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Seasons of Old Town
   29-07-2019 9:51
Great mosaic. All within the old town. Took around 2 hours with a coffee break.

Thanks to the author!

Old town of Tallinn
   27-07-2019 17:42
Nice and quick mosaic through Tallinn city centre. 3 last missions are a bit random, but overall very nice. Thanks to the author.


   05-07-2019 19:14
Mosaic is really nice and leads you through beautiful park area and Konopiste chateau, but it's quite intensive and not easy to do.
First 8 missions are easy and doable in 1.5h walking around the town. Missions next to chateau are fine too but 14 is hard as you need to walk around from 1sr to 2nd portal. I've walked up the hill directly, won't advise to do it. The rest of the missions in town are a lot of walking too. Last 6 I was doing by car and due to constructions that wasn't easy and smooth.
Not sure how much time it took, but around 5h sure in 3 parts.

   10-05-2019 14:23
Definitely, the most intense mosaic in Ternopil. Starts on the outskirts. Take taxi there or public transport (marshrutka - no.8 in Apr 2019). First 3 portals are around there, then take marshrutka back to finish the mission.
So missions no.1-4 are the hardest ones, then the route goes via usual places in Ternopol. Prime wasn't working correctly for me, so I needed to search couple of times where the new missions starts. BTW, the map with portals below (Apr 19) isn't correct and in reality it's a bit different.

In total it took me around 5.5 hours with taxi there, marshutka back, lots of walking and 2 coffee breaks in the centre.

The mosaic is nice and challenging. Better to break it for 2 days or more.

Thanks to the author. I'm definitely happy to be done with it.

#IngressFS Ternopil March 2019
   08-05-2019 14:54
Nice and short around the centre.

#IngressFS Ternopil February 2019
   08-05-2019 14:53
Short and nice around the centre, starting with the monument of T.Shevchenko/

Another beautiful mosaic in Yaremche. Takes a bit more than 1h to complete. Starts next ro bus station and ends there as well.

Easy and fast. 1st one is a bit of walk

Shevchenko Park
   05-01-2019 15:26
Quite easy and nice, quick and pleasant walk

Ternopil evening
   01-01-2019 19:31
2 positive moments:
- nice image
- it's the only mosic that really takes you around the most of the city and to some of its unknown corners

More negatives:
- route is a bit random and sometimes not logical. Could have been thought through much better.
- advice to do during the day as some of the missions would lead through unlit dark areas
- quite time consuming - 4+ hours or more - very hard to do in winter with snow on pedestrian routes and paths.

MOVEMBER Praha 2018
   23-12-2018 15:47
Nice and quick. Easy to do under one hour - starting from Palackeho namesti and walking along the river to Charles bridge.

Thumbs up to the author!

   02-09-2018 9:24
Great mosaic! Took a bit less than 3 hours to complete.

Night Ternopil
   29-08-2018 15:19
Nice mosaic. A bit harder / longer than other ones. Took ~3 hours, but i was doing it in 3 turns. Portals can be hacked in any order, so better check the sequence in advance to know the direction. Once I needed to go back to hack one of the portals (but it’s Ternopol), distances are short :-)
Route takes you a bit more to Druzhba area unlike most of the other mosaics.

Nice and worth doing.


Ковчег Тернопіль
   28-08-2018 21:32
Not a bad mosaic. Took a bit more than 2 hours to complete. The place is nice for food and drinks :-)

One thing - portal #2 in mission 16 is located right in the middle of football pitch. I could find the way to get in to it as all gates were closed and didnt want to try climbing. Managed to go around and after several times logging off and on could hack the portal. Otherwise, all good :-)

   25-08-2018 8:21
Another beautiful mosaic. Yaremche is really awesome! Great in length and quality of pictures.

This one took around an hour with a break for the local market to buy some fresh fruits and mushrooms, really recommended.

Thanks to the author.

