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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Norwich Research Park 6 Beliebig A short, any order hacking mission around Norwich Research Park
2 Parker's piece, Cambridge 12 Beliebig A short hacking mission around Parker's piece, large open green space in Cambridge city centre. Allow 15-20 minutes to complete this mission.
3 Great Staughton Highway 6 Beliebig A hacking mission visiting the portals discovered by agents along the highway section of the village. Will take around 10 minutes to complete
4 Crown to Town 9 Der Reihe nach A classic pub crawl pilgrimage from the Crown In Eaton Socon finishing at the Bull's Head in St Neots
5 St Neots Common Walk 10 Der Reihe nach A walk from Little Paxton to St Neots along the public footpath, showcasing the beautiful common green
Southampton Biocard 2018
   08-10-2018 11:57
Straightforward to complete, a couple of small backtracks at points but overall a great banner

St Peter Mancroft
   27-09-2018 23:12
Great banner, just don't go nuts hacking absolutely everything you see or you may end up using heat sinks!

Norwich Coat of Arms
   27-09-2018 23:11
Excellent banner - only one portal i found annoying (I think mission 14) where the final portal in the mission head off a couple hundred metres off track then you have to get back to that point.

University of East Anglia
   13-09-2018 23:01
Very easy straightforward banner, was the first I did in a proper order for my scanner back in January 2018

Tour of Eaton
   13-09-2018 22:57
Didn't really enjoy doing it myself so its offline now

Tatlin s Tower
   13-09-2018 22:55
Took about 5 hours glyphing and fielding as I went. Easy to complete with no stumbling blocks however a couple of mission start/end points are a bit far from the previous portal hacked. Overall would recommend as was great fun doing this in 2 feet of snow!

Norwich Electric X-Faction
   13-09-2018 22:52
Very short easy banner completed in less than half an hour

Norwich Civitates Orbis
   13-09-2018 22:51
First 18 or so missions are great and loved doing them. Last few just feel a bit drawn out due to much lower portal density. Overall though was good fun and did it over two evenings

Sheffield Town Hall
   13-09-2018 22:49
Fantastic banner, route is well thought out and took me about 2 hours in the snow back in January just tap hacking and capturing.

St Neots - Day out
   13-09-2018 22:47
A few of these mission are nice and easy and as BardofEly says, must check status of portals or bring flip cards to do the right links and fields. One mission though took 2 hours by a mix of driving and walking and a couple route choices make no sense at all. 22km for 6 missions is very excessive

Gog Magog
   13-09-2018 22:35
Loved completing this banner - claims a large amount of uniques that you wouldn't normally think of visiting (e.g. Cherry Hinton Brook). Its a long banner for a reason! only annoying bit was the long distance on mission 4 from portal 1 to 2 but no real complaints. 5*

We Are Human
   13-09-2018 21:09
Only small gripe is a slight backtrack (on mission 14? I think), but not more than a minute to find the right road to take. Overall a good day out seeing parts of Cambridge you wouldn't if you came for the shops!

   13-09-2018 21:06
Overall a good banner. A couple of occasions the gaps between portals seem overly large and one or two back tracks but never a dead end and nothing that makes me want to give less than 4*. Easy to complete and to my memory no issues with access. Also easy to find the next mission from the last

Cambridge Jack
   13-09-2018 20:56
Very nice and easy banner. Only small complaint is mission 3 takes you down a road then all of a sudden you go back to the main road, rather than following the path

   13-09-2018 20:02
Great banner, enjoyed smashing and fielding while observing the plant life in the gardens. Further to a previous comment, the work in the SW corner is not complete (August 2018) and a worker indicated it could be summer 2019 before completion. The out of reach portal is accessible via a thin trail between the fencing and some trees

SJS C elegans tribute
   13-09-2018 19:58
Great banner, just one long straight road!

Bro Cambridge
   13-09-2018 19:51
Felt like extra portals were included just for the sake of it in places but decent quick banner overall

Bedford Town Bridge
   13-09-2018 19:50
Summary: Misses random portals along the way and you're unsure whether to hack for the unique or not. Also one occasion (perhaps mission 4/5?) where the final portal of one mission is the same as the first of the next. A couple missions you have to double back on yourself which is kinda annoying with busy roads. The first 6 missions felt very drawn out but the second 6 felt overall better. Decent banner and would recommend it to others due to the quick nature.