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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Greater than three 4 Beliebig Four portals that matter.
2 Der rote Faden 33 Der Reihe nach The red thread ("Der rote Faden") ist a tour around the city of Hannover, Lower Saxony with the 36 most important sights. This mission will take you through the ones that exist as portals, or close.
3 TSP Unique Tour Ronnenbeg 29 Der Reihe nach Am Besten mit dem Rad. Länge etwa 8km. Alle 29 Portale in Ronnenberg mit travelling salesman problem auf dem kürzesten Weg. Start am Bahnhof, Ende unweit des Bahnhofs. 2 Portale auf dem Friedhof.
Ipswich Marina
   14-09-2019 21:08
This is a really nice walk with practically no backtracking but for the last mission, which is also very long and has a few detours because of the way the roads are laid out. The rest however is really nice, well planned, a sensible route and some nice views.

The park closes in the evening, so the third row is not 24/7. That part of the mission is also not very accessible. There are stairs and hills.

Richmond FS Additional Missions
   16-08-2019 22:03
There are stairs and steep hills, but very nice views.

Riga Cathedral
   12-08-2019 19:25
Fairly quick and no repetition. As with all old town banners I don't recommend doing this if you are in a wheelchair or on crutches as the cobblestones are horrible.

Some of the missions end and start a block apart, which can be a little confusing, but it's all so close together that it hardly matters.

Skyline Riga
   10-08-2019 9:15
Very quick, probably 10 minutes. Used a lot of repeated way points and takes you only halfway around the church. Don't do this if you want uniques. There are plenty other banners for that.

Not great for people with walking disabilities because of the cobblestones in the old town.

Panorama of Riga
   10-08-2019 9:12
This is a bit odd. The missions seem further apart than they need to be and mission 3 seems to exist twice. I didn't check if I did the correct one or if they are the same.

In a wheelchair this will be uncomfortable. The cobblestones are unpleasant to walk on for someone fully abled, so any kind of walking disability will make this much less enjoyable.

The picture is nice though and the route is interesting. For a quick one that takes 20 minutes it's good.

Cork Skyline
   05-08-2019 9:38
Relatively fast walk around the centre of town and up the hill. There were some steep roads and some stairs (which could have been circumvented by a long detour), so probably not ideal for wheelchair users.

Any order is mostly straightforward. There was one mission where a portals was used twice.

Three Smiths Statue
   28-07-2019 7:46
Did this after the anomaly at night and have to say it's a very pleasant walk. It took about three hours doing it in a group of two with a fast pace and mostly tap hacking.

It's definitely 24/7 with minimal disruption by construction in July 2019. One portal around mission 12 or 13 had some drift, but the rest was fine.

While I believe this can be done in a wheelchair I don't think it's pleasant that way and shouldn't be attempted alone. You can probably avoid all the stairs at the cost of longer ways, but there are steep inclines that looked like hard work to people on bikes we saw. There are also lots of cobblestones and the curbs are very bumpy.

Pay attention to hack order, as it goes through some very dense areas and uses all of them, where old portals sometimes overlap.

All in all a great banner.

Helsinki Skyline
   26-07-2019 19:47
Quick walk through the town centre to the water. Not doable if you have trouble going up or down stairs.

Frische Sommerbrise
   25-06-2019 17:07
Quick walk around the parts of Nordstadt you wouldn't usually go to. A little bit lower portal density than the other banners in the area, but you get to go to some nice parks.

Doable on a bike or on foot, and perfectly fine to do in a wheelchair. Also can be done at night, though there are a few portals in parks with no light.

   23-06-2019 15:27
Very long-winded tour through the southern Friedrichshain Kiez. It doesn't feel long though there is a bit of back tracking due to moved portals at one or two occasions. Since it's entirely in one of the largest party areas of East Berlin there are plenty of bars and corner shops to get new beer on the way.

