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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Seirijai 1 6 Der Reihe nach Seirijai (Polish: Sereje, German: Serrey) is a small town in Alytus County in southern Lithuania. In 2011 it had a population of 788.
2 Seirijai 5 6 Der Reihe nach Seirijai (Polish: Sereje, German: Serrey) is a small town in Alytus County in southern Lithuania. In 2011 it had a population of 788.
3 Seirijai 2 6 Der Reihe nach Seirijai (Polish: Sereje, German: Serrey) is a small town in Alytus County in southern Lithuania. In 2011 it had a population of 788.
4 Seirijai 6 6 Der Reihe nach 2016m. pastatyti vartai Seirijų 505 metų sukakčiai paminėti.
Hillegom Banner
   16-05-2019 18:30
the route is really uncomfortable, at first the distances between portals are really big and in the end you need to go back and forth... my offer to do it by bike or a car.
and for the creator, try to fix the route, because picture is beautiful and there's more portals to add into banner ;)

Saturday in Panevežys
   11-10-2018 11:12
be careful doing it, do not hack portals if not needed, there were a lot walking back and fort, passing portals without hacking and coming back to hack those... did not liked this part, but otherwise route is not bad. Mission 6 and 7 portals are in the cathedral area behind the fence (most entrances were locked in the evening), so just walk around and you'll find the way in.

Panevėžio Panorama
   11-10-2018 11:08
Very nice and easy. well planned not back and forths, had a nice time doing this one.

   14-08-2018 7:22
Took me 3h17min to do by foot, i walked a bit over 17km for this one. Not the perfect banner but not the the worst either, route is quite good at the beginning and becomes difficult at the end where you need to go 750m to reach next portal and it repeats couple of times in 21 and 22 missions. However i enjoyed it most of the time, caught a lot of unique portals and saw some interesting parts of town.
If you thinking of doing this banner consider how much time you have.

Garbingi kryžiai
   03-07-2018 12:46
Took us 4+ hours to do this one, needed a lot of keys, ADAs and driving back and forth, would be easier to do this alone or in a pair (we were 5). Have a really good linking plan before starting this one.

Palangos tiltas
   03-07-2018 12:40
Really nice, easy and well made. Nice walk around Palanga, highly recommend this one.

Wallenstein Memmingen
   16-02-2018 9:06
It is great that there is a mosaicin this small and beatiful town, but the way it is made I'm not too happy about.
First of all, pasphrases are in german! (no basics in german whatsoever) BUT the good thing you just need to choose the right answer (a, b, c, d) thank you for that!
Second, the road, well the starting and the end point is not very comfortable i think. 1-21 missions are fine, the road is good, nice places, especially good in the city center BUT the last three... Waypoints are really far from each other (300m, 600m) and the walk is not too comfortable.
Took me 4 hours, but i am a fast walker. So consider your time.

Welcome to München
   16-02-2018 8:47
Really nice, quick and easy.

Marienplatz München
   16-02-2018 8:45
I have mixed emotions about this one. On one hand easy and pleasant walk, nice places not too hard, on the other hand passphrases are in german!! (have no basics in german whatsoever), took me a while to find the answer to the first one (answer 1158), also there are way too many similar type/color mosaics around this one and it is hard not to fail with starting the wrong one... and yes on the 24th i failed and did the wrong one... so be attentive :)

I Love München
   16-02-2018 8:36
Nice and easy. Especially comfortable if you come to main station and then walk to center.

Town Hall of Kaunas
   16-02-2018 8:33
Loved it, wonderful picture, amazing road, perfect for old town tour. Took me around 4 hours.

Panemuniai Regional Park
   16-02-2018 8:26
beautiful places, amazing roadtrip, took us 5-6 hours, but for the best experience i would offer to take a daytrip with teammates and picnic to enjoy the view.

Kėdainių agurkas
   16-02-2018 8:17
Really nice picture, perfect for the city :D Mosaic was easy and pleasant.

Lazy Cat
   16-02-2018 8:10
Really nice and easy. BUT till the end of 2018 Vienybes square is under reconstruction and it's hard to reach few portals from missions 1, 8 and 18, at this time you need to walk around a bit. Besides that it's a real lazy cat mosaic.

Panorama of Kaunas
   15-02-2018 8:01
Easy and fast. Recomend to those who dont have a lot of time. Thank you!

Kaunas SkyLine
   15-02-2018 7:58
Very easy, very fast. Recomend for everyone who wants fast mosaik with less efforts. Nice picture too. Thank you!

Tallinn Kraken Kitten Adventures
   09-01-2018 7:56
Easy mosaik, at first i was surprised that it's out of oldtown, but after that i was happy that i saw some new Tallinn not only oldtown. Road pretty easy, there were some questionable portal choises, but it's nothing really terible.

Seasons of Old Town
   09-01-2018 7:47
Very nice, easy and comfortable. Did by foot, pretty quickly. Loved that you need to link every 3rd (or so) mission. Higly recommend.