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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Herentals 6 Beliebig A small tour through Herentals.
2 Centraal station Antwerpen 6 Beliebig Sedert de restauratie wordt het Centraal Station van Antwerpen als een van de mooiste stations ter wereld beschouwd. Hack only mission.
3 Antwerpen Chinatown "安市唐人街" 6 Beliebig Explore little chinatown in Antwerp.
4 Ontdek je plekje: Herentals 10 Beliebig A tour through Herentals.
5 Antwerp glyph banner 6 Der Reihe nach Glyph banner through the centre of Antwerp
6 Antwerp logo mission 6 Beliebig A small tour through beautiful Antwerp . Hack only.
7 Ontdek je plekje: Lier centrum 21 Beliebig A tour through the centre of the beautiful city of Lier
8 Ontdek je plekje: Olv Olen 14 Beliebig A small tour through Olv Olen
   29-07-2019 20:20
Great banner.:) Takes you through a part of Paris you will likely not go to during your stay. It gets a little long at the end but no real issues. Had some connections issue's during the later part of the banner but that might have been my provider while roaming.

Twinning 2019 Antwerp
   16-06-2019 22:51
Quick and fast banner. :)

Unlucky Cat Nürnberg
   23-03-2019 1:57
Great banner. I did it in two hours with a bike in the evening. So was not bothered by the pedestrian only area.

Grüner Gustl
   27-05-2018 11:38
Great banner to see most of Munchen centre. Great work.