It should be fine to do with a wheelchair, no significant stairs. Just the typical cobble stones but mostly there are sidewalks. Some areas have construction at the moment but that's still passable.

Mission 23 is indeed weird, we had to go through a dark park inside a block of buildings with some homeless people living there.

Piękno natury
   10-06-2019 17:35
This set of missions is split into two halves in opposite ends of the city. By car it took about 20 minutes to go from one end to the other after finishing the first bit. There are trams lines near the first part and close to the second part, so it should be possible to do it like that too. Plan a lot of time for this.

Overall with the car for getting there, it took us about 4 hours with a group to do this. We played on foot.

The first half starts out with a park and then goes through residential areas. The bit around the hospital/church is confusing, but when you walk around to the front of the church you can get all portals.

In the second part there are three missions that require you to make a link. With a group of four this can be quite frustrating and involved some flipping and key farming for us.

The distances keep getting bigger as you proceed through the missions. Because of the any-order layout you need to keep looking back at the map here to make sense of it. You will end up walking 500+ meters between missions, and walking the entire length of the mission back. Lots of back-tracking, and strange layout. Besides the linking, there are also some portals reused in later missions in the second half.

I think this is doable in a wheelchair, but if you have walking problems I would not recommend it. The distances are just too great and it's mostly cobblestones.

We picked this banner because my local friends had visited everywhere else. As a group it was a pleasant day out and I as a tourist got a bit of "local countryside" to see. But it's not a banner I would recommend for visitors.

There are two bits that go through gates. It finishes in a cemetery that closes at night, and there was also a park with gates somewhere. Therefore it's not 24/7, plus the parks have no lights and you need to cross a train line.

Munich Biocard
   01-06-2019 6:46
Took somewhere around three and a half hours to do. The route is straight forward, but because of construction sites and general cobble stone issues this could be uncomfortable in a wheelchair.

I didn't like the questions and planning. The first few missions start nearby, and at some point it switches to passcodes on the last portal. One mission of the passcode ones breaks the question pattern, which is quite inconsistent and irritating.

Although I'm not usually fussy about pictures I find this one could have been nicer.

Be aware there are no lights in the park. It's perfectly safe, but it's really dark.

All in all a very good unique tour with a few quirks.

Richmond Bridge Banner
   28-05-2019 0:15
A very calm and often picturesque walk through Richmond and its parks. Not overly long, but as others have said you need to go up hills and stairs.

There are cows in the park around part 11. They are tame.

#IngressFS Uxbridge May 2019
   04-05-2019 17:06
Quick walk, but unfortunately some shut gates on Saturday, so there was some backtracking. No steps, but a few inclines.

Guildford High Street
   27-04-2019 20:50
Do not attempt this in a wheelchair. Steep hills, steps, cobblestones.

The route is mostly good. The any order in the beginning doesn't matter much.

It could do with an update as there are more portals around now and many are reused, but the hack is always the first visit. It's passphrases after.

Those passphrases however are really dull and repetitive. Every mission has the same question, and the others don't make sense, but easy yes or no questions. My favorite was "watch out for the traffic. Okay or not?"

Easily done in an hour if you are quick.

Botanic Gardens
   21-04-2019 2:09
Park closes at night, so can't be done in the evening.

It is a nice walk through the park and the surrounding university area, but the looping in the park could have been done less repetitive.

When you are done, make sure to check out the museum. It's great and has free entry.

Iconic NI - Giants Causeway
   21-04-2019 2:05
Relatively straightforward walk. The any order works most of the time and allows you to hack other stuff too. Should be doable in a wheelchair.

Belfast Skyline
   20-04-2019 3:02
This can be done 24/7. The portals in the city hall are reachable from the street.

Very quick walk, the route is quite clear. I usually dislike any order banners, but this is ingenious. Even if a lot of new portals are not incorporated, it doesn't matter. Just hack everything that's behind you and you're good, because you can't hack them in the wrong order. When there was a longer distance it felt like it was ordered. Well done.

