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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Thaxted thrash 12 Der Reihe nach Hack every portal in this picturesque North Essex town.
Dragon Of The East
   17-06-2018 23:41
Nice banner to do, enjoyed it.
No problems, apart from sore ankles!
As mentioned by @SirHackaL0t, shame the banner doesn't swing round to Strafford station at the end. - a minor quibble tho.

We Are Human
   10-06-2018 15:21
Really enjoyed this, and esp like this picture.
As BardofEly mentions, mission 11 can be a bit tricky , especially if unfamiliar with the area.
Head to the first portal of mission 11 via Aberdeen Avenue.
There's a little bit of back-tracking to visit the waypoint before the University Press portal.
Getting from waypoint to university press was the tricky part in my case, because I was blindly taking the most direct route and not a road (hint: use the "Henslow Mews" rd to go between these two. I also didn't know about the busway path Bard mentions, and ended up going the "long way" round; back to Brooklands Avenue and to Hills rd.

All in all a very nice way to see lesser known parts of Cambridge that you might not visit otherwise.

Nice quick-to-do banner around the city centre.
Routing is well done, and had no problems navigating. Occasional busy roads to cross in the centre, but no real issues. Took me just under 1.5h, mostly just capping.

All That Remains
   05-06-2018 20:54
Nice banner, takes you out of the centre to some dodgy looking places that I wouldn't want to walk alone at night, but fine during the day.
Many steps, cobbles and ramps in the centre world make it more difficult for those with a wheelchair, but doable I believe, albeit with rounda-bout routing.
Picture sits nicely above "you do your worst..." as mentioned by @nameisforgotten .

Once were dinosaurs
   30-05-2018 1:32
nice, quick and easy.

Maidstone Bridges
   30-05-2018 1:31
Routing could be much improved.
Nice picture once done, but felt quite tired by the end, glad to have finished it.

Brenchley Link Amp
   30-05-2018 1:28
A fun banner to do with almost zero walking - no idea why it says 2St. 57m, more like 0.05m ;-)
Second what Chyld314 says in their review about the two dumb questions.

   30-05-2018 1:24
As the creator of this banner, apologies to enolate and others who did the banner before 15th of May, 2018 - there was some bad routing which has now been fixed (i hope!)
I've re-walked the banner twice to make sure!

Norwich Castle
   30-05-2018 1:21
A fairly quick banner to do, although it probably took 1/2 hour longer than stated on the left.

Norwich Technicolour
   30-05-2018 1:17
A nice walk through the city.
Route seems familiar if you've done other banners in the city, but worth it for the picture in your scanner.
Doable by wheelchair, but would involve more round-about routes in a couple of places due to stairs between streets.

Banana Pulp
   30-05-2018 1:14
I loved doing this banner, a nice walk starting near Shoreditch.
For the most part the sequence of portals makes sense, and didn't have to backtrack.
Involves crossing one or two busy roads, a couple of which would involved a longer route around for those using a wheelchair.

Funky Owl
   30-05-2018 1:10
A nice quick banner to do.
Easy to get to from Marienplatz/city centre.

   30-05-2018 1:06
I really enjoyed this banner - a nice way to see parts of the city you wouldn't go to as a tourist.
Involves very few major road crossings, and due to Munich having good pedestrian crossings/underways, this wasn't a problem (although not sure about that for disabled access).
As with many banners in the city, there are a few portals on monuments in the middle of roundabouts which are not easily crossed during busy times.
Banner picture looks great in the scanner :)

Siegestor München
   30-05-2018 1:00
Nice banner; a good way to explore Munchen.
Had difficulty with the initial passphrase, but that's because I was being an idiot!
Hint: If you're not versed in the German language, use Google translate + look at the banner picture (or the actual Siegestor building!)
Took me longer than 2h 44m due to the hot midday sun.
Only a few major road crossings and most are safe enough.
I believe it is 24/7, but not 100% sure.
I don't think it would be as easy for those with a disability due to the need to use underpasses to cross major roads, some of which only have stairs as far as I could tell.