Carpathian Autumn Forest
   24-08-2018 21:05
Another great mosaic in Yaremche. Took exactly one hour to accomplish. Starts again at the cemetery :-)
Mission 4 or 5 is quite challenging in the eve as you need to walk in a really empty lonely abandoned area, better to do in daytime.

Thanks to the author (again)!

Ukrainian Carpathians
   24-08-2018 18:45
Great mosaic. Took 1h 10min of walking, no glymphing. First portal is on the cemetery, you need to walk inside.

Thanks to the author.

Ternopil Lake
   20-08-2018 10:31
Great mosaic. Do it early in the morning and it will perfectly fit into the mood and nice experience of the stroll around the lake.

Under 2 hours.

Mystical City
   18-08-2018 17:31
Great mosaic. Very easy to do around city centre. Around 2 hours. Be careful between 11 and 13, 12 is a bit aside, I missed it and needed to redo half.

Thanks to the author:

Hrad Říčany
   15-08-2018 0:51
Did the mission with 5 (I think) short car rides (1.5-2 hours). 1st walking in Ricany and then off by car in surrounding villages and parts of Prague. If you do by car, plan thoroughly, sometimes you would need to to park and go hack portals. Parts of missions 16-17 are in the forest, but it’s a pleasant 20min walk before you get back in the car. If you did Pantograf and Pruhonice mosaics, lots of places will be familiar to you.

Nice mosaic and not an easy one.

Valletta Skyline
   08-07-2018 21:05
Short and nice. In a beautiful city :)

Mongol and Nomadic Empire
   30-05-2018 0:12
Great mosaic! Considering time to pass and the picture - one of the nicest in Berlin.
Starts comfortably on Alexanderplatz, then a bit goes to the living area but most of it is in the area with lots of bars, so it's a pleasant walk in the evening, especially if you stop for some beers on the way.
Pure walking with no stops, no glymphing / linking - 2 hours.

Thanks to the author.

TUUT 2017
   28-05-2018 22:36
Beautiful mosaic. Easy route. Took 1h 30min by foot with no stops, no glymphing, just pure hacks.

Thanks to the author/

   27-05-2018 22:21
Easy and nice mosaic. But it's exactly the same as Cadiz one and I think Cordoba too.

Cádiz con las JUSTAS
   27-05-2018 22:20
Very easy and nice mosaic. Great walk in the centre.

Mosaico de Granada
   09-05-2018 23:59
Very nice mosaic and doesn’t take much time.

The only regret - it takes you though not the nicest part of the town which is a pity. Granada has a lot more to offer.

Mezquita Catedral de Córdoba
   08-05-2018 0:15
Great mosaic and not very hard to do.
- you need to make 4 circles around the Mezquita first
Answer to 1st and only queston is "OK". Needed to clarify it with the author...

As for the mosaic - I've done it in a bit more than an hour - very fast walking.
In the end you need to capture/upgrade 2 portals and create 2 links. I was lucky it was easy to do, but you need to check it first not to get into some difficulties.

Thanks for the mosaic. It's great! Especially after I've been to the Mezquita a day earlier.

   05-04-2018 20:54
The mosaic is great and in a nice place but it lacks any logic whatsoever. Missions are random and the most weird part comes with mission #12.
First 8 are running around is circles but not consequently. You need to go back to some portals several times. Be sure you have multihacks ready as otherwise you'd need to wait.

It's not possible to make the mosaic normally if you're with your family and kids visiting.

#12 is the apogee of illogic approach when your need to walk all the way to the end of the park. 10 is walking there - 11 is coming back to the entrance and 12 - going again back to the other side...
That was the reason I've made 11 and not 12 as my family would hate me otherwise.

I understand there're not that many portals, but for sure it could have been thought through much better.

Rathaus Bamberg
   14-01-2018 21:39
Agree with comments. Really nice mosaic of a really nice town.
As Bamberg is small, you would go 3 circles around the same places in the centre. At some point you’ll get tired of it, but just make a break for coffee, beer, lunch and think about this nice mosaic :-)
Almost everywhere is parking for residents. Prices for parking in Karlstdt in the centre is 2 EUR/hour. I’ve parked at Markusplatz - 1.5 EUR/hour and you pass it 3 times, so you can renew it. I’ve done it at the moment policewoman approached my car :-)
Agree that Roman numbers are confusing. I’ve done XXIII instead of XIII :-) but it’s easy to fix.