I think this can be done in a wheelchair. There are a few cobblestone roads, but there are also pavements at the same time. Ramps everywhere.

The only downside is that many of the central banners seem to share almost the exact same route.

Epic Bro
   14-04-2019 14:02
Quick and easy walk. Simple math passphrases. Beware this is not 24/7. There are fats around mission 9 and 10 that can be locked. On Sunday it was partly locked, so I had to go around a large block, adding 10 to 15 minutes total.

Discover Dorking
   14-04-2019 0:05
This was fun. The banner has been around for a while, and there are a few new portals that are not incorporated. Some hacks seem to be double, but not in a way that heatsinks are needed. The final three missions are repetitions, and are using mods, not hacks. Bring at least 18 mods you can spare and don't deploy mods early in the city centre.

You'll have to go into the forest and up the hill. While this is technically 24/7 I don't recommend it. It's also not possible to do this in a wheelchair or with crutches. The hill is in the woods, only dirt paths, very steep and roots and stuff everywhere. Bike is possible, mountain bike would be fun there, but it's not allowed.

The view is totally worth it climbing the hill though.

There are some long stretches that feel unnecessary, but overall it was very fun. It's a nice little town, plenty of old, friendly pubs, little cafes and shops, and quick to get there from London.

The two towers of Bologna
   07-04-2019 20:04
Be prepared that this banner is long. Distances are mostly kept short, but it is quite a hike. I took about 5 hours with a lunch break, but I only hacked and deployed mods.

The same passphrase is reused for every mission. It can be found in the description of the first passphrase portal. Best copy and paste it, as it's a name.

Several shorter banners reuse parts of this route.

I would not attempt this in a wheelchair. There are stone slabs and cobblestones, and the sidewalks have stairs quite often.

Colorful Bologna
   07-04-2019 19:58
This is relatively quick and can be done at night. All passphrase are the same and you don't need to speak Italian.

I don't think this can be done easily with a wheelchair, like most banners in Bologna, as there are stone slaps as road surfaces everywhere and sidewalks often have steps.

Crying Angel
   09-03-2019 12:28
Mit capture, glyph und Feldern circa 45 Minuten. In mission 5 fehlt ein portal und ich brauchte ein heatsink. Kann sein dass ich mich vertan habe. Immer nur das nächste portal hacken, man kommt überall vorbei.

Mit Rollstuhl ohne Probleme zu machen. Auf Kinder mit Fahrrädern achten.

#IngressFS Chesham Feb2019
   02-02-2019 15:56
Fairly quick walk, but there are some stretches that go a few hundred meters of dry spells. Some portals you come across are not part of the banner in the park.

For wheelchairs this might be a bit tricky.

Beware of frozen pavements during the actual missionday.

   09-12-2018 19:42
Overall this is a nice tour. There is some repetition, but that's probably because there were not enough portals at the time. This could be fixed now to include more uniques and make it less frustrating.

In winter climbing around the defenses of the island is OK, but I don't think with a movement disability this is much fun. I would advise against this if you're in a wheelchair.

There are nice views from the island, and you get to see it all. If you do this at night, be careful on the ramparts.

This started off quite OK, but then deteriorated. It doesn't make use of all available portals, probably because it's been around for a while. Often it feels the order is not optimal.

For wheelchair players or people with other movement disabilities this is probably impossible to do. The stairs at the city hall can be circumvented by taking a detour and going up the steep path, which is probably not comfortable at all. But there is a bit up on a hill, seemingly in the parking garage that required us to climb a very steep road. I doubt a wheelchair could be pushed up there.

In December 2018 there is construction in the city center and at the river, which makes this also a bit of a drift gamble and introduces additional detours.

I find the picture could have been a bit nicer too. There are great views of this from the other shore.

   11-11-2018 11:46
I did this with two new players to show them how to do banners. It worked well for that, as it's relatively short and the individual missions are of equal length.

