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Doge Memory
   04-08-2019 20:04
入坑以来做的第一个 banner,估计也是最后一个非 Mission Day banner,现在想想还是挺有纪念意义的。

这组任务只要找到地点按顺序做倒是不难,中间有些 po 注意需要过天桥,大部分时候还好。

这里诚意推荐新亨粿条,在banner第一个任务的起始地点「白切鹅之狮」这个 po 旁边,如果它还没有搬走的话,去吃一顿还不错。

MD 2019 Montréal
   04-08-2019 19:57
Some tips:

1. Make sure you are not doing MD Montreal Mission Day badges, which looks almost the same since they are of the MD 2019 Niantic Template. Personally I prefer the design of MD Montreal than this one.

2. There is a long elevator if you go to Université de Montréal from the metro station. Take it and will save you much efforts. It is also interesting to see such a long elevator.

MissionDay Toronto - (25-09-2016)
   26-06-2019 22:02
Great banners still in the eyes of June 2019. Here are two reminders,

My GPS shifts like a hell in mission CBC and Simcoe Park, notably the portal Convention Center Neon Wall and Glenn Gould Recording Studio. Before I do this mission all the portals around are captured except these two portals, which means even local players find these portals difficult to capture. So I guess the GPS shifting here is universal, in a way. I have spent almost an hour in the building. The last thing I did is to try going to the opposite street and come back and forth to see if you got your position inside the building. Connecting to their WiFi does not help.

As of June 2019, the Queens Park (North) is under construction and luckily the portals inside the Queens Park North is removed so there is only two portals of this mission.

I finished the banner by bike share toronto. The 30 minute max riding time is very inconvenient and I would suggest rent a decent dedicated bike if you are not a local people.

MD 2019 Chicago
   31-05-2019 3:06
Great banners and best for first-time tourists. Bigress in 4 hours. The Enermy Mine is a limited time mission and if you find that it is not live, it may has been taken down.


1. The Lincoln Park Zoo is not 24/7 so be sure to google the open time and plan.
2. You may need drift on John Hancock Center and Aqua of the Enermy Mine.
3. As of June 2019, there is 3 mission day, including this, in Chicago. Keep an eye on what mission you are going to do or you might screw up the banners.

2018 MD Vancouver
   21-04-2019 10:09
Great introduction to Vancouver. The Fish Head portal of the aquarium needs drift if you do not plan to get inside. There is a pedestrian-access-only road and you can walk in to see if can get access. If there is one mission that is not 24/7, then it should be the aquarium.

All other portals are fairly accessible. The waypoints are carefully configured and I've learned a lot from the extra information on Vancouver.

MD2018 Hong Kong
   21-04-2019 9:53
The MD Series is awesome. I spent a whole day around Victoria Harbour and just wished there can be more.

Every portal is accessible 24 / 7 and you don't need any drift, just hack and enjoy the harbor view.

As of Apr 2019, the route alongside the harbor from Golden Bauhinia Square to Central and Western District Promenade is still under maintenance, you would have to detour to Convention Ave and Lung Wui Road for pedestrian access to Tamar Park. It is roughly 2km walk without available public transit.

Personally I recommend ferry as one of the transport between missions. I began with Lei Yue Mun, ferried to Fireboat Alexander Grantham, Shau Kei Wan Typhoon Shelter, then ferried back to Kwun Tong Promenade. The mission is so carefully chosen that you can finish the series via zigzagging between coasts.

MD Shenzhen
   10-03-2019 17:33
2 portal of MD Shenzhen Bay Park is not accessible, according to the security, after some time before 22:50.

1 portal of MD Convention and Exhibition Center needs luck from GPS.

There are road pavement on the MD Linzexu Statue as of March 2019, but you can still walk in to the site.

Otherwise the MD series are a pretty good intro of Shenzhen.