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2018 MD Vancouver
   21-04-2019 10:09
Great introduction to Vancouver. The Fish Head portal of the aquarium needs drift if you do not plan to get inside. There is a pedestrian-access-only road and you can walk in to see if can get access. If there is one mission that is not 24/7, then it should be the aquarium.

All other portals are fairly accessible. The waypoints are carefully configured and I've learned a lot from the extra information on Vancouver.

MD2018 Hong Kong
   21-04-2019 9:53
The MD Series is awesome. I spent a whole day around Victoria Harbour and just wished there can be more.

Every portal is accessible 24 / 7 and you don't need any drift, just hack and enjoy the harbor view.

As of Apr 2019, the route alongside the harbor from Golden Bauhinia Square to Central and Western District Promenade is still under maintenance, you would have to detour to Convention Ave and Lung Wui Road for pedestrian access to Tamar Park. It is roughly 2km walk without available public transit.

Personally I recommend ferry as one of the transport between missions. I began with Lei Yue Mun, ferried to Fireboat Alexander Grantham, Shau Kei Wan Typhoon Shelter, then ferried back to Kwun Tong Promenade. The mission is so carefully chosen that you can finish the series via zigzagging between coasts.

MD Shenzhen
   10-03-2019 17:33
2 portal of MD Shenzhen Bay Park is not accessible, according to the security, after some time before 22:50.

1 portal of MD Convention and Exhibition Center needs luck from GPS.

There are road pavement on the MD Linzexu Statue as of March 2019, but you can still walk in to the site.

Otherwise the MD series are a pretty good intro of Shenzhen.