There is not much road crossing, but I have to deduct points because it is usually so busy with tourists that it's hard to keep together if played in a group. We once lost each other by simply looking away for a second.

The naming scheme with the letters is odd. The alphabet is hard. There are two cases where the missions appear in the wrong order.

Mallorca Skyline
   21-10-2018 9:34
Quick and easy, but not very suitable for people having trouble walking, and certainly not for wheelchairs. Goes through small streets in the old town as well as the main tourist shopping street. On the weekend you'll have to dodge tourists.

Richmond Kitty Cats
   30-09-2018 1:11
Quick and easy to do. Circles back right at the beginning in mission 1, so don't be trigger happy with your hacks. The portal inside the gates community is reachable from the road with a bit of drift, but might be hard for someone in a wheelchair to reach. It helped me to go up the step into a shop's entrance.

The rest ist quite straight forward. Again for people who have trouble with movement, it is going to be tricky especially on weekends as there are a lot of people in Richmond and it goes through narrow shopping streets a few times.

Berner Hydra
   11-09-2018 11:27
This banner gives some really pretty views, but it doesn't have the best of routes. It leads away from the train station into the old town, going past a terrace with gorgeous views over the river, and finishes on the bridge further to the East.

Unfortunately the path is a bit strange. It goes all the way into the old town and then back one street up, circles around and takes one more street. I think it would be nicer to include the topmost road and go West to East circling up and down instead. The first mission is inside the train station and feels a bit confusing as it requires some moving around inside.

Do not attempt this banner if you are in a wheelchair. There are stairs and cobblestones and steep inclines.

I could not determine if it's 24/7, but there were some gates that I passed through, though I believe not on both sides. It might be that at night you have to do a little detour.

In total I would recommend this banner. If you're visiting, plan some extra time for touristing, the views are really nice.

Eltham Palace
   28-08-2018 12:33
The banner is easy to do. It takes a little detour walking from the train station in Eltham to the house. The routing is probably a bit outdated.

The first portal that's inside is actually only reachable when you go all the way around the house, quite a long walk. It's easier to get it before you go in, by turning right and walking down past the yellow house before the bridge. You then need to go back tot he bridge and continue past it to the other side, because the official entrance that gives you the ticket and free audio guide is down by the parking lot. The mission does not reflect that.

Once you're inside, it's straight forward. Take your time, listen to the very good free audio guide and explore.

Check the English Heritage website for opening hours and events before you go. Buying tickets is quite expensive if you are not a member.

Glasgow Mission Day Banner
   05-08-2018 2:30
The passphrase is a password. There is no question. You can't solve it on your own. It is smeg. Also note that the mission name are different from the banner name.

The text speaks about leading you to sports related places, and that there is a sports theme. The only thing I saw that was sports related were all the athletes and their fans flooding the city, and maybe the local football team's shop. I had expected a bit more.

There is some backtracking involved. Sometimes the next mission is below a later one. In two occasions the next one seems quite far away. It feels like this route was not tested.

The fact that during the missionday there is a sports event in town makes this harder. There are some crossings of the bike racing course required, and there is at least one steeper hill, so players with a walking disability might have some trouble here.

All in all I am not impressed by this. I had hoped for the missionday banner to be of higher quality.

Warsaw Old Town
   02-08-2018 11:23
Not suited for bikes, and certainly not for people with walking disabilities. Otherwise very quick banner. Be careful around mission 8 and 10, those are close to each other and you might mix them up.

Biocard Cassandra Prime - Warsaw
   02-08-2018 11:20
I started this on a Nextbike, but the part in the old town is really not suited for biking.

I would say it took me three hours, but I was slower than usual because I injured my leg at the anomaly.

The routing is fairly good, lots of uniques. Because there are a lot of missions in the centre, the question that always requires the same answer is incredibly useful. That saved me from doing the wrong mission twice, because I mis-clicked and only noticed when there was no question, or when the question didn't fit the pattern.