Took me 2 hours of walking without any uniques, with limited glymphing and occasional linking.

Thanks to the author. Was great!

Post Tower Mosaik
   12-01-2018 16:21
Nice mosaic. Took only 1.5h walking with normal / sometimes fast tempo. No uniques, no glymphing, pure hacking for mosaic.

University is still under construction (Jan 2018), so you need to walk around to get into inner yard and then walk around for last portal. Not a big detour.

Thanks to the author!

Lady in Paint
   11-01-2018 11:08
Great mosaic. One of the nicest I've done :)

Leads you through city of Mainz. Once you can actually see the grafitti of Lady in Paint on your way :)

With no detours, just hacking and limited grlyphing and linking it took me 1h 50 mins to do it.

Agree that parking could be a problem. I was lucky to park in Terassenstrasse where it seems you could park for free for 2 hours which is exactly enough for mosaic.

Don't recommend to park on Emmerich-Josef-Straße, saw fines there on the windshieds of the cars.

Thanks to the author!

Darmstadt Skulpturen
   09-01-2018 22:43
Very beautiful mosaic.
I've done it in 2.5 hours - pure fast walking with no glymphing, no stopping, almost no linking. Pure hacks and walk.
24 missions - 1.5 hours, dinner break and the rest - around 1 h.

Actually, if you are afraid of being lonely in totally dark places, I suggest you do the mission during the day time.

First 5 missions take you through Rosenhohe park which is not lit (mostly), so you would need to enter Rosegarden through old squeeky door in total darkness. Doesn't set the cheerful mood from the beginning.

Some of the other missions are in very quiet and dark areas as well.

Also, if you do it in the dark hours, you won't see much of the city as it's not very well lit.

So if you've a chance, do it during the day. If not. get the company and good luck :)

Church of the Holy Cross (1)
   09-01-2018 13:28
Very nice one :) Takes around 2 hours or a bit more. Pleasant walk around the centre of Ternopil and the lake.

Nürnberger Hauptmarkt
   09-01-2018 13:27
Disappointed... Mission no.8 is not there any more... :( needed to do some other to finish the mosaic.

Otherwise, it's quick and nice. You can do it ina bit more than an hour time.

Great mosaic. Actually, one of the best in Ternopil. Great, it's also promoting some other places in Ternopil region. Starts at railway station and end in bus station. Actually takes much less than stated. I've done it in one day, it was a bit exhausting but manageable.
Total time was about 6 hours (just hacking, very limited glymphing and some linking, almost no fields)
Be careful as missing ends not with a hack but a question about the number of the mission. The next one starts with hack on the same portal. Several times was too quick to hack, so needed to use around 15 sinks.

Thanks to the authors! Great job!

Ivano-Frankivsk - Panda-bubble
   24-12-2017 14:33
Very nice mosaic. Great walk in the park next to the lake, towards the city and a bit around. Took me a bit more than 2 hours. Recommended! Thanks to the author!

   19-12-2017 13:19
One the hardest mosaic I've done... May be it's easier to do by bike, but then count with the whole day and looooots of biking.
Done it by car with 4 trips lasting 1-2 hours each (or may be 5 trips... did it in 1 month time).

The missions can end and start at different villages, so you need to plan the route carefully in advance. I've marked all the portals in google maps and followed the navigation, if portal were close i used scanner as navigation.

