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Super quick little jaunt, everything can be done from outside the buildings easily.

Discover the Alberni Valley
   27-12-2018 3:14
You will want a car for this one, but check out the cool Martin Mars Water Bomber you get! Totally worth it. The last mission is a doozy but will very much show you a neat hyperlocal spot.

Explore Salem
   27-12-2018 3:10
Super fast, easy breezy, quick hack n'walk. Tidy souvenir if you don't have time for the larger banners. Or do one of the others with the capital building and you will have two tiny golden men with one looking at the other xD

Salem Capitol Mall Banner
   27-12-2018 3:07
Beautiful banner and nicely laid out. There is some construction, but the portals were all easily accessible still. Easy passphrases, most were right in the name of the portal and the glacial erratic answer is right on the plaque as was one of the others. (You can actually read these from the portal pictures too). Makes a nice gentle loop without any tedious backtracking.

Settlers of Corvallis
   27-12-2018 3:03
Super cute little banner, love the theme. There is a bit of back and forth from downtown to OSU, but it makes sense in the context of the mission themes. This would be a piece of cake on a bike. If you are driving, OSU has free parking on Sunday, there are two portals we could not do from the car with the construction. Have shields, want portals!

Songhees Hike and Exploration
   29-10-2018 4:41
Gorgeous easy walk so long as you watch the mission order. If you look ahead of time on the map, it will make sense though and is not too big a deal.

Sidney Pirate
   29-10-2018 4:39
Nicely laid out banner with only a bit of backtracking. Hits pretty much all of town including the scenic waterfront.

Nature Trail Hike for Wildlife
   29-10-2018 4:36
The construction is a little annoying, bit more walking which was tedious but not awful. This would be quicker on bike, although there are a couple of spots you'd need to hop off for. Pretty banner though!

Great souvenir banner! Very easy to complete on foot.

Latte Fun
   29-10-2018 3:57
Gorgeous banner, quick hacking in a logical sequence

Pier Cafe
   06-08-2018 5:07
Nice easy banner that looks super nice. Couldn't ask for more! Well, except don't be like me and head for the end based on the name, it starts at Waterfront Park. It's still a pretty nice path even if I had to do it twice though.

La Jolla Children s Pool
   06-08-2018 5:04
Beautiful banner and worth the effort. The area is hilly and there are stairs and beaches so not good if you are going for max possible efficiency, but great if you are looking to do some exploring since it will hit all the high points. There were a few times I got turned around and had to do a lot more walking and stairs trying to figure out how to get to the next spot.

San Diego Zoo
   06-08-2018 5:00
Super cool banner, but can be difficult to figure out the best path to take. Make sure you have a good zoo map. It is a very hilly zoo so otherwise you will get in an even better workout than you planned circling around for ages trying to figure out just how to get to that next portal.

Balboa Park s 100th Celebration
   06-08-2018 4:58
Fairly straightforward and will have you exploring the whole park with only a small amount of backtracking. Routes well designed!

ENL Kitchener
   06-08-2018 4:56
Easy stroll through Downtown Kitchener

Explore Downtown East
   06-08-2018 4:54
A couple of long stretches, but it does make a good logical loop and goes through a bunch of interesting areas.

Explore Downtown West
   06-08-2018 4:52
Nicely designed loop. You could probably use the streetcar for the first few missions and the bus for some of the others, if the the drift be with you.