. LLAMA III SY LLAMA MERLE Z. LLAMA IX Directed By 40 SPECIALLY TRAINED ECUADORIAN MOUNTAIN LLAMAS 6 VENEZUELAN RED LLAMAS 142 MEXICAN WHOOPING LLAMAS 14 NORTH CHILEAN GUANACOS (CLOSELY RELATED TO THE LLAMA) REG LLAMA OF BRIXTON 76000 BATTERY LLAMAS FROM "LLAMA-FRESH" FARMS LTD. NEAR PARAGUAY and TERRY GILLIAM & TERRY JONES

    Cherry Blossoms Washington
       30-10-2018 16:30
    As has been mentioned before, but bears repeating, this is a WALKING mission. While you might be able to bike it in the middle of the night, even that is not a guarantee in the time from March until May.

    If you don't feel like driving and parking, take the DC Circulator's National Mall route (for a buck) from Union Station or from multiple other points along the Mall (catch it from the north side unless you want to go the long way 'round).

    The mission itself is pretty simple and straightforward: hack all the things you're supposed to hack, but DO NOT HACK the passphrase portals until you're told to do so (unless you want to burn a lot of heat sinks). The passwords used are VERY obvious and won't be any problem at all.

    13MAGNUS Sculpture Crawl
       30-10-2018 16:26
    Why, yes, DC's National Mall does have a metric ton of sculpture, and this mission tries to highlight much of it. Be prepared for a walk that includes several staircases (the sunken sculpture garden at Hirshhorn as well as the few steps up to the Hirshhorn itself).

    Definitely pay attention to the clock, as there are several places where it's obviously trespassing after hours.

    DC Pride Parade Route
       30-10-2018 16:22
    Quick & clean mission with a great banner to boot! Simple to walk, drive, or bike... though I'd think twice about doing it right at rush hour.

    Seconding the earlier comment about being ready for Dupont Circle (is anyone ever ready for Dupont Circle?)

    Bei Bei s First Saturday
       30-10-2018 16:16
    I completed this over a period of two days: the 2015 #IFS and the Monday afterwards. I understand that multiple changes have been made since that time, so I'll just give basic info:
    * the zoo is built on a hill and it goes all over; prepare for a LOT of walking
    * hydrate and keep fed - this is a long series, regardless how you lay it out
    * if you want a little easier walking, come in from the Cleveland Park metro (to the north) and walk downhill to the zoo entrance. When you're done, walk downhill to Woodley Park metro (to the south).

    Crazy Cats in New Castle
       29-10-2018 21:00
    It's a quick mission with a bit of a mystery, but the questions are VERY easy to figure out. We finished easily in under an hour and we stopped often to take in the sights and the history.

    Do be respectful in the cemetery.

    Bawlmer Brew Tower
       29-10-2018 20:55
    Another vote for cargressing this one in the off hours. I did it on a Sunday evening and had no problems at all. In a few places, portal density may require you to pull over to catch up, but you shouldn't have any problem doing this.

    p.s. Yes, it goes through places that suburbanites may feel uncomfortable... it's a city, get over it or stick to the suburbs.

    Tour Embassy Row
       29-10-2018 20:46
    It's a beautiful walk (mostly) down Massachusetts Ave NW getting a good look at many of the world's embassies here in Washington. The odd jaunt off to the side around #5/6 is a little odd (pointless?) but it's still a nice walk if it's a nice day outside.

    Don't try this in a car, as many of the portals are just out of reach of the road.

    Plan your day and consider taking metro or even a metro BUS since once you've finished, you'll be several miles from where you began.

    A World Together
       29-10-2018 20:41
    This is a wonderful tour of downtown DC, but be aware that the early missions will spoil you with their very close hacks. The last two get a bit long between hacks -- something that can be disheartening after already having walked nearly five miles.

    Gallaudet University
       29-10-2018 20:38
    It's a pleasant walk around a beautiful campus. Routing works well.

    Note that after hours, you must use the main gate for entry. Yes, there is a security guard and a stop sign. If you're going through 51 weeks out of the year, you can pass right through with a wave. However, if you're trying it between Christmas and New Years, you'll be turned away.

