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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Barbican Wateringholes 6 Beliebig A tour of some of the Barbican's public houses
2 Sutton Harbour waterfront walk 9 Beliebig A walk around the waterfront at sutton harbour
ITFC Banner
   16-09-2019 12:54
    a long walk between portals to begin with but quicker when you get into town. I wouldn't recommend doing after dark as it goes down some dark, lonely paths. Nice to visit some different portals and to end at the station. Caution - at the end you have to go up some steps which are broken. I was able to get past the barriers but if you're not fully mobile I would recommend turning back after you've hacked the few by the skate park then walk along the road to the station for the last 2 hacks

¬ △ Toy
   19-05-2019 14:27
Nice banner. I didn't have any problems with it being any order as the portals are either in a straight line or really close to each other. On the earlier missions don't hack the portals you pass that aren't in the current mission as they are in later ones.

Her Majesty’s Ship - BELFAST
   10-05-2019 19:45
Nice short banner but why does it revisit portals when there are enough on the route to make them all unique? I'd rather detour a bit and get more uniques (and finish closer to the station I started at).

On the Road Again
   09-05-2019 23:08
This starts as a long walk with occasional hacking but gets much better. Don't know why it isn't all in Brixton as there are plenty of portals not included in the banner. That said, don't hack anything unless you check it's not in a future mission. Brixton is an amazing, exciting place with lots going on and I felt totally safe as a single woman at 9 at night. If you ingress in any city in the small hours you'll encounter drunks and drug dealers. It's not unique to Brixton so I don't know why the previous reviewer was surprised.

Reforest ALC
   15-03-2019 9:00
Really quick and easy. Takes you to a lovely part of the city. Took 25 minutes with photo stops

Madre Naturaleza
   15-03-2019 8:58
Nice banner but don't be fooled by the easy start - the portals get further apart and it gets steeper. Lots of places for refreshment stops on the route. It doesn't take you to the prettiest places in Alicante but it's nice to go to places tourists don't go. Took me about 5 hours. Passphrases are mission numbers so not a problem. I wouldn't recommend doing the last few missions after dark on your own. The park was deserted even when I did it late afternoon.

Great banner. A few steep hills but not too bad and it took us through some lovely areas we wouldn't have seen otherwise.

Resistance is Futile (Liverpool)
   01-02-2019 15:44
Enjoyable banner even with very icy pavements. I still managed it in under 4 hours. Looks great on my scanner.

Manchester Lion Antelope and Bees
   01-02-2019 15:42
Great route. Could do with sharper graphics ideally. Anyone doing multiple banners needs several heat sinks as there are a lot of duplicates

Manchester Town Hall
   01-02-2019 15:40
Nice easy banner except for the waypoint in the Midlands hotel. My GPS insisted I was the other side of the road. I walked around the block twice before eventually fooling it by running very fast. Why you want waypoints when you have more than enough portals escapes me. Noone is going to read a webpage while doing a banner. If you have to include them please locate them on the road not in the middle of a building. Anyone doing multiple banners will need several heat sinks as there are a lot of duplicates.

Northern Quarter
   30-01-2019 22:11
Surprised this had so many waypoints when there are more than enough portals to have taken me around the whole quarter without needing waypoints. Quite annoying to be taken up and down the same road passing the queue for the night shelter 3 times. Maybe was created when there were fewer portals. Needs updating. Still nice and quick though