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# Name Portale Aktion
1 2/6 The Boat Race 6 Der Reihe nach Following the route of the famous Oxford v Cambridge university rowing race
2 6/6 The Boat Race 16 Der Reihe nach Following the route of the famous Oxford v Cambridge university rowing race
3 4/6 The Boat Race 7 Der Reihe nach Following the route of the famous Oxford v Cambridge university rowing race
4 5/6 The Boat Race 8 Der Reihe nach Following the route of the famous Oxford v Cambridge university rowing race
5 1/6 The Boat Race 8 Der Reihe nach Following the route of the famous Oxford v Cambridge university rowing race
Messier 83
   29-08-2017 10:36
A nice walk from Arsenal tube down to Angel, via Islington. I did the banner around 10pm on a Friday night and it was all accessible, but I'm not sure if the churchyard off the Holloway Road closes overnight.

There is a portal in the middle of the roundabout near Highbury & Islington station which is a bit awkward to get to, but a bit of drift takes care of that. Equally, there's another portal as you turn onto Upper Street which needs some drift to avoid a decent length diversion, but I managed to get it from the main road.

A very nice walk, and plenty of other uniques beyond the portals which actually form the banner.

The Boat Race
   17-07-2017 9:34
This took me exactly an hour to do by bike. I was pushing it quite hard on the south bank sections, especially from Hammersmith Bridge to Chiswick Bridge, but the north bank was necessarily slower because of how busy the riverside path is. I also didn't stop to glyph or fully deploy/link anything.

There's a tiny bit of doubling back on yourself in the middle of mission 2, as you have to turn off the riverside path for about 50 yards to hit a portal, and then go back onto that riverside path.

When you get to Chiswick Bridge, you'll need to carry your bike up some stairs on the south side. There probably is a direct road route, but I couldn't be bothered to find it. On the north side you can either go down similar stairs, or go a touch further and take the first right on the main road, which will lead you back down to the riverbank.

The final mission isn't 24/7, as Bishop's Park closes in the evenings.

I thoroughly enjoyed the route, and there are some great views to be had.

Her Majesty’s Ship - BELFAST
   19-06-2017 18:13
A nice quick loop around a lovely stretch of the river. All pretty easy and the final passphrase is quite simple to figure out.

Definitely not 24/7, as it passes between Tower of London and the river, which closes at dusk.

Barbican Banner
   23-05-2017 10:53
A nice banner taking you through one of the more interesting parts of London, both architecturally and culturally. The central part of the route takes you past the gorgeous lily pools and church, which are worth stopping off at (with a convenient cafe/terrace nearby).

The Barbican as a whole is a relatively unintuitive layout, and there are parts of this banner which can be a little confusing and add extra distance to your route. I would recommend staying up high as best you can during missions 8 and 9 in particular.

Whilst there are lifts here and there, you certainly go up and down stairs quite frequently, so I don't think it is 100% wheelchair friendly. Also, some parts of the Barbican may be closed overnight, or at least become awkward for non-residents, so it's probably best to do this banner in the daytime.

The Ale Trail
   10-05-2017 16:58
A very nice route through central London and then down to the south bank. I admit to not stopping in any of the pubs this time round, but I can report from past experience that there are some fantastic watering holes on the route.

It took me around 5 hours in total, but this was in the middle of the Magnus event so I was stopping a lot to fully deploy on every nearby portal. I think that if you did it directly it would be doable in around 3.5hrs.

Disability: the only section which sticks in the memory is going down from London Bridge to Borough Market. The quickest way to do things is down the stairs by Southwark Cathedral, but it is only a minute or two to get to a wheelchair-accessible slope instead.

   08-05-2017 9:37
Nice and quick banner/collage. I would probably avoid it on a Saturday morning because there will be thousands of people to fight through!

Ingress Audio Player
   26-04-2017 13:58
A nice little collection here, took no more than 45 minutes to do the lot. On mission 2 there are plenty of alleyways and passages which will make it a bit quicker and avoid any/much doubling back.

The missions are non-sequential throughout, but it's only really missions 2 and 3 where you might get caught out and not do them quite in the most optimum order.

The backtracking during missions 3-4 is a bit of a pain in the backside, but the rest is relatively simple. I would recommend a bike for missions 13-18, as there's a decent chunk of walking between portals along the outside of St James Park.

Not particularly suitable for wheelchairs, as you go up and down a few sets of stairs off The Mall around St James's Palace.

Chinatown Run
   28-10-2016 11:37
Nice and simple banner, through some of the glories of Soho and Chinatown. Keep an eye on the passphrase clue during the 1st mission, because after that they all follow the same sequence.

A couple of the waypoints are very close to one another, which can be a little frustrating as you try to click them in the right order, but all in all a fun little banner.

The Bridge to St Pauls
   25-10-2016 16:04
A nice little banner, no doubling back or anything like that. Nicely designed, and it's always a good view from that footbridge across the Thames. It took me no more than 25 minutes, even dodging the schoolkids around Tate Modern. It should be 24/7, as you can get the portals in St Pauls courtyard from outside.

Walk this Herne Hill way
   01-09-2016 11:40
An enjoyable trek through south London, from the open spaces of Brockwell Park to the incredibly nice Dulwich Village, and ending up with the contrast of Brixton. It's a decent route, but there's a fair amount of doubling back on yourself, even if only for short periods. The amount of portals which are just off the main road and necessitate going down a side street for 20-25m and then back onto the main road is a little frustrating.

Don't hack anything which isn't a target in Dulwich Village initially, as you will need to do most of them in the couple of missions there, and the order isn't obvious. I found myself having to go into North Dulwich station on mission 10 (?) to get the portal there, although I think you could get it from the footbridge. There are no ticket barriers, so it's easy enough to go in and straight back out.

The last portal of 14 is the first of 15, so take some HS or viruses. I've contacted the author about that. Also, mission 15 is currently non-sequential, so make sure you do all of the portals near Herne Hill station before heading off. Again, I've contacted the author on this.

I did enjoy the missions, and it certainly took me through areas of London I hadn't been before. I highly recommend doing it on a bike, as there are some quite large distances between some portals. It's a bit hilly, but not too bad.