    Suche nach R‘lyeh
       29-10-2018 20:31
    Fantastic banner - very happy to have had a chance to do it when I was in Frankfurt a few years ago. It's not an easy walk, but it's a gorgeous one, and gets you to see a large chunk of the city.

    As for the passphrases, if your German language skills are not up to par, remember that multiple choice can be guessed.

    Agalychnis maximus
       29-10-2018 20:29
    Very doable banner, even for non-German speakers. It is a long walk but a beautiful one.

    As for the passphrases, try to suss out the answer in the language that isn't yours, but if you can't, just guess. Since they are multiple choice (and there's no consequence for wrong answers), you'll get it right pretty quick.

    VB Sunrise
       29-10-2018 19:23
    I also did this in summer 2017 and highly recommend wheeled transport. Bike, surry, scooter, whatever, but otherwise, it's a long walk with lots of seemingly random side trips.

    Whatever you do, pay attention to the fact that you start at the far south end and work all the way up north... and remember that you'll still have to get your rented conveyance back south before you can be done for the night.

    Hokie Nation
       29-10-2018 19:20
    The end result is a beautiful view of Burruss Hall. Unfortunately, before you get there, plan to see much of campus multiple times from multiple angles. If you plan to walk it, plan to spend most of a day, as it's nearly 20km if you don't stop anywhere along the way for food, drink, or facilities.

    If you're on campus during school breaks (much better for parking), be aware that open buildings for fluid exchange are very limited.

    All in all, this mission is designed for locals who can knock out chunks of it at a time over a period of several days. If you're trying to do it all at once, some fo the repetition gets old and you're definitely going to want a chance to relax when all is said and done. For us, we took an Uber from mere yards from the endpoint into downtown to get dinner! Yes, we might have been able to walk there, but we'd already walked enough.

    Historic Old Towne
       29-10-2018 19:15
    If you're a local, this one is a snap. If you're from out of town and trying to maximize the number of missions you can do in one day (or one weekend), just pay attention - a LOT of attention. This mission CAN be driven, but it will involve a lot of driving around the block since there's a few missions set along one-way streets (fine for walkers, not so fine to drive).

    If you happen to come through when the farmer's market is open, it's a great chance to stop and browse - just don't forget to hack when you're supposed to!

    Kittens in Space
       29-10-2018 19:12
    Nice series that has nothing to do with kittens nor space, but instead is focused in and around both historic and modern Yorktown.

    Easy to drive (pay attention to parking signs) between areas and most of the walks are pleasant enough. Do pay attention to routing in/around the battlefield or you'll end up doing a lot of backtracking.

    Governor Thomas Johnson Bridge
       29-10-2018 19:03
    Pretty quick & easy mission - I did it just before starting the SOMD FLAG mission series (see separate review there). We finished in about 30 minutes, mostly from the car.

    Note that the individual missions absolutely have a specific order to do them in, but that the missions are not numbered in the titles. Use caution not to start the wrong mission next!

    Southern Maryland Flag
       29-10-2018 18:59
    100% concur with previous reviewers that this is for the locals or for folks who are visiting for an entire weekend. The routing is mostly logical except when it's really really not. There are a couple of parks that require both an entry fee and arrival long before closing time. If I'd not been sharing the weekend with friends, this would have been horrible. As it was, the time spent with friends (especially the parts where we complained about the mission) were great.

    For its time (one of the early banners in the DMV), this was ground-breaking. But now, when folks can get 18 missions without taking more than a few steps, a series like this is the technological equivalent of 8-bit graphics. Still cool in a cheesy, retro, old-school kinda way, but...

    Defend the District
       29-10-2018 18:55
    I originally completed this banner in March 2018, and recall it being a reasonable drive around the city, though I wish I'd not done it at party-o'clock on a Friday night as there were a few times that I sat in bumper to bumper party traffic for 3-4 cycles of the stoplights just to go a few car-lengths down the road.

    That being said, doing this on a weekend morning or on a bike or scooter would absolutely be a smarter way to do it.

    Fort George G Meade
       29-10-2018 18:44
    CAC or other DOD access required!

