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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Herentals 6 Beliebig A small tour through Herentals.
2 Centraal station Antwerpen 6 Beliebig Sedert de restauratie wordt het Centraal Station van Antwerpen als een van de mooiste stations ter wereld beschouwd. Hack only mission.
3 Antwerpen Chinatown "安市唐人街" 6 Beliebig Explore little chinatown in Antwerp.
4 Ontdek je plekje: Herentals 10 Beliebig A tour through Herentals.
5 Antwerp glyph banner 6 Der Reihe nach Glyph banner through the centre of Antwerp
6 Antwerp logo mission 6 Beliebig A small tour through beautiful Antwerp . Hack only.
7 Ontdek je plekje: Lier centrum 21 Beliebig A tour through the centre of the beautiful city of Lier
8 Ontdek je plekje: Olv Olen 14 Beliebig A small tour through Olv Olen
Unlucky Cat Nürnberg
   23-03-2019 1:57
Great banner. I did it in two hours with a bike in the evening. So was not bothered by the pedestrian only area.

Cosmic Wolf
   13-09-2018 23:37
Great banner to visit the Kralingen part of Rotterdam.

Beware of Wolves
   12-08-2018 21:05
Great banner to get to know Charlois..:) Kudos to the maker. Some twist and turns but nothing major. One portal is on the border of not reachable at the Ahoy. There are major construction going on. Eventually i floated towards the portal.

Grüner Gustl
   27-05-2018 11:38
Great banner to see most of Munchen centre. Great work.