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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Welcome to Redditt! 6 Beliebig Reddit is a small town at the end of highway 658. Before 1985, this highway was designated as Highway 666. There's also a house made out of bottles!
2 Dryden Park Exploration 11 Beliebig This mission will lead you around Dryden to see it's parks and trails.
3 Falcon Lake UFO Incident 6 Beliebig Something happened to Steve Michalak on Victoria Day long weekend '67. His amateur prospecting was cut short by an encounter with a landed UFO. To this day, no definite conclusions have been reached
4 RP: Skullspace! 6 Der Reihe nach Explore Winnipeg's historic Exchange district. Start off at Skullspace and proceed on to get a bite and a drink.
5 Kaiju Kenora 9 Beliebig Bump and hack the portal cluster at McLeod Park
6 Kenora Mural Project 18 Beliebig The Lake of the Woods Heritage Townscapes began in 1994 when it opened as an outdoor gallery in the City of Kenora. Currently 19 murals depicting the history of Kenora remain.
7 Magnus Reawakens: Luminescent Heart Kenora 7 Beliebig Participate in Magnus Reawakens! Once you complete this standalone mission, post a screenshot of it to G+ w/ #LuminescentHeart #MagnusReawakens to contribute to the project from afar! Kenora, ON
8 The Ghosts Among Us 6 Versteckte Mission Explore Kenora's cemetery by solving this puzzle mission.
9 Discover Kenora 11 Beliebig With this brief mission, you will be encouraged to upgrade and hack your way through the Discovery Center portal cluster.
10 History of Dryden 17 Beliebig This mission will lead you around the city exploring portals that celebrate it's history.
11 A Crow and a Grackle and a Jackfish 46 Beliebig This simple mission brings you along Kenora's farm cluster
12 Mink Bay Trails 12 Der Reihe nach This simple mission brings it's participants along the Mink Bay Trails which loop around and throughout Keewatin.
13 Vermillion Bay Wendigo 6 Beliebig This brief mission takes you around the sleepy, creepy parts of Vermillion Bay.
14 History of Mining in Vermillion Bay 9 Beliebig Follow this mission through the history of Vermillion Bay
15 Capture the North 6 Der Reihe nach Nunavut /ˈnuːnəˌvʊt/ (from Inuktitut: ᓄᓇᕗᑦ [ˈnunavut]) is the largest, northernmost and newest territory of Canada. It was separated officially from the Northwest Territories on April 1, 1999.
16 Dumpster Diving 9 Beliebig View Kenora's painted dumpster mural project.
17 Churches of Kenora 16 Beliebig Explore Kenora's history of worship.
18 Drumheller DinoWalk 1 7 Beliebig Find the dinosaur statues in Drumheller
19 Mayfly Mash 11 Beliebig Explore Kenora's harbourfront and explore it's history through this cluster of historic plaques.
20 History of Keewatin 12 Beliebig Explore the history of the township of Keewatin through visiting these portals.
21 Explore Sprague 6 Beliebig Sprague is a small little border town in Manitoba. For bonus points, find the old train station in PIney.
22 Emo and Devlin Places of Worship 6 Beliebig Discover the churches of Emo and Devlin.
23 Sioux Narrows Tourism 7 Versteckte Mission Discover Sioux Narrows through this explorational mission.
24 Where is Emerson? 8 Beliebig This little mission brings you around the small border town of Emerson.
25 What you don't know about Barwick 6 Beliebig Learn about Barwick!
26 Airport Road Discovery 6 Beliebig Follow the trail of portals towards the Kenora airport.
27 Nestor Falls Exploration 7 Beliebig Experience Nestor Falls by following this trivia-based mission.
28 Ignace Fire Trail 7 Beliebig Explore this hiking trail and learn about forest fire fighting
29 Explore Pembina 6 Beliebig This brief mission brings you about the North Dakota border town of Pembina.
30 Emerald Twilight Lodge 6 Beliebig Discover the secrets of the Emerald Twilight Lodge by searching for clues within the heart of North Saint Boniface!
31 The History of Rainy River 7 Beliebig Discover the history of Rainy River through this short mission.
32 Rabbit Lake Trails 8 Beliebig In this mission, you will explore Rabbit Lake.
33 Explore Assabaska Park 6 Beliebig This mission will bring you around the Assabaska Park loop.
34 The Hitchcocks 6 Beliebig This very brief mission explores a portion of Kenora known for it's famous Hitchcocks.
35 Pickle Pete 6 Beliebig Explore MacLeod park in Keewatin and stop at the snack shop for a tangy pickle!
36 History of Sioux Lookout 6 Beliebig This puzzling mission will help you discover the history of Sioux Lookout.
37 It's gone, man! It's gone! 8 Beliebig A simple hacking mission for Minaki.
38 Dryden Signature Trail 7 Der Reihe nach Explore and capture parks along part of the Dryden Signature Trail.
39 Red Lake History 7 Beliebig Explore some of Red Lake's history in this brief capture mission!
40 Rabbit Lake Trails 6 Der Reihe nach Explore the portals around the Rabbit Lake Trails.
41 History of Flight in Red Lake 8 Der Reihe nach Discover the history of flight in the Red Lake District.
42 Hidden Treasures of Big Grassy 8 Beliebig Explore the region of Big Grassy near Lake of the Woods and discover something new
43 Things to do in Ignace 6 Beliebig There are a few oddities in the community of Ignace that are worth the stop.
44 Mural Benches of Dryden 19 Beliebig Follow this exploratory mission and see all the painted mural benches in Dryden.
45 History of Fort Frances 13 Beliebig Explore the history of Fort Frances on this portal tour
46 Historic Buildings of Kenora 9 Der Reihe nach Explore some of Kenora's more famous historic buildings.
47 Doodleloop 7 Beliebig This simple mission takes you around Vimy Ridge Memorial Park. Bring a dog!
48 Geodetic Survey Scavenger Hunt 10 Beliebig Find and hack the geodetic survey markers along HWY 17, 641 and 525
49 Vernon Nature Trails 6 Beliebig This mission will bring you around the hiking trails in keewating
50 Kenora rec center 10 Beliebig This quick little mission takes you around the Kenora Recretation Center portal farm. Upgrade and hack your way around.
51 WestHawk Meteor Lake 6 Beliebig This brief hacking mission brings you along the water front at West Hawk Lake.
52 Explore Anicinabe Park 6 Beliebig In this mission you can explore Anicinabe Park and the surrounding area.
53 Churches of Dryden 7 Beliebig This mission will lead you throughout Dryden to explore it's churches.
54 Norman Park Exploration 7 Versteckte Mission This brief mission brings you around Norman Park.
55 Kenora Urban Trails 9 Der Reihe nach Follow a portion of the Rat Portage Urban Trail. Starting at the Anishinaabe Park location, work your way on to the McLeod Park endpoint.