    This is a quick and dirty FIVE series (not SIX) that takes you to a couple of points both on and off post, hacking a few portals at each location and then moving on to the next location. I recommend using a car to get from one to the next, especially since #5 requires leaving post onto MD-175 and driving around to the MD-32 side to get the portals at the (now defunct) Vigilance Park.

    NOTE about National Vigilance Park portals (mission #5). The park has been permanently shut down as of Feb 2017, the planes and plaques have been removed, and there is a tall fence surrounding the site. If the drift gods smile upon you, then you can easily hit all of the portals. If not, keep driving up to the museum around the corner. Do NOT (repeat: do NOT) spend any excess time around the fence trying to get portals. The MPs who will approach you are not enthusiastic about anyone spending time around this construction zone with their phones/cameras out, especially late at night. . If they tell you to leave, do not argue, just leave and abort the mission.

    Catonsville Carnage
       29-10-2018 18:21
    As stated before, this mission was designed as a farm-killing mission, something that (for both sides) makes me annoyed.

    That aside, it's much simpler to complete this mission (for either side) by waiting until the weekly-ish demolition of the farm and coming in within a day or so afterwards. If not, be prepared to bring a LOT of gear (bursters or virii or both).

    Concur with driving it and with U-turns in a couple of places because of 40m limits. Yes, you could walk it, but then you'd just have to walk back, including a couple of significant hills!

    Catonsville Caper
       29-10-2018 18:17
    Interesting mix of walking and driving (definitely drive or bike between the disparate segments!) all through Catonsville. Each individual piece is lovely, though the routing between them seems sometimes tedious and sometimes force-marched.

    Definite agreement with the CERA trail - it's a linear trail with a hidden entrance (thanks for the GPS coordinates, fellow commenter!) that you go one way hacking, then turn around and hack coming back out to your starting point. Meh?

    Be aware that both CCBC and UMBC, while beautiful, have a LOT of stairs and while ADA ramps exist in some places, ADA compliance often involves using building elevators which ingressers may or may not be able to access.

    (Note: I did this mission in April 2018, so cannot speak to #4 being online or not)

    IngressFS Quantico
       29-10-2018 18:11
    As stated before, this entire series is backwards. BEGIN WITH 18, not with 1, and get used to having to do a lot of backtracking since each mission "ends" where the previous one "begins"

    When there s a Wil there s a Wheaton
       29-10-2018 18:09
    Cargressing took care of most of this mission, though there were a number of times and places where a quick pull-over or U-turn was necessary -- I recommend if you're going to drive, you do so far far away from anything resembling rush hour.

    All in all, it's a cute little jaunt.

    The Journey
       29-10-2018 18:04
    By car, this mission took significantly less than the listed 4-10 hours, but there are definitely a few places you'll need to park and walk around for a bit. As previously stated, it's worth doing some research and map-gazing before heading out since there are several portals that "navigating by ingress" really won't help for.

    I'd imagine that this would be doable by bike in roughly the time estimate given, but I would not waste my time walking the route - it's far too circuitous.

    QWP (Quiet Waters Park)
       29-10-2018 17:57
    Disclaimer: I'm the mission author

    I love Quiet Waters Park and think that everyone should take the opportunity to visit it; this mission is a good excuse to do so and a way to see many of its features. QWP has beautiful winding trails (main loop is just under 4 miles, all the spurs add just over 2 additional miles), a well attended dog beach and dog park (woof!), small watercraft rental (in season), ice skating (in season), a peaceful sculpture garden, numerous picnic pavilions, an amphitheater with scheduled live entertainment, and so much more. (end shameless plug for the park and reasons to spend the couple of bucks to bring your car insde).

    If you choose to not pay, you can park at the library across the street and walk in for free, but it's a MUCH longer walk this way; it's up to you.

    The mission itself starts outside the front gate (hack on your way in!), highlights some of the larger-than-life sculptures, then takes a stroll through the area around the Visitor's Center, then finally down the trails all the way to the South River. If stairs aren't your speed, the listed order of #6 will take you down a gently sloping trail to the NW of the steps.