In general, most of the places are reachable (for hack) from the care but there are several exception which make it more challenging. Some of them are:
Mission 2:
- portal no. 4 - you need to park and walk 4 mins, a bit uphill to get to old caslte ruins
- portal no. 5 - by car you need 10-15 mins to get to it. If you drive on left side of the small river, you would need to stop and walk for 5 mins more to the portal. If you go on the other side, I think you can almost drive next to it

Mission 3:
- portals no.3-4 - couldn't reach by car, road was closed, needed to part and walk 200m through the forest :)

Mission 9:
- portal no. 4 - you need to part in the dead end street and walk a bit
- portal no. 5 - same here

Mission 11:
- portal no. 4 - you need to park next to Auto shop and walk 100m
- portal no. 5 - you need to park quickly on the bus stop and come closer by 50m to the portal, it's not reachable from the road

In any case, if you decided on that one - good luck! 3 people have done it so far :)

Bytový dům s průhledem
   17-11-2017 10:03
Mosaic picture is average, but it's an easy walk around Prague 4 area. No fancy architecture, but it's nice to explore some other parts of Prague than just the centre.

   13-11-2017 14:11
Great mosaic of a really nice place.
First 3.5 missions - on foot. You can park right next to Pruhonice park from where the mission starts. Parking - 30 CZK per hour. Entrance to the park - 50 CZK for adult person. Check the opening hours for the park.
If you're not short of time, walk for longer time in Pruhonice park, it's beautiful and castle too.
All the rest could be done by car.
Be sure you plan the route ahead as sometimes mission starts from another village and not from the main road.
Be aware that last portal you need to capture/upgrade which means you need to have ammo to shoot down if it's occupied by other fraction. Next to most you can stop, only 1 or 2 don't have exact place to stop next to them, so hopefully they will be occupied by same fraction.
Mission - 10. Starts in Hrnire, but 2nd portal is in Vestec. You need to park next to football pitch and walk a bit next to the lake to hack portal.
The rest are done by car.

Thanks to the author. It's better not do it in the mornining/evening rush (07:30-10:00 and 16:30-19:00) as roads will have lots of cars of people coming to and getting back from work in Prague.

Drive safe!


P.S. Have done in 3 "trips" around 1h-1.5h each.

Agios Nikolaos Tour
   20-09-2017 16:31
Beautiful mosaic in a beatiful town. If you arrive to the bus station, it's 30 min walk to the first portal but you will be rewarded with some nice views of a small bay.
The whole mosaic took me 2h 40 min with 20min for coffee/lemonade break. But I was walking fast with hacking/no glymphing only. Mission #9 is really annoying and long in the same area where the mosaic starts. If you can choose the evening time for completion as even in the end of September it was very hot to do it during the day.
The route walks you all over the town, so you won't miss all the nice tourist and some non-tourist spots.

Thumbs up for the author for a nice mosaic, though #9 didn't make me happy :)

Dno Letadlo Zralok
   27-07-2017 20:03
Very nice mosaic but quite hard, so plan it carefully. At first it's just hacking, then adding 1 Upgrade/Capture, then mission will be all Upgrade/Capture, then Upgrade/Capture + Link, then Link+Upgrade/Capture+Create field.

So be sure you plan it and have:
- Jarvis/ADA - if you come to lvl8 portals which need to be upgraded/captured
- enough weapons to eliminate other faction's fields

As for me I've spend 1 ADA + 2 Jarvis + 400 lvl8 XMP

and I consider I was lucky with setup.

I don't agree with the previous player. It's actually good you're in the centre, where it is played a lot, so you won't find all lvl8 portals with heavy defense. Also, portal aren't far from each other, so to link and to make fields shouldn't be a huge problem as if you would do it anywhere else.

Took me 4.5 hours in 2 evenings.


Codex Gigas
   27-07-2017 19:55
Very nice mosaic around the cenral part of Prague. Good tourist route. Took 4.5 hours by foot with minimal glyphing

Ternopil Drama Theatre
   22-07-2017 18:49
My favourite in Ternopil. Recommended! Very nice, short and around the centre.

Water Tower Mazanka
   22-07-2017 18:45
Very nice mosaic of a very nice watertower but in quite far and not very nice area.

