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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Take your dog for a walk! 6 Beliebig Come bring your four legged fur child out for a walk near Modesto's dog park.
Arctic Chatedral Mission
   02-06-2018 12:39
Beautiful banner! Do not try to do it on foot. The agent who created it met up with me and another agent and is super awesome. This banner is a must do if you're ever in northern Norway.

Cali RES Flag
   15-08-2017 18:50
My new favorite banner. You will be hacking the same portal multiple times. The first half you walk around a nice little park by city hall a few times and then the rest of it is driveable.

   04-05-2017 19:54
I like the mission but feel it could have been more better designed as we would complete one mission of the series, start the next one and the portals for that mission would be behind us. It was a lot of back-tracking. I love the mosaic but completing it was a pain.