    Sunrise Over Annapolis
       29-10-2018 17:45
    Beautiful graphic, well laid out mission. Concur with previous comment that driving is the way you want to go until you get down onto King George by St. John's. After that park (legally!!) and walk the rest, then grab a bite and a rest down Dockside, and walk back to your car.

    GOA Huntress
       29-10-2018 17:43
    If you are walking, then you will have no problem (except possibly exhaustion) with this mission. It is laid out very logically and there is only minimal backtracking.

    If you are driving, be prepared to pull over a LOT and/or drive around the block, since many of the missions end at intersections with no indication of which way to go to start the next mission. Unfortunately, there is no time to safely: a) hack the final portal from the last mission; b) find the new mission in the list and start it; and c) determine the direction of the first portal and make the turn, often from the wrong lane.

    Time for Music
       29-10-2018 16:12
    This is an extremely fast mission that can be completed in about 20 minutes while sitting in your car out front (or just hanging out on the street corner). The 9:30 Club itself is an local icon for independent music and has been The Place for decades. Highly recommended!

    Philadelphia City Hall - confidential
       29-10-2018 15:56
    Routing and layout are both nominally very good for this set. However, the tall buildings all around City Hall make for some highly irritating drift, so be prepared to cross the street a LOT. All in all, a fun and quick set!

    Philadelphia - Liberty Bell
       29-10-2018 15:54
    With no stops and no detours, this mission is a 10K hike. Be prepared before you set out and keep yourself hydrated (maybe even stop for a snack/meal along the way, as there is no end to the number of restaurants available).

    While some parts could be driven, there is enough that is walking only (and no looping around) that cars aren't a good option.

    Fort McHenry Ramparts
       29-10-2018 15:42
    This is a nicely laid out banner, with minimal unnecessary backtracking, though the NPS will sometimes cordon off an area which can make detours necessary. Before you think about ducking under/over a barrier, think about walking around -- there are no rules against walking on the grass here.

    Overall, it's a couple of hours so be sure to keep hydrated if it's warm outside. Be sure to enjoy the historical element as you go, being distracted by neither ingress nor the views at the expense of the other.

    I lt 3 York PA
       29-10-2018 15:31
    Fun mission in York. Note that the time estimates are strictly for hacking. If you capture, link, field, etc, this could take MUCH longer.

    Some of the routing could really benefit from having "specific order required" in order to facilitate cargressing, but if you walk the whole thing, there is no such difficulty.

    A Tour of Lititz Springs
       22-10-2018 21:57
    This covered most of the same portals as the fire and ice festival series, except this was entirely inside the park. Note: the first couple of portals are as you first enter, so if you hall on the drive in, you'll save yourself a bunch of walking.

    Park closes at sunset. Leave time to feed the ducks, it's with watching them swim upstream!

    Note that the image will soon be obsolete, as they chocolate factory is being turned into condos.

    Lititz Fire + Ice Festival
       22-10-2018 21:54
    As lovely stroll through the park followed by a lovely drive through town. Just be sure to start early enough to be finished by sunset.

    Capitol Fountain Series
       22-10-2018 21:52
    We managed the entire banner from the car, which was only possible because all of the government offices were closed and most of the area was deserted for the weekend. Had there been more cars and people, this would absolutely have required as lot of walking.

    Nicely laid out, though there were definitely a few times where it was obviously designed to be walked since missions ended on a street corner, with no indication where to go next until after the next mission began.

    Pretty graphic, good time, thumbs up!

    A Tour of Lancaster
       22-10-2018 21:47
    This was a nice mix of driving and walking. Most of it was drivable, but not Buchanan Park and F&M college. While the park is technically closed at sunset, we saw am ample number of college students walking through, and even one hanging out in the playground studying by laptop-light.

    Well laid out and an enjoyable trip!

    Bee Savage
       22-10-2018 21:40
    Not sure what Savage Mill or Savage, Maryland for that matter, have to do with bees, but the monsoon was quick and easy.

    We followed previous suggestions and parked on the zip line side, hacked our way down the hill, then into the mill itself, around the corner, and then back to the car to finish up. It pays to check directions for the next mission ahead of time unless you like like making u turns.

    Note that if the weather had been nicer, it could have entirely been done on foot. Those last two are just a bit far on a hot day.

