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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Visit Hilton Falls Conservation Area 6 Beliebig Geocaches, mountain biking, 33.5 km of trails, and of course, the waterfall, Hilton Falls is a beauty to explore at all times of the year. Immerse yourself in the outdoors, mere minutes from home.
2 Ireland Park 6 Beliebig Take a walk around this Burlington ON park.
3 All Around Alton 12 Der Reihe nach Take a tour all around Alton Village in North-East Burlington.
4 Glen Eden 6 Beliebig Hack some portals while you explore Milton's ski hill.
5 Hunter's Bay Trail 6 Beliebig This is a walking, running, cycling trail about 3.8 kilometres in length. It is part of the 52 kilometres Trans Canada Trail that runs through Huntsville, ON.
6 Hwy 5 Drive 12 Beliebig Take a drive along Hwy 5 from Burlington to Waterdown.
7 Marvellous Millcroft 8 Beliebig Take a tour around this beautiful golf course community in northeast Burlington.
8 Historic Rock Chapel 6 Beliebig Flamborough's historic original Rock Chapel United Church closed its doors after 141 years of service to this rural community.
9 Historic Campbellville 6 Beliebig John Campbell settled here in 1832. Soon after a saw mill and tavern opened. Campbellville's first store and post office were noted in 1849.
10 Visit Kearney 6 Beliebig Hack some portals while you explore this area and discover why Kearney is known as "the biggest small town!"
11 Shell Park 10 Beliebig Visit portals in and around Shell Park in Oakville, ON.
12 Outdoor Gallery Tour Huntsville 17 Beliebig Murals are scattered around Huntsville ON, how many can you find? These murals are of Group of 7 paintings and are part of large Ontario art project called The Group of 7 Outdoor Gallery Tour.
13 Millcroft Park 6 Beliebig Take a walk around this in North-East Burlington park and find the small and large play spaces, basketball court, sports field, fenced tennis courts, 3 diamonds, and a splash pad.
14 Visit Mt Nemo Conservation Area 6 Der Reihe nach Escape the crowds at the other parks; explore the caves, climb the cliff faces, and enjoy the secluded trails and gorgeous vistas of Mount Nemo. It’s a hiker’s paradise away from the city.
15 Historic Drumquin 6 Beliebig Drumquin's original wooden school/church was first renovated in 1848. New brick construction started in 1914. Drumquin pioneer cemetery is between the new brick church and site of the original one.
16 Strathcona Gardens 6 Beliebig Explore this neighbourhood hacking as you go!
17 Burlington Farmers 7 Beliebig "Farmers Feed Cities" was a campaign started to help support Ontario Farmers. North Burlington has many wonderful farms open to the public.
18 Churches of Huntsville 6 Beliebig Glyph hack some of the churches in this cottage country town.
19 Screaming Heads of Almaguin Highlands 9 Der Reihe nach Peter Camani created this surreal artscape. Huge cast-concrete sculptures scatter his 310-acre property. Locals refer to it as "Screaming Heads". Visitors are welcome to wander the trails and enjoy.
20 Great Lakes Blvd 9 Der Reihe nach Explore portals on and around Great Lakes Blvd. in Oakville.
21 Historic Lowville 6 Beliebig Explore this small farm town and discover its rich history. Capture or upgrade these portals to earn this mission medal.
22 Visit Bronte Beach 6 Beliebig Take a walk along this beautiful little beach on Lake Ontario in West Oakville.
23 Visit Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area 6 Beliebig A lush tree canopy, bold-faced cliffs, hidden caves, 264 hectares of protected space, and glacial deposits make Rattlesnake Point one of the most beautiful spots in Ontario.
24 Visit Robert Edmondson Conservation Area 6 Beliebig Robert Edmondson is the best kept secret of Halton Parks. The trail is perfect for a quiet, peaceful nature walk through the forest and wetlands. You’ll feel like you have the park all to yourself.
25 Historic Omagh 6 Beliebig The village of Omagh is the only village left in Milton from the former Trafalgar Township. It is historically significant and contains a rich agricultural heritage.
26 Pretty Parkhill 6 Beliebig Hack your way around Parkhill, Ontario, Canada.
27 Visit Crawford Lake Conservation Area 6 Beliebig A rare meromictic lake, a 15th century reconstructed Iroquoian village, and over 19 km of trails to explore: Crawford Lake is an outdoors experience steeped in science, history, and natural beauty.
28 Historic Kilbride 6 Beliebig Kilbride was home to The Dakota Mill, built in 1844, which was named after the Dakota Indian Tribe who's campgrounds it was built on. It burned down on November 18, 1979.