Better if you combine it with the following:
https://ingressmosaik.com/mosaic/9965 - Mazanka Water tower 2x5
and https://ingressmosaik.com/mosaic/9965 1x4

But this means some logistics planning in advance. Better to have a car as travelling from one area to another takes time. Missions are done by foot.

It's better to do this mission during the day. In the evening the area looks deserted and you may feel uncomfortable walking all alone in dark living area.

Peřínská rozhledna
   22-07-2017 18:43
Great mosaic. Better if you combine it with the following:
https://ingressmosaik.com/mosaic/9965 - Mazanka Water tower 2x5
and https://ingressmosaik.com/mosaic/9965 1x4

But this means some logistics planning in advance. Better to have a car as travelling from one area to another takes time. Missions are done by foot.

Looks good :)

Nice mission. Short and leads through Ternopil centre to the lake. Took around 2h.

2nd part of the 12 missions. Great ones! Recommended!

Карпатьскі гори
   09-07-2017 10:58
Nice series of 12 images of Ukrainian Carpathians mountains with some info in Ukrainian. Walk around Yaremche. Series two (other 6 missions) use the same portals as those ones.

Thanks to the author :-)

Yaremche - Carpathian landscape
   09-07-2017 10:55
Beautiful mosaic of Ukrainian Carpathian mountains. Nice walk around Yaremche. There aren't many portal sites in town so don't hack around, you will go in circle couple of times as well. Took me 2 hours to complete with limited glymphing. Sometimes you would need to wait 5 mins before portal resets because next mission could you same portals.

Thanks to the author! Great job!

Synevyr Lake - Ivano-Frankivsk
   05-07-2017 13:58
Very nice mosaic of a beautiful place in Ukraine. It's a pleasant walk, takes you less than 3 hours to do. Goes a bit in circle before getting you to the centre, but this is Ivano-Frankivsk, it's a not a big town. The next mission always starts at the same portal as previous ends with a question of the number of previous mission.

Recommended. Thanks to the author for making it.

   04-07-2017 21:48
Nice and short.

Karlův most
   25-06-2017 20:09
Fast and nice. Very touristy and uphill. Took me 5 min waiting for the security check queue to the castle (Sunday afternoon) and summer is tourist season. I guess if you don't do it on Satursday and in the afternoon, you'll be fine.

Nice mosaic. Well done to the author.

Jablonec nad Nisou Mosaic
   24-06-2017 23:34
Simple and fast. 2 hours and the route is nice ending at the lake. If it's summer, take your swimming suit :)

Ještěd Reichenberg
   18-06-2017 21:15
OK... Where to start... Firstly, I think it's one of the nicest mosaics in CZ, so I dedicated a day to do it.
But if I knew how not easy it would be, I'd think twice for sure. The plan was do do all on bike and climb (by foot) then Jested mountain. You need to do it by foot. You can park right below it, 100 CZK / 4 EUR per day and in 5 mins reach the start of the mission #1. But then the disappointment comes. First 8 mission are really hard and random... You would need to try to find the best way to reach it, driving on the road and crossing lots of them. Not sure if one could do it by foot. From 9 to 32 they are fine, but Liberec is a very hilly town, so those won't be easy. #12 is weird as the last portal is under the bridge and you either need to go around with a bike a lot or carry it by stairs (by foot it could be easier but it's not the option for start and finish of the mosaic).
When the missions start to go back to Jested, the randomness comes back. First, it's only uphill, so be sure you're fit for that, second you can go uphill and then the last portal will be 500m back downhill (mission #37, portal #5). All the rest are uphill. I guess for a bit you could take a tram as 1-2 missions follow the route.
So missions from 1 to 39 and half of 40 took me on bike around 7 hours 20 mins... I wasn't biking too fast as you need to be careful when hacking portals + there're a lot of uphill missions. In this time there's 30min lunch and 45 min coffee, so pure biking time was 6 hours without climbing the hill.