Not great for people with disabilities. Loads of cobblestones and stairs.

Akwarelowa Warszawa
   02-08-2018 11:16
There are some portals inside a church yard that closes in the evening, but they are reachable from the street with a bit of drift. We did it in a group of three and the last person to get it needed about five minutes to drift there. You will have to backtrack and walk around the church in the evening, but that's maybe 300 to 500m extra. No big deal.

I liked the route, and I like the picture, but I don't like that it seems to end in the middle of nowhere. There are lots of new portals in the area of the final mission, and it goes straight through five or six and ends a bit inconveniently in the middle of a residential area with no public transport visible. It is, however, not far to walk to areas with loads of restaurants.

Resistance Bird
   01-07-2018 2:20
I have done this after the changes of late June 2018 on a Saturday afternoon. I had a new player with me, second time out playing, first mission. We took a bit more than 5 hours with a slow stroll and stopping on every portal to practice glyphing, deploy about two thirds and link. It was close to 12km from station to station. Alone I could have done this in three hours I believe.

All the parks are either 24/7 or so narrow that it's comfortable to reach everything from the street. There are plenty of pubs on the way. Most of this is on small roads and the high street is not a big road either.

In general this goes through lovely, affluent residental streets with a few little hidden gems. It should be easy enough for wheelchairs, with the biggest challenge being uneven stones and some roots when the pavements are narrow, and some unevenness when crossing streets to get down from the pavement. Since most of it is in small side streets with little traffic I see no problem for a wheelchair to go on the road.

If you come from the tube and are greedy before starting, bring a heatsink.

Note that there is an Ingress Street about halfway through. There are also plenty of restaurants around that street.

I can highly recommend the banner. Was good fun and has nice artwork.

   11-06-2018 10:02
This is a very pleasant banner. It starts at the train station, passes through the town past the cathedral, around various parks, back into the town, past the train station again and out the other end into another lovely park and to the cricket club.

The individual missions are well laid out, mostly of equal size and there are very few that have longer than average walks. At the graveyard around the church at the Verulamium, as well as around mission 20 there are two parts visible at the top of the mission list, so be careful which one you pick.

The town has some inclines, but nothing too bad. This should mostly be doable with a walking disability, although there are some unpaved paths in the park, especially up to the mosaic which has an incline and a gravel road. I guess it would be doable by bike, though around the cathedral you'd have to push it.

At the moment (summer 2018) there is construction work at the cathedral. All portals are reachable, but you need to circle back around once because the path along the cafe is closed. This doesn't cost more than five minutes and gives a chance to make more fields.

There are plenty of pubs along the route, and some of them are quite old and nice.

I can recommend this banner.

The Last Rave Up
   10-06-2018 9:49
I concur that the first 15 are great. You go out of the station, turn right, walk down a little and get started at the old railway station. The route is quite enjoyable. If it's a very nice day on the weekend, it can be full though. There will be loads of people and you need to go right through the shopping streets. I needed to queue to cross the street and wait for the second green light. Definitely not good with a bike.

The last few missions stretch out. 16 and 17 are in a really nice park, and you can diverge and get a few more hacks or caps, with a very good view of the city over the park. However the end of 17 and 18 feel like a bit of a torture. The distance is very big between hacks, and it's residential and there is a mean hill.

With a walking disability this will be very hard.

The start and end are not compatible with the skyline banner. If you want to do both, it doesn't matter which you start with, you'll need to get some walking in anyway.

Tunbridge Wells Skyline
   10-06-2018 9:41
The fact that this is any order does not really matter. If you start with it, head to the top portal of mission 1, out of the train station and to the right. They are all in pretty much a straight line. There are a few bends, but a quick look at the map will make it a straightforward route.

Tunbridge Wells is on a hill. Or several. It's very steep in some places. Probably not enjoyable with a walking disability. Bike could work, if you like torture.

