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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Landbeach Loiter 19 Der Reihe nach Explore the village of Landbeach
2 Trumpington Trot 18 Beliebig Explore the ancient village of Trumpington, setting of the third of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales but now swallowed up by Cambridge.
3 Ribchester Romp 8 Beliebig Visit the old, quaint village of Ribchester on the banks of the River Ribble. See the remains of the Roman fort of Bremetennacum, the historic church in Stydd and today's village centre.
4 Haslingfield Hop 8 Der Reihe nach People are thought to have been living in Haslingfield for over 3000 years. Come and enjoy a piece of prehistory. Misson badge from Wikipedia, under a Creative Commons from Keith Edkins
5 The Easy Cambridge Pub Quiz 11 Der Reihe nach A walk and quiz focused on Cambridge pubs. As this is meant to be an easy quiz, all answers are multiple choice or readily Googleable. Harder quizzes may follow...
   12-01-2018 13:40
An easy trot round the seaside town of St Gilles - Croix de Vie. There are a lot of portals on the promenades so it's an easy way of picking up a lot of unique portals quickly. It was one of the first banners I did so like a muppet I ended up doing them in reverse order!

A Mind Blown
   12-01-2018 13:35
Not 24/7 because of the need to access Holt Island. This was open when I did it (Bank Holiday weekend) so I didn't need to arrange getting the key - it's worth checking in advance.