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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Gilbert Sullivan and the Savoy 7 Beliebig A trail through the Savoy historical area, in the footsteps of Gilbert and Sullivan and the D'oyly Carte Opera Company
2 Lee Heritage Trail 10 Der Reihe nach Enjoy this historic part of Lewisham
3 A stroll round Battersea Park 16 Der Reihe nach Have a pleasant afternoon in Battersea park but remember you will have to field from the last portal
4 Mayow Park and beyond 10 Versteckte Mission Look around Mayow Park in Forest Hill for clues
Durham Towns
   21-05-2019 23:42
Not really loving it so far. Missions do not follow in any sort of logical order and the order of doing the missions could be reversed in some instances for much better flow.

Barnard Castle
   09-10-2018 8:18
Good walk around Barney with some portals off the beaten track. Beware the bridge is temporarily closed so not so nice backtracking.

RMS Titanic
   27-08-2018 19:05
Nice banner but the missions are very disconnected. There is no seamless transition and the missions are mostly far apart.

On the Road Again
   09-07-2018 12:27
You're probably better off not doing this at night. I did part of the mission after the NL-1331 meet at the Windmill in Clapham and although the streets around Clapham are peaceful and quiet once you get near to Brixton then you are dodging dope smokers drunks and drug dealers. It does not seem safe. I gave up and completed on Sunday afternoon which was marginally quieter.
There's a little bit of back tracking and this would have been better as a six mission banner - scraping the bottom of the barrel for portals after Mission 6. Generally speaking enjoyable with a few uniques around the Clapham back streets. Easy walking and a reasonable route. One portal was duplicated.

I only did it for the meetup and wouldn't do it again.

Global XFAC World Cup Football
   26-06-2018 21:01
You can do this in any order you like or just the teams you like. It's easy with well paved areas. There are lots of portals to hack and if kilometrage and uniques are your thing this is the mission for you. You may even find some unexpected delights of riverside pubs and other surprises.

However there are always works around the river bank and sometimes portals will not be accessible. I had to omit some of the missions for this reason. The work will be resolved but others will take their place. It's good fun but AYOR.

London Twinning 2018
   23-06-2018 7:16
Nice 100 portal mission through London. Would suggest doing it at 0400 to avoid the crowds. Not too many busy road crossings though

Energy Core
   22-06-2018 8:31
You quickly lose the King's Cross crowds and busy streets and get some nice easy hacks. You see some famous sights of Camden Town as well. You can do the banner in any order and no doubling back although in the middle some parts are slightly harder to follow. No too much trouble though. Keeping to the back streets made things fun and a bus home at the end was even better lol!

High Wycombe
   19-06-2018 11:14
All the missions are any order but it pays to do them in the correct order so the series follows on. Nice local banner and fairly easy to follow. Some nice places to visit. Some busy roads to cross too.

Lesnes Abbey
   14-05-2018 15:08
As this mission requires access to the playground you'd better hope it is 24/7 so you can do it at midnight. I abandoned after four missions because of this. Otherwise quite a pleasant stroll round Lesnes abbey ruins.

As the author says it needs some revision to prevent doubling back.

Luckily it is 24/7 and I have completed now

New Malden Walk Around
   11-05-2018 16:27
An easy amble round New Malden taking in parts you wouldn't normally go to.

Uxbridge Resistance Banner
   11-05-2018 8:05
Nice little round of missions although it would be good to get rid of the duplicates as the author says. The banner is fine and has been made better since I completed the mission. I enjoyed the common extension although not the walk by the rush hour dual carriageway!

Maidstone Bridges
   08-04-2018 8:35
I was warned that this one would be muddy where the river had overflowed but by the time I got there it was nearly dry. Beautiful banner but there was a bit of doubling back and rehacking so don't hack everything on the way, A good one to do in summer as you are walking by the river but be aware of the bridges - especially use the railway bridge (which has a footbridge incorporated) to cross the busy road alongside the river.

MD Maidstone
   08-04-2018 8:31
Pleasant series of interconnecting missions made jollier on the mission day because lots of other people doing the too. Passphrases were a bit patchy particularly Brenchley Gardens but nothing a few attempts wouldn't fix. Many thanks to the organisers of the day which was great fun.

Walthamstow Mystery Tour
   05-04-2018 11:14
All was going well on this mission until the last two. Clear instructions and a pleasant walk around the better areas of a rather less than preposessing borough. There are some busy roads to cross and a bit of doubling back (not sure why as there are plenty of alternative portals). When I got to the 11th mission the last portal was on private property with locked gates to keep all but residents out. ( I did this after work - it may be different during office hours.) The portal was completely unaccessible even walking round the perimiter streets. After the first portal on Mission 12 was unavailable the clue seemed to lead to a particular portal but it wasn't that one and I couldn't find which one it was. So another mission abandoned. Which is a pity because I generally enjoyed them.

Birmingham Forward Crest
   09-03-2018 19:35
It was with relief I completed this mission taking around two days to do so. Some of the portals were almost inaccessible from the pavement so I had to go onto New Street Station platforms negotiating with one of the ticket collectors as 'they don't do platform tickets'. It's certainly a good way to see central Birmingham including the back streets of the city centre and get some uniques. Beautiful banner but by the time 48 was due I was pleased Ingress now limit missions banners to 12

Meander Round Chesham
   05-03-2018 7:46
If you're not familiar with the town some of the portals are hard to find. Beware in wet weather some ground is slippery and steep. Nice walk out though to some parts you wouldn't normally see on a day out.

