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Berliner Fernsehturm
   07-11-2017 16:52
Awesome banner. A few random detours because of road works, but nothing serious. Otherwise, great routing. As suggested by Gargish, when on foot if possible it is better to do one loop every day for 6 days, and not 2 loops as I did :D Much more enjoyable and yields more visits as you will have time to stop in all parks / cemeteries ..

Many thanks to the creators of the banner !
final stats : 2900 UPV / 1660 UPC (helped by the Berlin anomaly, I guess usually it's more difficult to get caps as a res player ;) )

Team Kraken London
   11-09-2017 16:00
Done over a week-end. I did not swear but I sweated a bit ;) Spent ~15 hours walking. Overall a very pleasant and well designed banner, tons of uniques. I don't remember a single portal which was not easily accessible (by day!).

I would second the comment from SirHackaL0t about the any order missions at the end of the banner : they suck. Before starting each of these missions I recommend checking the Ingressmosaik map for the positions of the portals and the start of the next mission.

MD Nantes
   28-08-2017 12:53
Passphrases... ugh

Castle By Night
   27-08-2017 15:37
Super fast mission banner, all around the Nantes castle

Place Royale
   27-08-2017 15:29
Nice and fast mission banner taking you around the Place Royale.

Ceci est une pipe
   27-08-2017 15:25
Very nice banner !