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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Korth Park 6 Beliebig View this hidden park in Jefferson county, great views and some hiking await!
2 Dorothy Carnes Park 12 Beliebig Visit this scenic park right outside Fort Atkinson, miles of trails await!
3 Lions Park 6 Beliebig Visit Lions Park, tucked away on the outskirts of Fort Atkinson along the bike trail.
4 Commons Park 8 Beliebig Visit Commons Park in Legendary Lake Mills, WI. In the winter this park is home to a 40 foot Santa and Ice Skating, in the summer lots of activities take place to entertain the family.
5 McCoy and Arrowhead Park 6 Beliebig Visit these 2 parks located in Fort Atkinson
6 Hack the Hospital 6 Beliebig Walk around St Mary's and hack your way through this mission
7 Village Veterans Park 6 Beliebig This small half acre park is in the middle of Cambridge, stop by and visit the shops and memorials.
8 Jones Park 7 Beliebig Visit Jones Park and do some hacking. Jones park is a large park in Fort Atkinson.
9 Mush-Ko-Se-Day Park 6 Beliebig Visit this park South of Fort Atkinson for an enjoyable time.
10 Barrie Park 6 Beliebig Barrie park hosts lots of community events, visit the park and do some hacking.
11 Ralph and Klement Park 6 Beliebig Visit Ralph park and do some hacking.
12 Storm the Shores! 5 Beliebig Lake Mills has several shores, hack them!
13 Visit Rockdale, WI 6 Beliebig Rockdale, WI is a small village but still has a few opportunities to hack.
14 Deerfield is Delightful 10 Beliebig Visit Deerfield and do some light hacking.
15 Rock River Park 19 Beliebig Rock River Park in Fort Atkinson hosts a lot of activities! Visit the water park, the Fort Cosconong area, and the rest of the sights!
16 Can you CamRock? 7 Beliebig Visit several stops along CamRock Trail.
17 Churches of Cambridge 6 Beliebig Visit the churches in Cambridge, Hack Away!
18 Bicentennial Park 9 Beliebig Visit this park along the mighty rock river and do some hacking.
19 Rotary Park - Jefferson 6 Beliebig Visit Rotary Park, completely underwater in 2008 the park has been revitalized since and hosts concerts and picnics.
20 History of Cambridge, WI 8 Der Reihe nach Tour Cambridge, WI and stop at various important historical places along the way.
21 Koshkonong Effigy Mounds 7 Beliebig Visit the Effigy mounds in the park.