This banner has a lot in common with the Last Rave banner, but takes a few that the other one doesn't. However they are not aligned with start and end, and the order in which you do those two banners doesn't really matter. Either way requires back- or forward-tracking. I did this second.

Postcard form London
   29-05-2018 9:43
Did this on the spring bank holiday and it was packed with tourists. The route is very well-chosen and goes past loads of touristy things. It starts and ends at train stations, so is very convenient. The individual parts have more than six packs per mission, and in the beginning in St John's Park there are some deleted portals, likely the ones from Buckingham palace.

You will go past a lot of portals that are not part of the mission. That seems to be intended. Usually it's a pretty straight line, so it is generally fine to hack everything on the way. Only in St Paul's it gets confusing. Don't hack anything there until you're done with both missions, or bring lots of heatsinks.

Don't do this on the bike, as there will be tourists all over the place, and you're going through some areas with cobblestones and parks where biking is not allowed.

mission Butlins| Bognor Regis
   27-05-2018 10:37
I picked this banner because it seemed like the one that gave me the most portals in the time I had. I started out at the train station, and overall to do the banner and get back to the train station (it ends about 1.5km away) resulted in a walk of a good 20km and took almost 6 hours.

The route first leads away from the sea to a residential area where portal density is so low that you can often not see the next one on the scanner, and finding where the next mission starts is tricky. Some of those walks are 400m and more, and I would not call it a scenic route. It continues down to the seafront, but doesn't follow the coast, but rather dodges in and out of the streets behind the promenade. Then there's part that goes into the big park that has a miniature railway, where the portal order is strange and I had to do some backtracking. It finishes by going to the Butlins hotel park in the East of town, but doesn't go in. There is again a very long walk involved, and when you reach the first portal at the end of that walk, the mobile network coverage is not very good. The banner ends at a pub, and the question at the end is easy to answer. Only 250m further down the promenade from there is another cluster of portals that you can grab afterwards, and the view is really nice.

If you have a walking disability this is not the banner for you. There are lots of curbs, stairs for the promenade where ramps are very far away, and it goes off-road a few times to cut through footpaths that are not paved.

There are public toilets when you first reach the seafront, and in town there are some pubs.

I think this is possible by bike, and a bike would be really useful during the long stretches, although mission two goes through a graveyard. The seafront and town part can also be done by bike as everything should be reachable from the street, but it would be a shame to just go past the promenade without actually walking it.

The banner is not 24/7 as it goes through a graveyard and a few parks, and the promenade at the end has signs saying the environment agency can close off the walkway sometimes.

About two thirds through close to the station the banner goes past Victoria Fish and Chips, which the creator of the banner recommended to me in comms.

All in all this was fun, although the initial long walk was demotivating paired with the heat. However it showed me some parts of town that I definitely wouldn't have seen otherwise, so I am quite happy with this.

Resistance London
   21-05-2018 9:53
There are several cobble stone sections and stairs. I don't recommend this for people with a walking disability or who are in a wheelchair. I also think it is not possible to do on a bike, as there are several park sections, again the stairs, and a few times where you're going against the traffic in a one way street. In he tourist-heavy sections a bike might be a problem, too.

#MissionsForGood - Canterbury
   06-05-2018 11:29
I did this on a Saturday of a bank holiday weekend as a day trip. I had planned to do several banners that day, but I only managed the one. The data quality in Canterbury was incredibly low. I had to switch between carriers frequently, which takes several minutes, but being on roaming might have helped here. With my usual speed I had expected this to take four to five hours, but I took over six. I stopped at almost every second to third portal to wait for my actions to complete, I couldn't even deploy and glyph further apart portals without stopping. That took a large part of the fun out.

Nevertheless, the route is almost perfect. I got to see the city in one banner, there was hardly any backtracking and the pace was good, too. In some places there are so many missions that finding Uhr next one is really hard. I believe this would benefit from starting with a question on the same portal it ended. That way the number of repeating way points could also be minimized.