#IngressFS Chesham Jan2018
   05-03-2018 7:43
Nice little banner series that doesn't stray too far from the town centre but takes you places you might not visit on a day out. Pleasant.

OCD in Roro
   18-02-2018 11:38
Some of the missions in the series are easy some are more demanding. Overall a good way to look round Rochester

Riddle Me This
   29-01-2018 14:06
Nice and well structured mission with the pass phrases at the begining. You will need to have a head for crosswords in order to get the riddles without the aid of google but it is your friend here. Can be done 24/7 but as there are busy roads to cross I would suggest doing it at quiet times rather than busy ones.

Croydon Walk
   22-01-2018 11:10
Definitely not 24/7 as wandle park closes. Sometimes the passphrases were hard to get and bore little resemblance to the portals. However it is a lovely banner and a good walk round the well known and little known parts of Croydon

The Cake is a Lie
   15-01-2018 7:34
Pleasant mission series around the west end. Quick and easy to do.

Five Minutes Before My Train
   28-12-2017 14:38
Some of these take more than five minutes. I would say do them when you arrive.

Around Woodgreen
   28-12-2017 14:33
Nice series of missions that take you in a circular direction. Fun to do and not too many busy roads.

Enlighten you I will
   19-12-2017 7:22
Peckham isn't really very nice although not without points of interest. Suggest doing this at a quiet time probably up until ten oclock on a wwek day to avoid the ccrowds. There is a bit of dupliation in the mission, some parts begining on the end portal of the last one but there should be distraction to keep you amused during the wait.

Enlightened Europe
   25-11-2017 9:48
There's a bit of doubling back and definitely not 24/7 - Southwark Park closes at 1700 in November. Overall enjoyable with a good banner

London XM Research
   04-11-2017 8:56
A dead easy little banner from the Old Salt Quay to Canada Water tube. Perfect for rounding off the visit of Niantic and when I did it there were lots of people doing it too.

The Leofshemiad
   03-11-2017 19:34
The banner is OK and some of the clues are not as easy to follow as they could be. I got lost on 6

Soho Rainbow
   02-11-2017 6:48
Nice banner but there could have been more hacks

Docklands Light Railway
   31-10-2017 7:33
The trains go quickly and you get a lot of drift. It's not easy to do but thankfully if you go to the end of the line you have to go back. It costs quite a lot to do the missions but some explaining to sympathetic train captains might get you a long way. Banner a bit plain and boring but a good mission for uniques

The Bridge From St Pauls
   07-10-2017 21:39
Nicely designed missions

Epping Banner
   07-10-2017 8:44
There is a lot of crossing roads involved in this mission and some of the portals are all over the place with little logical order, The Non victorian water tower is a bit hard to reach. On the plus side you get a lot towards trekker and the pub at Coopersale is pleasant enough. Opportunities for fielding too.

Enl London
   22-09-2017 13:33
Nice banner. I have done the parts I wanted to do but not the others. Please note on Mission 18 you have to go inside the Tate Modern so definitely not 24/7. Othherwise a well structured banner.

POM London
   15-09-2017 13:51
Beautiful banner but you need to cross some busy roads - take care! Also one of the parks is a little bit odd and may need some backtracking. Other than that very good and a worthwhile banner to have.

   15-09-2017 13:45
Good looking banner and a pleasant wander round Parliament. All seems to gell together well

Ministry of Funny Walks
   15-09-2017 13:43
Nice clean mission with a fun banner. I enjoyed it

Hitchin Explorer
   11-09-2017 20:20
I found one portal missing but it may have been my phone. I was unable to complete the banner for 6 as the 1911 weather vane was missing

The Bridge to St Pauls
   11-09-2017 20:12
Nice banner

North Bank Wander
   11-09-2017 20:08
Beautiful banner for this mission and lots of dense portals. Lots of fun

Royal Mint £2 Coin Missions
   11-09-2017 20:04
Nice series of missions to get out and about around London. good banner and interesting idea.

   11-09-2017 20:01
Generally this is a good mission but data and mobile coverage is very patchy on the common. Worth doing if you need uniques as some of these portals are very isolated.

Which dull park
   02-06-2017 14:11
Nice set of missions but probably go on a dull day. Dulwich park is extremely popular with toddlers

   02-06-2017 14:09
Fun to do and a fun banner

Tooting Broadway Station
   26-05-2017 17:52
I completed this one and quite enjoyed it There are repeated sections in the middle which I didn't like. Surely there are enough portals to make a great big loop without retracing your steps. Otherwise the banner is nice.

   30-04-2017 9:58
Nice banner that keeps together nicely when you do other missions. Apleasant walk around Rotherhithe and Wapping (taking a journey through Brunel's first tunnell.

Passport to Pimlico
   30-04-2017 9:24
Nice little mission series. Banner looks good too

   30-04-2017 9:20
Enjoyable mission although make sure you are outside the museum so your GPS is ok when hacking giant tuba.

Walk this Herne Hill way
   30-04-2017 9:17
Although most of the way points were accessible I found that some were locked up when I went (good Friday 2017). I informed the author who denied it but I'm getting far too old to scramble over six foot fences to access a bowling alley. I therefore abandoned two missions in the series and did not complete the rest. Be warned if you do it on a bank holiday. I have now completed the missions, my mistake really. A good long hike around Herne Hill Brockwell and Brixton.