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# Name Portale Aktion
1 A Stroll Along Milwaukee Avenue 16 Beliebig Take a trip along Milwaukee Ave, from Deerfield Road to Rockland Road.
2 Deerfield: Maplewood Park 6 Beliebig Maplewood Park, located in Deerfield, IL
3 R66-IL1-Bloomington Along Dundee Ave 26/30 6 Beliebig Evergreen Cemetery, in Bloomington, Illinois, is also known as Evergreen Memorial Cemetery. The cemetery was originally two separate cemeteries, adjacent to each other.
Spirit of Detroit
   13-08-2019 22:01
Covers a lot of ground, I would advise scooter or car, but you will need to stop frequently, duh! One mission is done on the people mover, which requires 75 American cents or one token, you can walk/drive this mission, but it will take a long time, as the people mover goes around the entire downtown area.