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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Kiwi Bean's Watt Street Wander 14 Beliebig Kiwi Bean is back with another East Kildonan mission! Wander up (or down) Watt Street, for some quality hacking and fresh air! Kiwi Bean gives this wander 5/5 meows .
2 Onanole (but also in my Heart) 6 Beliebig But no really, Wikipedia claims the name was suggested by the postmaster and was named after the Onanole Hotel in the Adirondacks (United States). The American hotel was "on a knoll".
3 On the way to the Thresherman Reunion 6 Beliebig Take a road trip through Macgregor & Austin on your way to the Manitoba Agricultural Museum. . (Note: Some waypoints are inside the Museum property, please insure they are open before starting)
4 A Rivers Rendezvous 10 Beliebig The small town of Rivers is just ready for hacking!
5 Kiwi Bean's Kimberly Walk 7 Beliebig Kiwi Bean invites you to take a walk down Kimberly Ave with her! (well, in spirit) This mission Provides a walk from one side of Kimberly Ave to the other!
6 Omand's Creek Greenway Walk 11 Der Reihe nach Follow the Omand's Creek Greenway trail from Omand Park to Westview Park, taking a break to stop in Bluestem Nature Park.
7 Plum Coulee Punch 13 Beliebig Home of Plum Fest, and a... very unique town mascot?
8 Some time in King Spud Country 13 Beliebig A major producer of high quality spuds, Carberry is also a great place to get your hack on!
9 A Swinging Good Time in Souris 8 Beliebig Take a hacking tour through Souris Manitoba, home of Canada's longest historic cable-stayed footbridge,
10 More than a small town 21 Beliebig The sign really says it all, come explore Manitou!
11 Kiwi Bean's Monroe Ave Route 11 Beliebig A collection of portals under the protection of the kitty cat Kiwi. This route provides an fun trip down Monroe Ave in East Kildonan!
12 A Day in Eriksdale 6 Beliebig Tour Eriksdale, a charming community a hour north of Winnipeg. Check out local community events and enjoy great interlake fun! (Remember it's not your Dale, it's Erik's Dale. )
13 Home of Tommy the Turtle 6 Beliebig Boissevain is home to not just Tommy though, come see amazing art and scenery!
14 A Wild Goose Chase up the #6 6 Beliebig Take a wild goose chase up the #6 Highway from Oak Point & Lundar, home of the Marshy Point Goose Refuge which provides space for upwards of 10,000 birds a year.
15 One mans misspelled Verden is another mans Virden 8 Beliebig This hacking tour takes you through the small town of Virden Manitoba, Fun fact, the origin of the name, Virden, allegedly arose as a misspelling of the German town Verden.
16 The Happiest Rock in the World 6 Beliebig Tour Gladstone, home of the best pun based mascot and $93,000 statue, the Happy Rock.
17 From Golf Balls to Diamonds 6 Beliebig Take a trip along Highway 5 and discover the communities of Gilbert Plains, Grandview and Roblin. Say hi to Gilbert the Golf Ball, bask in the Jewel of the Parkland and make sure to Have A Nice Day.
18 Dauphin Parks 9 Beliebig Dauphin is home to several wonderful parks & open areas to have a relaxing afternoon. Explore some of them with a mission around town and discover your new favorite place!
19 A Landlocked Viking 6 Beliebig Just South of RMNP is the small community of Erikson, take a trip to see them and feel the Viking spirit!
20 St. Rose du Lac Road Trip 10 Beliebig Take a tour around the St. Rose, Laurier and Ste. Amelie area and see the interesting sites of these small towns.
21 Alexander the Great (local urban district) 6 Beliebig Alexander is a tiny community just west of Brandon Manitoba with lots of history to discover!
22 Music in Carman 31 Beliebig Carman Manitoba has a big art community. Home of The Carman Fiddle & the Tempo Festival of the Arts, take a musical tour of everything this small town has to offer
23 Ugly Duckling No More 10 Beliebig Visit peaceful Swan River Manitoba, Manitoba's 15th largest community. Home of the Northwest Round-up and Exhibition and yes, a ridiculously large swan.
24 Beef & Barley in Russell 13 Beliebig Home to the Beef and Barley Festival & just south of Asessippi Provincial Park, take a trip through the farming town of Russell Manitoba.
25 Cordite Trail Walk 10 Beliebig Follow Cordite Trail in East Kildonian for a relaxing nature walk. This mission follows the western side of Cordite Trail.
26 Bunn's Creek Trail Walk 9 Der Reihe nach Take a delightful walk down Bunn's Creek Trail. This mission starts at the North Western part of the trail on Henderson Highway and follows the trail to Gateway.