All in all a very good banner, but unfortunately the city's network coverage spoils it bit.

The Final Frontier
   30-04-2018 0:59
Some of the portals are pretty far out, and there are several duplicates. There is also some backtracking. In several occasions when two portals are close to each other, the further away one will be next, and then the closer one, requiring heatsinks for more greedy players. There are several 300+ meter walks where a bicycle would be nice, however this banner has stretches where biking is forbidden, and the part in the city center is definitely not good for biking during the day. All in all I like the picture and it was a good tour of Kingston that I enjoyed, but it was not quick and the author could improve it by rearranging some routes.

Kingston Phoneboxes
   30-04-2018 0:52
Did this after the Enterprise, and it gave me a few additional uniques. It's not short for a 6 mission banner, but it is well paced and the route is good. I suggest a stop at the Albion for a pint, they have an excellent selection.

UK Vader
   16-04-2018 0:54
I did this in one go, and it was pretty straight forward. Had a few issues with hacking the wrong portal because there are quite a few new ones by now and I was too greedy. During the last few missions you can see that the author ran out of portals though, as there is an increasing number of way points.

The author contacted me ingame and came down when I reached his home portal. We had a good chat and he told me that this banner is very old and hung in limbo for about a year because a few missions didn't get through.

It took me a about five hours of walking, at a fast pace but with complete destroy, deploy, link and glyph at every portal and a few extra unique detours. It starts out in a very green area, goes through a very blue part of town and finishes in a touristy spot. Lots of captures of you bring enough bursters.

You'll go past a few really nice restaurants as well, so we'll worth to take a break. There's the northern line at the end besides busses.

   07-04-2018 20:00
This is quickly done, and the picture is nice. Maybe not optimal if you are in a wheelchair, but doable. Don't take a bike, it goes right through the shopping area.

   17-03-2018 9:27
I'm new to the area, so basically like a tourist. This banner showed me some remote parts of the common and another park I would probably not have gone to on my own.

During the 5th mission coverage on O2 was practically gone in the park. Being on roaming I switched to EE and no problems whatsoever. Coverage in the large part of the Common was good on that network, too.

Mission 6 is long. If you are unfamiliar with the grounds, you will likely get lost. I went in the wrong direction a few times because my compass kept pointing the wrong way. It took me really long to finish it.

I would suggest heavy shoes, and you should be ready to get your feet dirty. Lots of paths were really mud trails and I seem to always pick the route with the steeper hills and deeper puddles.

All in all a nice Sunday walk. Not for power playing though. Also, I saw no Wombles.

Trabant vs Käfer 1990
   08-01-2018 19:13
So in general it's nice to see a part of Berlin that the average tourist wouldn't go to. The route makes a lot of sense and is conveniently located at the S-Bahn. However I do not recommend doing this in the evening, especially in winter. When it's dark all of those high residential buildings get very confusing, everything looks the same. I lost orientation a few times, needed to start walking in a direction just to get my bearings on the map. There were two parts where I took a wrong turn because paths in the Ingress map are different from reality, but I backtracked and it was ok. I walked a total of 12.3km, which is quite a bit more than the 10.2 that it says here, and it took me about three hours in total including some shooting and capturing. Keep in mind that the distance between the portals can be quite high, it's pretty normal to walk 200 to 300 meters per portal. The longest was 800 meters, but at least there is a bakery on the way.

The Cake is a Lie
   07-01-2018 11:47
This was fairly quick. I was in the area as a tourist and got a lot of captures, as half of the time everything was grey. There are lots of small streets with small sidewalks and restaurant tables on them, through a party district and up and down steep streets. This might not be ideal for wheel chairs.