Some advice:
- you can't do it on foot in a day. May be if you start 5am and that will take u all day with the climb in the end.
- You need at least 2-3 days to complete. How I would do it
- mission 1-9 by bike with careful route planning in advance so google maps will take you where needed
- 10-30 - on foot
- 30-38 - on foot + some tram
- 39-41 - possible to do by car going up the mountain, you would need to stop at some moments and get out of a car for a minute, but it's better to do it like this. Or you can walk (like I did), it's a nice walk, but very random if you do it via the forest.
42 - You leave the car on the top of the hill (not at very top, but a parking below - 100 CZK / 4 EUR parking) and walk 10-15 mins.

Bu foot 39-42 took me 2.5 hours. By car 30-40 mins.

So total bike + car would take around 7 hours.

BTW, no glymphing at all, just hacking. And Librerec seems to be very green city, so you may take a lot of ammo with you.

Good luck.

Wahrzeichen Bautzen
   11-06-2017 18:08
Nice mosaic in a city small town. Actually the views that town offers are even nicer. Very pleasant surprise. Be sure you will detour before hacking last portal in 3rd mission to go on Friedensbrucke. It offers absolutely stunning panorama view over the town. Also you can climb Muhltor, but I was too early and it was closed still. Last 3 mission are a little bit disorganised, but still it has been a really nice walk. Starts and end at railway station. You can park the car there just next to 1st portal.

Festung Königstein
   11-06-2017 18:04
Nice mosaic in a nice place to visit. Fortress offers breathtaking views over surrounding area.
At some point of time my mobile operator switched to Czech T-mobile and I surfed on CZ internet, not roaming one in Germany. Questions are easy to answer.
Adult entrance to the fortress costs 10 EUR, parking 5.5. EUR.

Wahrzeichen Dresdens
   10-06-2017 21:44
Did it in 1 day, 5 hours with beer + dinner break, so a bit less than 4 hours of pure walking with very few glymphs. Very nice mosaic. Decided to go for this instead of 12 piece skyline. Was close to quitting but in the end it looks great. The route is ok :-)

   10-06-2017 16:03
Very nice one. Leads through all the city every streets so you will pass several times same places. Very nice and relaxed walk. I advise you to stop for a coffee at cafe "Bohemia". Lovely spot right on the route.
You can park next to railway station right next to 1st portal.

Dresdner Zwinger
   10-06-2017 16:00
Mosaic is nice and seems easy, but it's not really as sometime you're lost from which side you need to go where. Took a bit more than an hour.

Prosek Resistance
   10-06-2017 0:46
The mosaic isn't that bad for an alternative to all the nice Prague touristy ones. It definitely shows you different areas of Prague. But it could have been done better. Distance between mission could be big and sometimes you need to change direction 2-3 times to complete one.

In any case, you would enjoy it more during the day :) I've done most late in the evening.

In total took me 2h 45 min - fast walking - no glymphing.

Phoenix (Pilsen)
   09-06-2017 23:30
Great mosaic. Took me a bit less than 2 hours to complete with some glymphing + small detour for making the city less green. But I walk fast :-) nice route as well, first 3 missions are outside of the centre.

Loutkářská Chrudim
   04-06-2017 20:34
Agree. Very nice one. One of the best in CZ to my mind :)
Took 4 hours with 30min coffee break. 13, 14,15,16 - by car. Actually, you would need to part the car next to the park, walk around and continue to 15-16. Both are having random portals in the middle of panel building living areas.

In any case. It's worth the effort.

Kolín Solar
   04-06-2017 20:28
Despite it being visually a really nice mission, it's really disappointing. Very randomly done...
If you come by car, park close to the island from the city centre side. Missions 1 and 2 are fine though 2 leads completely opposite direction and thus you need to walk 15-20 min to start the third. Portals in the 3rd are also a bit randoms and you would need to find your way between them. The worst one is 4th where you start at the beginning of the bridge and need to cross it. The thing is - one of the portals is under the bridge but further away, so you can't reach it while walking on it. You can do 15 min detour (crossing the bridge, return and then get to the end of the bridge again) or can do shortcut and try to climb down the hill (not recommended based on my XP :)). The last 2 are a bit better but still random ones...