    Revel Grove Tour
       14-10-2018 17:29
    Disclaimer: I'm the author

    I competed this banner in about 45 minutes this weekend without rushing. Please keep in mind that the passphrase portal is repeated as a hack portal on the next mission, so pay attention to what action your scanner is telling you to do.

    A Tour of Dundalk
       08-10-2018 4:47
    ENL warning: this is a RES troll mission. There are 99 hacks followed by a single deploy/upgrade on a portal that is nearly always L8E. If you have the time to spare, flip it, ultra strike a single resonator and then flip it back an hour later.

    Other than that, it's a lovely mission that is nearly all well laid out. I might have set 1-2 of them as in order to allow for more precise routing, but overall not bad at all.

    DC at night
       31-07-2018 4:25
    A nice spiral around the mall and many of the sights there. Very well laid out with no sudden turns. Just pay attention to when missions end -- the next one typically begins almost immediately. Recommend doing this in the evening after the museums have closed for the day! Concur with previous reviewer in that driving (or biking?) is much more recommended than walking.

    School House Rock (SHR)
       31-07-2018 4:15
    (creator here - finally got even so I could do the series)
    This series is NOT optimized for cargressing, but much of it CAN be cargressed. On a nice day,/evening it could also be a nice 2-3 hour walk around some of the bigger touristy attractions.

    Note about the places where you'll have to get out like the US Capitol (I'm Just a Bill), Union Station (Conjunction Junction), and American History (Mother Necessity)... you're going to need to find a place to park, which could be quite difficult at the wrong time(s) of day. We went around on a Saturday after the museums closed and it was no problem. There was even rock star parking next to The Court that was wide open.

    As far as accessibility, Mother Necessity is ONLY accessible if the museum is open; if the place is closed, you'll need to go up (and back down) a large flight of steps in order to go around the building.

    Red Faction In DC
       23-07-2018 4:02
    Typically, this mission is completely unachievable without hundreds and hundreds of bursters as well as scores of viruses -- it goes through entrenched strongholds of both factions where nobody likes to give up easily.

    Thanks to #calvinball (aka the Cassandra Neutralizer event), the area was already laid to waste and I was able to complete it with minimal effort.

    Glen Burning
       01-07-2018 3:10
    Reasonably laid out; only a few repetitive "didn't I do this already?"

    Large portions of these missions are cargressable, but #2 & #3 definitely require getting out of the car and walking more than a half mile. If you are biking it instead of in a car, this will be no problem at all.

    Rittenhouse Square
       19-06-2018 0:12
    All in all, a decent enough mission in a cute little urban park. Thanks!

    Only suggestions:
    1. Can't see most of the parkland in the banner graphic due to the low contrast name -- which is not quite high contrast enough to be able to easily read it (hint to creator: just do without the name, it's there with a quick click).

    2. Routing through the park isn't bad, but it could be improved by putting #2 at the end in the opposite (hack) order to cut down on retracing one's own steps.

    Black cats of Baltimore Avenue
       18-06-2018 20:38
    I highly recommend doing this by car, as there are a lot of streets to cross along the way, not all of which are at specifically pedestrian friendly intersections. If you walk, just watch your step and enjoy the saunter up Baltimore Ave.

    This is a simple mission set that is well laid out in a lovely urban park. What's not to love?

    Center City Skyline
       18-06-2018 20:34
    It's an easy amble down the street, with plenty of sights of Philadelphia to absorb along the way. Easy to find the Holy Grail on the walk back!

    Watercolor Philly
       18-06-2018 20:08
    Lovely banner, and easy to accomplish. You may need to do a bit of pacing back and forth along a 2-3m path between the tree and the bench if your drift is uncooperative.

    Oldest Photograph
       16-06-2018 17:02
    Two of us completed this in quasi-parallel in just over 36 minutes.
  • Person A did missions 1-15 in 12 min
  • Person A did missions 16-20 simultaneously with Person B doing missions 1-15 in 12 min
  • Person B did missions 16-30 in 12 min

  • Overall: 30 missions completed by two people in 36 minutes. And a great bit of history to boot!