Enschede Downtown
   07-01-2018 11:44
I did this in the evening with rain and snow, but it was fairly quick. Took me two hours with lots of shooting and capturing, and as a tourist I did stop and look around. Sometimes it feels like it's going to miss portals. In some of these cases, you come back later, in others you don't. If you do, it's significantly later, so hacking now is fine if you're unsure. There are a few portals that are in the missions twice, so hacking everything in range all the time might require a MH or two. In mission 17 you need to go down a path that's got loads of portals but is not part of the mission. Maybe that was me not knowing the place and it was dark, but I think that could have been improved.

When I was done I randomly met some local smurfs and we went to smash the frog farm, so this was a good experience all in all!

Alte Uhr
   25-12-2017 23:56
Ziemlich gute Führung. Man sollte mehr Zeit einplanen, wenn man einen Abstecher in den Stadtpark machen will. Es gibt ein paar Längen und einen kurzen Bereich im Wald. Mit dem Fahrrad ist man hier auf jeden Fall schneller unterwegs. Die Fragen sind fast alle multiple choice. Nur ein paar verlangen Zahlen.

   25-12-2017 23:49
Zu Anfang und am Ende vor dem Eisstadion muss man entweder weit zurück zur Ampel laufen, oder die große Straße und die Straßenbahnschienen überqueren. Das ist ungünstig. Es gibt an einigen Stellen ein paar Längen. Als Schlumpf sollte man reichlich Burster einpacken, denn Kleefeld ist fest in grüner Hand.

Poslkádej si Glyphy
   25-12-2017 12:51
We did six rows of these, a wile ago when not all of them were there yet. We came upon them by chance, and started walking in circles. We didn't do them in any specific order, just whatever would show up. It took us about four hours of walking around on the top of the hill, and we needed a lot of VR heatsinks and multihacks. Especially multihacks. This is easier if you are in a group, and you have to show restraint and not deploy mods unless it's neccessarry. But then it's good fun, and the pictures are really nice.

   25-12-2017 12:31
War schnell zu Fuss gemacht. Nettes kleines Doerfchen. Ich bin einmal falsch abgebogen und musste ein ganzes Stueck zuruecklaufen.

Heart Core Beat Hannover
   25-12-2017 12:20
This six mission chain is quickly done. It leads through an area of Nordstadt that many people would probably otherwise not go to. The missions are short, but sometime there's a bit of a walk between portals. Pay attention to which one you start, because there is an overlap with another chain at least once, where the same number of the other chain is higher than this one's next mission. It took us about an hour with lots of capturing and glyphing.

Berlin Hoff Museum
   05-11-2017 1:03

   05-11-2017 1:02
Schnell gemacht. Geht auch nachts sehr gut. Haben uns in der Gegend sicher gefühlt. Endet aber ein bisschen mitten drin, und man muss ein Stück laufen, wenn man zurück Richtung Alex will. In der Nacht kommt man dann nicht so gut weg.

Cat - Leipzig
   28-10-2017 21:08
The missions start at a tram stop near a restored building with a history, and the cafe in that place is recommended, as it also has a free war exhibition. Most of the district the missions lead you through are not pretty. A lot of industrial red brick, old houses, and some lengths between portals. Bikes are recommended, but some areas have construction sites at the moment so you would need to walk to portals and backtrack to get the bikes.

When we did it, the weather did not allow biking. On foot, this mission is long. The 4.5 hours that Google suggests are realistic. There are some lengths, with 400+ meters between hacks. A lot of new portals seem to have popped up since this came online, so it's wise to check the mission infos to see which ones you can safely hack.

In total this was an exhausting afternoon with truly unique visits. I will never go there again, but I don't regret having done it. The park around mission three was interesting, and the slide was fun. Beware of the river, the slide can get quite fast.

Missions 15, 16 and 18 exist as exact copies in blue, which will make the cat's eyes more resistance-looking.

Leipziger Stadtrunde
   28-10-2017 20:59
Can be done in less than an hour on foot. Very uncomplicated. At the moment there are some construction sites that make access to some portals a bit of a hassle, but it's still possible.