Not sure I'd do it again. But if you do it, do it when you're in good mood and in good weather :)

#IngressFS - Praha
   03-06-2017 19:35
Fast and simple. Start either from the Dancing House or from Smichov sculpture in the part. Then all are in sequence.

Mission Octopussy Lindau
   08-05-2017 19:18
Fast and nice mosaic. Agree that sometimes the route is a bit random, but it's short so doesn't make the difference. Great walk around marvellous city of Lindau

Ratisbona Silhouette
   08-05-2017 15:16
Fast and very nice showing the beauties of the city.

Bellagio Hack Tour
   02-05-2017 23:52
The mosaic is easy and fast, but the problem is the last two portals are in Villa del Melzi gardens. Entrance fee is 6.5 EUR. One portal can be reached from the main road, but for the last you should get inside. So it can't be done 24/7 too as the last hack depends on entrance hours for the villa gardens.

Český Krumlov
   17-04-2017 9:14
Great mosaic. Not very hard and quite short. Leads you through a great route around the city. I've done it within 1.5h without getting distracted by city beauties. If you're first time in Krumlov, enjoy it fully without hurry. Some places may be closed during night and early hours. I've done it at 7am, it was fine. Some portal were in closed yards but it's possible to walk around and reach those.

Hostivařská přehrada Vosa
   26-03-2017 12:18
Somehow the mosaic is not entirely correct here. In any case, it's a good one. A looot of walking. Much easier would be to do it by bike.
You don't have to start the mosaic with mission no.1. If you come by car, it would be much easier if you part on parking lot at Euklidova str. and strart with mission no.6 from there. Then at the damn, you go up and start mission no. 1 and follow the rest. Mission 5 will lead you back to where you started, so it makes a loop. On any case I suggest to check ingress intel first to better plan the route. Do it in spring/summer - it's lovely walk and nice missions.

Staroměstská radnice s orlojem
   05-02-2017 19:53
Yes, very nice mosaic. Would be a bit hard to do in one day, but you can try. You will walk around Prague centre in and out + some missions will take you on the other side of the river. Yes, you need Czech language installed because the first portal of the next mission is to type the name of the portal you hacked last in the previous. And you need to be precise. In overall, worth the effort.

Chrám Svaté Barbory
   22-01-2017 17:52
Took me 2h 30 min to complete the mosaic. Agree with previous comments, don't hack portals around, all are included in the missions. 3/4 of the missions lead you aroudn the city then it starts to repeat and leads back to St.Barbara cathedral.
Better to do in summer, in winter thoe aren't the most pleasant walks. After mission 10, you can stop in a great coffee place nearby before continuing on to the next.
Last portal has the passphrase - remember who made this mosaic :)

Národní divadlo
   21-01-2017 18:47
Nice and short mission around Prague centre. Took me 1h 30min to complete. Be sure you have some ammunition as you would need to capture some portals.

Also, knowing Czech language would help a lot because there're several questions to be answered. Most of the answers could be found in Czech wikipedia article on Narodni Divadlo.

2 I didn't find.
Text on the top - "Narod sobe"
No. of meters - 26.

Зимовий Тернопіль
   17-01-2017 0:28
One of the nicest mosaics in Ternopil. Starts in Druzhba area and goes via Topilche park to the centre and Shevchenko part. Recommended to do it in winter time for the best effect :)

   17-01-2017 0:26
Quick missions next and in to Ternopil Shevchenko park / Найкоротший і найшвидкіший банер у м.Тернополі у парку Шевченка та біля озера

Pražský hrad
   15-01-2017 18:23
Very nice mosaic with consequtive missions. Took me 2h 10 min with 30 min coffee break in the middle.
Not suitable for people on wheelchair as requires going up/down the stairs in the Prague castle part. Part of the mosaic goes through Prague castle, so you should check if it's not closed (main road/yard) during the night. No problem during the daytime.