    Note: while theoretically possible to run this with two people in parallel, I don't recommend it. The coordination would need to be airtight. And three cannot accomplish this without use of viruses.

    DMV Hospital Tour
       07-05-2018 19:08
    Disclaimer: I'm the mission creator.

    Mission is laid out in a good order, with minimal backtracking. For hospitals where fewer than six portals/waypoints exist, neighborhood portals were used to fill in the balance. Don't let the low efficiency fool you, there's plenty of other portals to interact with as you go from hospital to hospital!

    Note: this series was inspired by the HR Hospitals mission series. Special thanks to the original creator KillerNurse and to the creator (and green-to-amber modifier) of the gorgeous artwork, Brekke26.

    I lt 3 city life
       07-05-2018 18:59
    Though there is text about buses, I do not recommend this idea. Use a car to get around; it's nearly all laid out for cargressing. The only difficulty is when a mission ends at an intersection and there's no indication which way to turn without starting the next one -- something that's impossible to do while traveling through the intersection. If this were a walking mission, then there'd be all the time in the world. But over 25km is not, generally speaking, a walking mission.

    I recommend to the creator that final portals be AFTER a turn, not immediately before it.

    Metro Line Series
       19-04-2018 15:12
    Much easier to do OUTSIDE of the promenade; drift is a killer inside.

    HR Hospitals
       26-03-2018 12:12
    Great series! Routing makes a lot of sense and is well explained. Though all of the portals are on hospital properties, nothing interferes with operations and no portals require entry into the buildings.

    Note: construction at #12 makes one portal VERY difficult to hack without serious drift involvement. It's easy to see where this wasn't the case before construction and won't be the case after it's completed.

    State Street Mission Series
       20-01-2018 21:02
    Completed all but the final over 3 days: 8.5h first day, 1.5h second day, 1h third day, but could have done the whole thing in 10-11h. This is not recommended for walking. Biking is possible if you're in very good shape!

    Highly recommend using TSP solver to determine route ahead of time (like this one). We started with Arizona initially, then cleaned up far NorthEast and far SouthEast on successive days.

    EDIT: big thanks to the author who re-jiggered the 54th mission to be infinitely more reasonable and accessible.

    Day One map

    ViVa Vienna
       30-10-2017 18:32
    Entire set is cargressable EXCEPT #6 . There are a couple of odd detours, but nothing that can't easily be handled. Be careful not to hack anything that is not highlighted by the current mission, as some nearby portals are used by the NEXT one.

    Anne Arundel Community College
       23-10-2017 19:58
    Not initially designed as a banner, there's no good reason not to do all six while you're there, even if it dies mean criss-crossing campus a third time.

    U S Capitol
       23-10-2017 19:19
    Always ensure that the entire site is free of construction, special events, and random security cordons before beginning. Very easy to get into the second row and discover members of the USCP telling you "no, you can't do that".

    ENL 13MAGNUS Reawakens tour
       23-10-2017 19:11
    This is a great route for walking (and maybe for biking), but not for driving due to one-way streets. The whole thing starts and ends at the hotel that acted as the ENL host hotel for DC's 13MR.

    Getting Bacon Donuts
       23-10-2017 19:08
    This series, which technically achievable by car, is NOT recommended. Much more achievable by bike or foot!

    Exploring Ft Meade Md
       23-10-2017 19:00
    Definitely will want a car or bike to get around. If you bring a car, you will end up parking it several times, though -- be prepared to walk, too!
    Overall a nice series, though the banner artwork is massively truncated from the original. The version used is truly a disservice to the original.

    Tour Columbia
       23-10-2017 18:53
    Geographically disparate missions strung together on a whim!

    Each individual mission is fine, but the routing all over Columbia is without any purpose. Inclusion of JHU/APL, doubly so.

    One World Vision
       23-10-2017 18:47
    Be respectful of the residents of the monastary when you go.
    Be warned of serious drift, especially in the back corner. This mission is not designed for 24/7 access!

    Presidential Washington
       23-10-2017 18:31
  • Park your car near the mall
  • hack the first four missions
  • drive to #5 (several miles away), park, and hack
  • drive to #6 (several miles away), park, and hack

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