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San Gimignano Panorama
   22-06-2018 10:38
Nice mosaic, easy to achieve but not easy for parents or wheelchairs.
Though quick to do. It gives a nice view of the city, I just did not like the final two portals in the final mission. Those should have remained in the city and not so far out. Even though the site was nice to visit, or re-visit.

   24-04-2018 7:29
Obviously I walked my mission twice (once for research and once to get this mosaic myself). I tried to make the missions a bit "educational" and fun.

What I personally enjoyed the most (walking late afternoon in spring) is that there is always a nice view of the fortress from all different directions.

I hope you have as much fun with completing this mosaic as I did creating this.

If you have additional time. Visit the Riedel store for nice quality glassware, have dinner in one of the nice restaurants on the "Unterer Stadtplatz" and obviously visit Kufstein Fortress.

Ulm Mosaik
   20-12-2017 20:57
I startet this mission and broke it off after the sixth. The answers were too hard to find. 570 km to Paris, 18 at the Bauamt, the Kapelle. The mosaic would be very nice though, but don't do this one at night or during Christmas or any time there is a market.

Da Kini in Fiassa
   19-12-2017 22:38
It took about 1:45 by walking (in Winter) and the result is a very cultural mosaic. The questions actually are related to the locations/portals you visit and you see a lot of Füssen, without the feeling of re-visiting too many portals (45 unique versus 109 portals).
If you have the opportunity to do this mission, then you should!

Ehingen (Donau)
   19-12-2017 22:30
A very nice mosaic. Though for the questions you'll require help from someone with German language skills. It took about 2:30 hours. Some missions send you back and forth which does not help in getting a positive rating in my opinion.
Still a very nice mosaic.

   12-12-2017 19:46
Nice mosaic, but there are not a lot of unique portals, especially in the last missions, that could have been a bit better. The questions were not very thought through; "What mission number is this".
When going through I only hacked and deployed which took about 1:30 hrs, the end result is very nice.

Kralingse plas Skyline
   08-12-2017 19:28
The banner is amazing!! You can park for free, which requires some "back tracking" in the beginning. As already mentioned by others, be aware in mission 2 you have to go through the petting zoo which you'll have to check for its opening hours. In mission 4 there could have been a few more "Waypoint" to help guide through the park and the last mission (#6) could have ended closer to the car park.
I only hacked, at certain moments deployed and a few captures, and it took me almost 2 hours at around 10km.